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Thursday, July 9, 2009

Online Entertainment Kids Can Enjoy At Their Own Pace

(A very cool site that I looked and a played with a bit, enjoy!) Launches; Features Online Entertainment Kids Can Enjoy At Their Own Pace

Easy to Navigate Site Gives Kids Access to all of their Favorite Videos and Parents Peace of Mind

LOS ANGELES, CA — July 9, 2009 — Earlier Media today announced the launch of Kideos (, an entertainment destination for kids to safely watch videos online. Kideos features popular children’s videos, from Elmo to Thomas, with a kid-friendly interface within a safe environment. Kideos is the newest web property from Earlier Media, a company dedicated to providing trustworthy destinations for children of all ages to learn, watch videos and play games online.

Central to Kideos’ value proposition is the site’s Video Advisory Council, a group of parents and educators who screen content before it appears on the site. Once videos are reviewed by the Council, they are categorized and sorted into age-based groups factoring in developmental criteria and recommendations from leading experts nationwide. This process gives parents confidence that the content on Kideos is appropriate, safe and entertaining for children.

Additionally, the site offers parents their own personalization tools to limit videos shown to their children by selecting the appropriate age-based category. Once chosen, children will only be able to view videos specifically targeted towards their exact age group.
“Children are using the Internet for entertainment at a very young age,” said Josh Solt, COO of Earlier Media. “We built Kideos to provide children an easy way to watch their favorite videos while giving their parents peace of mind that their kids are viewing safe, age-appropriate programs.”
Kideos is easy for children to use on their own, with a simple user interface that even young children can easily navigate once they have gotten started. Within a short period of time, kids are able to select videos to play without any help from adults, giving them a sense of confidence and a way to interact with computers just like grown-ups.

New content is added to the site daily after it is reviewed by the Council so kids have a fresh experience with each visit. Content includes children’s television shows, movies, educational videos, music videos, cute animals, and more. For more information, please visit
About Kideos
Kideos is the premier destination for kids to safely watch videos online. Each video on Kideos has been screened by the site’s Video Advisory Council, a group of parents and educators, who select appropriate content for the site. The site was developed with the goal of allowing parents to feel comfortable permitting their child to spend time on Kideos, while also making sure children have a thoroughly entertaining experience. For more information, please visit

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