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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Guest blogger today Melissa from rock and drool

Classy Closet Blog exchange, thank you, Jen!
Guest blogger Melissa from Rock and Drool ... thank you Melissa! Today I'm on her blog, Rock and Drool.

A Shower, Some Memories and A Guest Post

I'm not the sentimental mushy type of Mommy Blogger. Well, only on someones birthday, or an anniversary, or if I'm trying to get someone to forgive me. Otherwise, anything goes. In fact, I recently changed my title from Mommy Blogger to Life Blogger. It makes more sense. I think we're much more compatible.

So, I participated in this little Blog Swap from the Classy Closet. Quite forgetting that I have no sense of decency and all my filters are filthy and in need of changing. Really, I'm typing butt-naked, smoking a cigarette while my children are running amok through the subdivision, unsupervised and wreaking havoc. I'm just bad-ass like that.


I need to be on my best behavior. I'm a guest in someone elses virtual kitchen and it doesn't look like she uses paper or plastic. But I do see some Coke Zero. I hope she doesn't mind if I just drink from the can directly.

While I was showering this evening. What? That's when I get some of my great post ideas...
I was thinking about my kids. And my husband. I was thinking about some little things. Little quirks, feelings. Things I don't ever want to forget.

So, I decided...what better than to make a good impression than by doing a sweet and sappy post, right? Get some kleenex, I'll wait.

I want to always remember. Forever. Our first kiss. I never. Ever. Had tingles like that before. And no, I wasn't drunk...or naked.

I want to remember the little -isms of my first born son. How he changed words like compleeceman for policeman. Fighterman...spiderman. ' I want to remember this. Because it was so him.

I want to always be able to remember how it felt to hold my children. All three of them. For the first time. Their scent. Their movements. My heart.

My daughter. My sweet little girl. She used to only know how to say "Where's my mum?" "I want my mum" A mummies girl. And we aren't even British.

My son. My baby. With his two different colored eyes. Jerst...instead of just. And how, right now, he loves me more than anyone. Except his oldest brother.

And I want to always remember how I knew. On our first date. That this was it. And you knew too.

Little things, yes. But I want to remember them. To document them. Because, as time goes by, those memories get lost in the wrinkles of my aging brain. And the only way to remember them...
Is to be stressed out about what to write on a guest post, take a shower, and write it down.

Here, your Coke Zero can. Sorry, I smushed it. I was nervous.
Thank you for giving up your space. To let me mess it up!!

You can find me blogging over at my place Rock and Drool
Find me on twitter: RockDrool

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