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Thursday, July 2, 2009

Jeepers ... PEEPERS!

We hear all about the economy today and the drastic measures we have to take. While the need to buckle down is as strong as ever, I love to treat myself with lil’ luxuries: lip gloss, jeans and sunglasses.

I readily admit a love for Oakley Sunglasses and I have reviewed them in the past. I also have reviewed QT Sunglasses designer-inspired models, and I’m happy to report I am doing them again right now!

Shannon Denton of QT Sunglasses is the great mind behind this fantastic site. It’s hard to find quality products that are reasonably priced with the allure of product identity. Just to clarify, these don’t give the impression of quality… they are quality! When you live life as a parent and have a family to support, it’s not that easy to dress like you want. The labels demand a bit more then everyone can afford. Now you can protect your retinas, you can stop lines at an early age, you can look good doing it, and you can save money, thanks to Shannon.

These sunglasses are as durable as the actual designer and are just as attractive, too. My daughter has a pair that she wore to school… at recess, in physical education, playing outside, at field day and at the carnival on the last day of school. They have held up great and look no worse for the wear! She loves to play at the park and wears them to keep her vision clear, and needless to say, it’s pretty cute - though can I admit when she is walking with her apple juice from the chain coffee store we see on every corner, in her designer inspired sunglasses, and flipping her long blonde hair I am a bit petrified for my future?

Back to the point of this review, I tend to get off the topic as we all know!
I love the sunglasses for all ages, and not just for the ladies. QT can hook up the men in your life as well. Stop on by and grab a few pairs, there is a discount at the end of this review for The Mom in the Know readers. I hope you enjoy this thrifty find as much as I did.

25% OFF Voucher Code: MomInTheKnow

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