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Monday, July 20, 2009

Coraline ... on DVD 7/21

In the world of animation we are overloaded with choices these days, but this one was a treat for each and every member of the family. Coraline (PG) is a story about an 11-year-old girl moving into a new house. What can a bored girl do? Like most children, she explores and discovers a new world that leads to all a whole new world of fun.

Coraline Jones is her name and in her new abode she discovers a door to another word. She finds an alternate universe very similar to her own where every member of her family is present but offers a seemingly perfect version of her real life… at least it seems perfect, at first. When Coraline wants to stay in her world, what will her “other” mother do? Coraline discovers the journey back to her real life is not as easy as opening the door and throwing away the key.

As the PG rating states, this feature is a bit more advanced. It does have some thematic elements, scary images, language and suggestive humor. There are overtones of dread and despair that may disturb younger children, but for those working towards double-digit age it can be a perfect mix of growing emotions and deepening plot lines. Depending on what type of humor your child enjoys, I would tread lightly. It’s a well-animated piece with a suggestively drawn skit in a bar setting that has well-endowed dancers that may take some explaining if your child fails to comprehend the nature of the environment. Those parents employing strict viewing guidelines may find this particular scene a bit troublesome, but the adult themes incorporated are rather subversive, and to be fair, that one scene is the worst of it in my opinion. The rest of the story is rich in detail and character, presenting an advanced storyline many children will adore (a child as a hero… that’s always a winner).

If they are less than 10- to 12-years of age you might be wise to view the movie in private before sharing with your lil’ ones, but for those with a love for the fantasy-laden world of animation, Coraline is a true delight to be enjoyed time and again.

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