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Monday, August 31, 2009

Take care of those toofers!

“Back to School Brush-Up”

Now that children have headed back-to-school to begin new lessons in math, science and geography to name a few, renowned Dentist Dr. Daniel C. Smith of Focus Dentistry thought it would be the perfect time to give parents a quick lesson as well - on how to properly teach children to brush their teeth!

"It is absolutely amazing how many parents and children have no idea how to brush their teeth," says Dr. Smith "I am always surprised by this huge number--as many as 75 percent--because improper brushing can result in as much damage to your teeth and gums as not brushing at all."

In order to ensure your kids are properly brushing their teeth and preventing unnecessary cavities and gum disease, Dr. Smith urges you teach your kids the following:

• The most important time to brush is before going to sleep because the body does not produce enough saliva to fight against sugars in the mouth says Dr. Smith. All bodily functions slow down while sleeping, therefore, bacteria grows rapidly, causing cavities and infection

• There are many types of toothbrushes on the market today, including electric, ultrasonic, ionic and the "normal/standard" toothbrushes, but Dr. Smith thinks that mechanical options show better results than standard ones. Regardless, Dr. Smith believes that a toothbrush should be soft bristled, regardless of size or shape

• Dr. Smith recommends anti-plaque, high fluoride toothpaste containing little or no abrasives. Abrasives wear out the enamel in teeth, which may look sparkly white but may be unhealthy. As far as gel or paste toothpaste, that is your child’s personal preference

• According to Dr. Smith, flossing should be done daily. Unfortunately, most people floss three or four times weekly. Flossing at night is very important to reach food particles that have remained in the mouth after eating all day

• Finally, even if your children are following a proper routine, still be sure to schedule your child regular visits to the dentist for cleanings and oral exams. A check-up every six months is recommended by Dr. Smith in order prevent cavities and other dental problems. However, your dentist can tell you when and how often your child should visit based on their personal oral health.
Thursday, August 27, 2009

A worry for a lot of parents.

With sexting a growing concern amongst parents and teachers alike, Houston is the first city to step up and implement a no “sexting” rule as students get ready to return to school. As more teens and celebrities alike are being discovered with nude/semi-nude photos, many will likely follow suit in putting together precautions to stop the issue before it gets even bigger. In a study conducted recently by the National Campaign on sex and tech, it was found that 22 percent of US teenage girls and 18 percent of teenage boys have sent messages or posted images or video online showing them nude or semi-nude.
Predicto Mobile (, the leading online and text message based survey company, has put together some tips to use until a no “sexting” rule may be implemented in your town:

 Check the school’s cell phone policies. Speak with their teachers about what they are doing to limit text use and find ways you can work together to combat the issue if it becomes a serious problem
 Talk to your kids about the dangers of sexting. Find out who they are chatting with and look at the cell phone bill to see what time of day they are texting the most
 Encourage good academic behavior. Find out when their exams are, offer help with studying, etc.
 Make them work for it. If texting during school gets out of control and you see a spike in your bill, ask your child to get a part time job to cover their text message cell phone plan
 Don’t text them when they are in class. Occasionally you may need to get in touch with your child during school hours, find out when your child has breaks in between classes or what time they take lunch and use that time to send texts
 Petition your cell phone provider to limit cell phone text message service during school hours

“It is great that Houston is finally taking steps to address this growing concern,” says Eyal Yechazkell, CEO of Predicto Mobile. “This is hopefully a chain reaction across America as it’s become one of many issues amongst texting during school. The tips we’ve provided should give parents a better gauge on what they can do to make the texting feature as safe as possible outside the home.”
Monday, August 24, 2009

Play Safe

Summer is starting to wind down, and for many parents with school-aged children, the change of seasons isn’t just stressful because of back-to-school shopping, but rather because of impending fall sports try-outs. Fall sports, including football, cheerleading, soccer, field hockey and volleyball are among the most common activities for American youth, but these sports may not always be all fun and games. With the growing cost of college tuition, many children are vigourously engaging in these activities at a young age and recent findings show that incorrect technique, equipment and/or coaching style can lead to serious injuries such as shoulder tears, herniated disks and even paralysis.

In fact, according to a recent study completed by the National Center for Catastrophic Sports Injury Research injuries from fall sports, especially cheerleading, are the highest they have been in years and the results of sports injuries are among the most devastating.

