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Monday, July 13, 2009

Doggie Bling- No more Drool puddles!

Drool is a big problem in the house, not with my kids (at times with their father) but with my darling bulldog, Trixie. She comes by it honestly and can’t help it. It’s the nature of the beast as they say. I have to clean up the floor a lot where she had been sleeping and wipe her mouth up. I’ve looked all over the internet but usually we just wipe, at times scrub where she had laid her pretty little head. We call it Trixie goop. I want to call it a thing of the past.

Then I ran across a great product that I am convinced they were thinking of bulldogs and bulldog owners, Slobber Blotters. I realized there was a call, reaching far above and beyond bulldogs. 100% soft absorbent terry cloth fabric is just a wipe away from a happy dog. They can rest their little jowls on it, or after a long stop at the water bowl, just help them out.

The Slobber Blotter has a snap closure, it was nicer then a Velcro one, or a tie. Now, mime two maniacs managed to get it loose after a long play session, but I swear they hide opposable thumbs somewhere. That shouldn’t happen I’m sure, only if it’s snapped on something and that may very well have been the case. It is intended to snap lose it needed. I have canine conspiracy theories that constantly run through my head.

Bandabling Pet Bandanas are the parent company to Slobber Blotter and I have to say measure before you order to confirm. We were okay, but it’s always best to be safe. They are machine washable and I do that frequently, I also dry mine and have run into no problems.
I can’t say for sure if the dog unsnapped the snap playing or it came of when Trixie got caught on something, either way I’ll assume it was for the best, she was probably getting herself in trouble. That feature is splendid, no gagging doggies!

Look up Slobber Blotters at Badabling pets they are having a 20% sale right now!

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