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Thursday, June 4, 2009

Sigh ... for Psibands

First let me take this time to thank PSI bands. This has been a bit in the making, but it’s a good thing now.
PSI (pronounced sigh) bands are a life saver for so many of us out there. I have had a hard time putting this into words. I start, I stop, start, stop. I have a daughter who combats motion sickness. A long car ride isn’t conducive to her system. I don’t want to drug her or keep her at home or avoid travel. When I ran across Psibands I was elated. If they work on chemotherapy patients, the chances of helping folks that struggle with motion sickness and similar affliction should be pretty good.
I have been combating nausea for unknown reasons here and there and have been experimenting with prescriptions from the doctor that still fail to solve the problem. It’s not a lot of fun, just comes in waves, but then I popped on my waterproof Psiband (that was an added bonus, I can wear it in the shower) and tried it out.
The medicine I was given made me tired or it was a patch that irritated my skin. Not these bands. They are comfortable, lightweight and eye-catching. In addition to all of that my daughter can wear it and I’m not in fear of putting something into her body (OTC or prescribed) for a car ride. I love the bands simplicity, ease of use; I can carry them anywhere, no prescription needed so if I’m out and about I can grab one and slap it on. Even better? I don’t need to worry about drug interactions and can be as discrete (or not… they are rather stylish) as I like.
I feel like I can’t say enough about the benefits of these bands. I now own one in every style to match what I have going on, fashion forward and savvy they are!
Yes, they did help the motion sickness, too. Her little wrists were just fine (and not much smaller than mine) and she loved the changes it brought in the car, and for the first time in quite a while, she wasn’t as anxious and uncomfortable (to be fair we are talking about a lot of trips around town and nothing too far, but she felt better regardless). I had no mess to clean up and that was a relief for me!
My nausea is subsided when I wear a Psiband, but it’s not a cure all. Consult a medical professional when you have symptoms that persist. For me, the days are more tolerable and I now wish I had owned it when I was pregnant with my second daughter. I was nauseous the entire time and I think that it would have made my life a million times easier!
Let me attach a little information here from the press release to answer common questions. They are the frequently asked questions that I can’t answer myself. I hope that it helps you along and give you a better understanding of why you need to get these for yourself or for someone you know.


Q: What is acupressure?
A: Acupressure is the stimulation of specific points throughout the body. This therapy may be self-administered or conducted by another person using fingers, thumbs, elbows, or feet to apply pressure to a specific point(s) to provide comfort and alleviate symptom(s).

Q: How do Psi Bands® work?
A: Psi Bands use wrist acupressure, an ancient healing art. Scientific studies support the use of wrist acupressure in the relief of nausea.

Q: Where do I position Psi Bands?
A: 1. Place one band on the inside of each wrist, 2 1/2 finger widths above the center of your wrist crease between the wrist tendons. This placement is known as the Nei-kuan acupressure point. The button should be facing in and the dial should be facing out.
2. Both bands should be worn at the same time.

Q: How do I adjust Psi Bands?
A: 1. To adjust the band size around the wrist, place the post of the dial through the appropriate band hole. Feed the slack of the band under the slide-able collar, just as you would a watch. It should feel snug yet comfortable.
2. To increase or decrease pressure on the Nei-kuan acupressure point, rotate the dial. It should feel snug yet comfortable.

Q: I have small or large wrists. Will Psi Bands fit me?
A: One size fits most. Psi Bands use a watch-like adjustable band with multiple settings from which to choose. They will fit wrists measuring 5 1/4 inches up to 8 1/4 inches.

Q: How many Psi Bands come in one package?
A: A package contains two Psi Bands wrist bands.

Q: Are Psi Bands re-usable?
A: Psi Bands are re-usable and should be replaced if they no longer provide pressure on the Nei-kuan acupressure point.

Q: Do I have to wear both bands?
A: Yes, both bands should be worn at the same time.

Q: How long do I have to wear Psi Bands?
A: Psi Bands may be worn on an as needed basis (up to 48 continuous hours) at the first sign of nausea. They may also be worn up to 5 minutes before traveling or surgery. The response to acupressure is individual. While some experience relief within minutes, others notice changes in hours or subsequent days.

Q: How do you clean Psi Bands?
A: To clean Psi Bands, use a damp cloth with mild soap and wipe gently; air dry.

Q: What are Psi Bands made out of?
A: Psi Bands are made out of Medical Grade synthetic rubber that contains no plasticisers, no PVC and
latex-free. The band material is made in the USA and then shipped to China for manufacturing.

Q: Where can I get a pair of Psi Bands?
A: Psi Bands are available nationwide at 5,000+ Rite Aid retail locations, as well as other regional chains such as Longs Drugs, Pharmaca and REI stores. They are also sold by numerous other retailers including, and (see for a complete list).

Q: How much do Psi Bands cost?
A: Psi Bands sell for $14.99-$19.99 per set. Cost varies per retailer and location.

Q: How did you come up with the name Psi Bands?
A: Psi, pronounced "sigh", is the acronym for pounds per square inch, the term used to describe a unit of pressure. Psi Bands are worn on the Nei-kuan acupressure point. They are drug-free wrist for the relief of nausea. Breathe a Psi of relief!


There’s more than one reason Psi Bands chose the color green for the company logo and packaging. In an effort to create a more sustainable business model for Psi Bands and our society, Psi Health Solutions, Inc. has taken the following environmentally and socially conscious measures:

1. Psi Bands use biocompatible materials. They are made from medical grade synthetic rubber and are latex-free.
2. We use no PVC or BPA in any of our products or packaging.
3. Psi Bands themselves are reusable and our packaging serves as a reusable travel case.
4. Our packaging uses all aqueous-based inks and uses the smallest dimensions possible to reduce our carbon footprint.
5. Psi Bands donate $1 of every Cherry Blossom (the GREEN-colored band) set sold to our charitable partner, Fertile Hope (a national non-profit which provides reproductive information, support and hope to cancer patients and survivors whose medical treatments present the risk of infertility).

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