Furthermore, even if you child isn’t participating in a fall sport this year, there is also a safety worry in the classroom! In order to combat the rising number of cases of childhood obesity, many schools are now enforcing a more vigorous physical education program, in turn leading to greater opportunities for injury. Recent findings from the Nationwide Children’s Hospital of Columbus, OH, show that gym class injuries increased 150% over the past ten years. The study also notes a national estimate of nearly 37,000 annual injuries on average, with fewer than 30,000 in 1997 and climbing to more than 60,000 injuries a year by 2007.

Sports physical therapists and orthopedic surgeons are taking note and spending more time discussing with parents, coaches and young athletes how to better prepare themselves in order to prevent severe injury. Below, renowned orthopedic surgeon, Dr Eric A. Crone of the Gramercy Surgery Center and NY Ortho, Sports Medicine & Trauma Center, both in New York City, offers his advice on how help children, athletes and pupils steer clear of the doctor’s office this fall.

Sample Talking Points:
• Physical Examination: Before participating in any sports activities or rigorous physical education program, children should under-go a yearly physical examination provided by their family physician. The family doctor may be able to detect any possible bone, joint or muscle problems early on, so not to lead to a greater chance for injury later

• Physical Condition: Often I see young athletes come to see me with injuries that occurred because there muscles or stamina simply was not up to speed with the activity they were performing. Especially when entering the fall sports season, young athletes are often un-prepared for vigorous work-outs after not properly training their bodies
over the summer. Coaches and teachers should offer their students daily work-out routines prior to tryouts so that they can come to their first day of practice prepared

• Proper Equipment: No matter what the activity, athletes must be provided with the correct equipment needed for their sports. Many of my patients come to me with injuries that resulted from improper gear (helmets, padding, sneakers) and or damaged equipment

• Stretching: Often coaches and teachers do not enforce or provide adequate stretching time before and after physical activity, which can in turn be detrimental to young athletes. Un-stretched muscles have a greater chance to be pulled as lactic acid builds up during physical activity as after physical activity is completed. Athletes must stretch prior to and after every practice, class or game in order to ensure that the correct warm-up and cool-down of the muscles occurs

• Technique: In my practice, improper technique is the leading cause of devastating sport’s related injuries. If children learn from an early age the wrong way to tackle, jump, kick or swing the pattern is embedded in muscle memory and hard to correct, which in the long run can cause serious injury

• Nutrition: Now that school has begun again, parents cannot always monitor a child’s food intake at all times, but proper nutrition is still a vital component when preventing sport’s injuries

• Rest: With the fall being a relatively short season, allowing a limited amount of time for pre-season training, young athletes will push themselves to meet the practice demands of their coaches and trainers. I always remind coaches and parents to offer their young athletes enough time for rest and recuperation, which give their muscles time to heal and ultimately make them stronger

• Treatment: Remember although your child may simply be sore from over-exertion, a small ache or pain could result in a larger problem down the road. If your child has on-going pain that does not go suppress over time, make sure to consult a sports medicine trainer or sports orthopedic surgeon for proper diagnosis
Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Family first

A quick vacation before the kids return to school and retooling the site.
I hope it's back to normal soon!
The Mom in the Know
Thursday, August 6, 2009


You see clogs pretty much everywhere these days, right? The everyday gardening clog is an out and about shoe now. They’re easy to slip on and go so why not right? Well Jollys has made it that easy with a simple style that offers so many choices.

Jollys offers a gardening clog that is good for just that, gardening. You can also wear them around town, as they are light, flexible, waterproof and that comfortable. I did have a tester wear these who let me know not only were they comfortable to wear but she was complimented on the pleasant appearance, and asked about them more than once. The fact you can just slip them on I think was a huge selling point for a lot of the moms that ogled them. They come in a variety of colors and styles, and recently added picture clogs.

Jollys offers more than women’s gardening clogs. You can shop for men’s, kids and knee cushions on their easily navigated site. They offer free shipping, score right there that’s a bonus for me in this day and age. You want another bonus on their product? Jollys offers satisfaction guaranteed! From the site-
Return unworn within 30 days for a full refund or to make an exchange. We'll send the replacements out at no extra charge. (Just enclose a note detailing what you want.)

I have to say I approve and would wear them myself, but I do have to pass some things off to my testers, as is my business.
Do you want a pair of Jollys? Well you have a chance now. All you have to do is leave a comment, tweet me, or email me with Jollys on the subject and you will be entered to win! Jollys has been wonderful enough to donate a pair to The Mom in the Know to raffle off to the readers. You’ll have your pick.

