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Sunday, March 14, 2010

How I spend my time ... sometimes

Tonight as Kendra premieres season 2 on E! I must say ... wow ... she's not holding back!

Guess what? Kendra has that mom belly that haunts most of us and it's not gone in a few weeks like so many celebrities seem to. She's worried about getting her body back, her relationshop being the same and her life returning to normal.


You don't see the hint of a nanny, maid or a cook.

It also makes you think she's just like on of us, she just happens to be married to a NFL player and an Ex-playboy bunny. This is the thing, she's pretty grounded, with the same worries we have.

As we are introduced to Kendra and Hank adjusting to baby, we realize that they haven't had a night out alone yet since Hank IV was born, and why? Well, one no sitter and two Kendra is pretty worried about leaving him. Hank wants to give her a special night, but is in in the cards?

Kendra also has the normal I-just-had-a-baby worries. She hasn't lost a pound, she has a baby belly, she's adjusting to life with baby and feeling alone. They are in a new city and she doesn't know a lot of people. It's a lot to take on all at once.

It looks like a promising season, and it's always quite a ride with Kendra!

The super new season of Kendra premieres on E! March 14th at 10pm!

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Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Here I am again, trying to figure all this out. First off how do I change all of this over? My blog that is? Any advice is appreciated. Yes, I want to move that I have existing!
Anyway, I'm feeling so much better and getting the health issues under control, finding out it's type 1 not type 2. Taking it day by day.
So this is turning into a bit of everything, but it's all me.
My health as we figure it out. My daily issues and triumphs with my daughters. Normal day to day stuff as a mom, life in general. Reality TV recaps, whatever crosses my mind at the time.
I'll still be testing products, as I get them in. I'm not going to make it all about that anymore. Lesson learned I will not be asking for testers anymore. I will only be taking stuff on that my family we be testing.
I want this to be more about us, me and real life. It's been a heck of a year and getting all the little things in order has been crazy.
Having two daughters that are 8 & 10 I can use all the mom advice possible!

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