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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Pop it ... it's hot! (and tasty!)

(look for the giveaway at the end of this review)
How many families out there still gather around and have “family” night? I know we do at least once a week. My kids still like the event (and excuse to stay up late) and I bask in it before they realize that I’m not that cool. I’m sure you remember how uncool it was to hang out with your parents, right? Well, I cuddle up with the girls on the couch and watch movie while they still want me to… even if right now it’s “Star Wars” they pick to watch.

Our favorite snack when we settle in is popcorn, and while we all partake, we each like our own toppings. The girls love popcorn, it’s a great, healthy snack and they each get their own bowl. I get them each their own seasoning or they can have it plain (we like butter, we don’t douse our kernels in it).

This is where Kernel Season comes in. Kernel Seasons offer the full menu of popcorn products and specialize in flavored popcorn spices, so full of flavor you would hardly know it’s there. It checks in at 24 calories per cup, the flavors are natural and offer no fat while low in calories. With so many choices of toppings, fourteen in all – including anything from sweet to spicy such as White Cheddar, Butter, Nacho Cheddar, Parmesan and Garlic, Ranch, Sour Cream and Onion, Salt, Caramel, Kettle Corn, Jalapeno, Chocolate Marshmallow, Apple Cinnamon, Barbecue, & Cajun – it’s hard to miss your stomach’s desire. If you have a family of many or just a variety of palates, then you have options galore.

Summer is here and school is out, we aren’t in a regular routine of physical activity and tend to run amuck in terms of schedule – but popcorn can provide a quick, health snack to help you get through and Kernel Seasons insure you enjoy the experience! Have I mentioned fat-free? I try to keep a variety of snacks available to my family and the healthier the better. Popcorn stays fresh enough in an airtight container that you can store it for a few days, and it’s a great snack anytime. Kernel Seasons make it that much better.

You can also use it for crafts if you don’t want the leftovers to go to waste (what leftovers?!)
Here are some ideas straight from Kernel Seasons:
• Popcorn holiday sheep - draw a sheep's head and feet on construction paper. Let children fill in the body with popped popcorn. (Adapt to any white animal shape.)
• Feed birds by stringing popcorn and cut up apples. Hang on a fence post for a backyard feast. Birds will use leftover string when building nests.
• Form holiday shapes (pumpkins, snowmen, etc.) from a mixture of warm popcorn and melted marshmallows. Work quickly with small batches to create desired form. Embellish with candy and other food decorations.

Need a few more things to do?
Popcorn in Games and Trivia: According to the U.S. Popcorn Board, the United States produces nearly 500,000 tons of popcorn every year making it a quintessential American favorite with uses that extend beyond the kitchen. Play these fun games during after school play dates, family night, or other special occasions.
• Play the popcorn game: Encourage kids to jump around and pretend they are popcorn kernels popping. Learn why corn pops and share this with kids while they are playing.
• Bobbing for Popcorn Balls: Tie popcorn balls to strings suspended from up high. Have kids stand next to balls and try to eat them without using their hands.
• Sing I'm A Little Kernel to the melody of I'm a Little Teapot using the following lyrics:
I'm a little kernel in a pot,
Turn on the heat and
Watch me hop.
When I get all warmed up,
Then I'll pop,
Umm, I taste good when I'm hot!

• Popcorn Trivia: Prepare simple popcorn trivia questions and answers such as...

Q: How high can popcorn pop? A: As high as three feet.
Q: Who ate popcorn like breakfast cereal with milk? A: American Pilgrims.
Q: How much popcorn will one cup of kernels make? A: One cup of kernels can make a whopping 40 cups of popped popcorn

Popcorn and its many uses, eating or for play, can be a beneficial part of your summer. If you want to spice it up, Kernel Seasons is one of the tastier options out there. Not all popcorn products are created equal. Look for Kernel Seasons at your local grocer or order online, and if shop via the web, look for their special internet offers!

What is the name of the founder or Kernel Season's AND where was Kernel Season's founded?
Winners, yes WINNERS! THREE (3) of you get prize packs including:
1 White Cheddar
1 Nacho Cheese
1 Kettle Corn
1 Butter Seasoning
1 Parmesan & Garlic
1 Ranch
3 Microwave Popcorn Packets
1 Popcorn Spritzer
1 Pouch Of Kernels
1 Recipe Book
Comment or email me your answer at or click the email link on this page.
I had originally said email only, you may comment, too. SPAMMERS be nice. I opened comments back up again let's give it ONE more try.

(I don't ship out of the US, because I don't know the regulations ... if you are OUT of the US and want to enter go ahead and I can at least send you a thanks, you can give your prize away to a friend in the USA if you win and then maybe they get the customs regulations and can send it and someone can explain all of it to me by then ...)

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