This is coming up in The Mom in the Know anniversary special giveaway ... watch for it! It should take place the week of August 23, please watch for the announcement, it may be sooner. I hope that is the latest!!!
Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Guest blogger today Melissa from rock and drool

Classy Closet Blog exchange, thank you, Jen!
Guest blogger Melissa from Rock and Drool ... thank you Melissa! Today I'm on her blog, Rock and Drool.

A Shower, Some Memories and A Guest Post

I'm not the sentimental mushy type of Mommy Blogger. Well, only on someones birthday, or an anniversary, or if I'm trying to get someone to forgive me. Otherwise, anything goes. In fact, I recently changed my title from Mommy Blogger to Life Blogger. It makes more sense. I think we're much more compatible.

So, I participated in this little Blog Swap from the Classy Closet. Quite forgetting that I have no sense of decency and all my filters are filthy and in need of changing. Really, I'm typing butt-naked, smoking a cigarette while my children are running amok through the subdivision, unsupervised and wreaking havoc. I'm just bad-ass like that.


I need to be on my best behavior. I'm a guest in someone elses virtual kitchen and it doesn't look like she uses paper or plastic. But I do see some Coke Zero. I hope she doesn't mind if I just drink from the can directly.

While I was showering this evening. What? That's when I get some of my great post ideas...
I was thinking about my kids. And my husband. I was thinking about some little things. Little quirks, feelings. Things I don't ever want to forget.

So, I decided...what better than to make a good impression than by doing a sweet and sappy post, right? Get some kleenex, I'll wait.

I want to always remember. Forever. Our first kiss. I never. Ever. Had tingles like that before. And no, I wasn't drunk...or naked.

I want to remember the little -isms of my first born son. How he changed words like compleeceman for policeman. Fighterman...spiderman. ' I want to remember this. Because it was so him.

I want to always be able to remember how it felt to hold my children. All three of them. For the first time. Their scent. Their movements. My heart.

My daughter. My sweet little girl. She used to only know how to say "Where's my mum?" "I want my mum" A mummies girl. And we aren't even British.

My son. My baby. With his two different colored eyes. Jerst...instead of just. And how, right now, he loves me more than anyone. Except his oldest brother.

And I want to always remember how I knew. On our first date. That this was it. And you knew too.

Little things, yes. But I want to remember them. To document them. Because, as time goes by, those memories get lost in the wrinkles of my aging brain. And the only way to remember them...
Is to be stressed out about what to write on a guest post, take a shower, and write it down.

Here, your Coke Zero can. Sorry, I smushed it. I was nervous.
Thank you for giving up your space. To let me mess it up!!

You can find me blogging over at my place Rock and Drool
Find me on twitter: RockDrool
Monday, August 3, 2009


My husband is a pig.

This is not true. A pig takes better care of himself, rolling in the mud to maintain healthy skin and comfort. My husband plays in the mud but he has no interest in healthy skin or comfort. He’s just lazy. He works hard and spends whatever time he can find not, and as such the fight to get him on board with a focus towards personal appearance and hygiene can be a challenge.

I’m hopeful Nu Skin is helping me change this.

The folks at Nu Skin have spent over 20 years formulating quality skin care for every person on the planet. Using the best ingredients the earth has to offer, the company line of “all of the good, none of the bad” stands true to form in every product they put on the shelf. A full team of scientists work with an innovative Advisory Board in an effort to combine dermatology, ethnobotany, and nutrition to create a full line of cosmetic products that lead the industry.

While many of their products are pointed towards the feminine side of the worldly community, they recently sent us a full sampling of their products for the men, including the Dividends Shave Cream, Aftershave Balm, and Antiperspirant Deodorant. The refreshing smell had me excited to present him with the gifts, but the byproducts of their use were the true gift of benefit. For the first time in, well, forever, he’s shaving without being asked. He’s not complaining about the pain of the process, and he is taking a greater interest in his personal appearance… and he smells fantastic.

Getting him this far is a tremendous step for the entire family, not to mention our local community and world forced to endure his traditional stench, and we couldn’t be happier. The folks at Nu Skin have made it all possible and are constantly striving to do more. You can check out their full line of products online and ordering is a breeze.

Thanks so much Nu Skin… he may not say it, but he’s almost as thankful as the Mom in the Know.

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