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Thursday, July 16, 2009

How funky is your snack?

Freeze-dried snacks are a delicious and natural treat, a great alternative to grab and go. We try to be responsible in snacking in my house. You have to be in this climate, and my kids love fruit. However, it’s hard to keep it fresh all day. Funky Monkey has helped me remedy this issue, and that’s a relief for me.

In contrast to the leathery, sticky dried fruits you see in the stores, these are crispy and have that bite where you know they are indeed freeze dried . There is no sugar coating making them sticky, they are vegan and free of fructose and other additives, and they provide the nutritional value of actual fruit without the hassle, mess, or nuisance.

My youngest liked the crunch, comparing it to a chip with the taste and healthy gains of fruit. It’s like fooling yourself, yet so tasty and beneficial. At school her friends were intrigued and asked about the sweet smell and the colorful packing. What a clever idea Funky Monkey!

The website is very colorful and interactive and your kids will love it, though a warning that it may distract from your original reason for visiting. There is a lot going on. I personally like the “Looney Lab” where you can create your own flavor. If you don’t like “busy” sites and a lot of action, you have been warned.

With a variety of flavors, Funky Monkey is sure to delight your family in some way. Bananamon, Carnaval mix (yes it is spelled like that.), Jivea Lime, & Purple Funk. Look at your local grocer and see what your kids think, if it’s crunch they are craving you have a winner here.

About Funky Monkey Snacks:
Funky Monkey Snacks are all-natural, real fruit made using a proprietary freeze-drying
process that creates Fruit That Crunches!® while retaining fruit’s natural goodness.
Funky Monkey Snacks are 100% fruit with no added sugar, colors, flavors or
preservatives. Each 1 oz. bag contains three servings of fruit, providing a delicious and
nutritious snack choice that helps support healthy living. For more information, visit
Bananamon, Jivealime, Purple Funk, and Fruit That Crunches are registered trademarks, and Funky Monkey and
Carnaval Mix are trademarks, of Freeze Dried Partners LLC. All other trademarks and/or registered trademarks
contained herein are the property of their respective owners

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