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Monday, June 29, 2009

No more boogs!

Let’s face it parents. We get to pick at our kids faces, and we get to do it a lot. If you are one of the lucky that have children with allergies then you know all about ‘em… boogies. They are everywhere when you have kids and you can’t help it, and for the most part, neither can they. It’s just a part of our lives. When cold and flu season hits so do runny noses and we have no choice but to deal with it. Tissues get harsh after a bit and irritate the nose. Your skin gets dry and irritated on top of being… it’s a no-win situation.

Now there is something non-evasive to help.

Mindee & Julie, the co-founders of Boogie Wipes, shared the frustrations of many moms and wanted to find a solution. They are saline-infused moist wipe that sooth chapped, sore noses while dissolving mucus. I’ve used them myself and I can attest to the wonders of the product myself. I like the fresh scent, but recently they developed a menthol scent aimed at adults. There is also a grape scent that kids love, wipes our kids clamored for when sneezing in this house!

They are so gentle they can be used on babies, infants, and dads. Moms, kids, whoever might need a bit of help with the nose. The wipe itself it so gentle I hardly noticed it and when I did use it I was quite satisfied with the mild touch. I have sensitive skin and so do my kids which are one reason I found Boogie Wipes to be such a relief. As parents we know when your child is uncomfortable it’s no fun for anyone around. In my not-so-humble opinion, the Boogie Wipes have made our lives so much easier.

They come in a handy little plastic pouch with a pop-up opening to pull out one at a time, clean and easy and without hassle. However, the Boogie Wipes Travel Packs are ingenious, perfect for lunch boxes, school, back packs, purses, desks, cars, trucks, SUVs… you get my drift! My youngest loved that. I didn’t have to throw one or two in a baggie and have her carry that. She had her own, and every kid loves that.

I think I covered all the bases on the fascination I have with Boogie Wipes and would suggest you check out their site to see where you can build a fascination of your own.

In cooperation with The Mom in the Know, Boogie Wipes would like to offer one of my readers 3 packs of 30-count wipes (fresh, grape & menthol). To win go to their site and find where Boogie Wipes offices are located and email to me. The email link is located on the right side of the page or with BOOGIE WIPES in the subject, please. You may ALSO leave a comment on this post! Enter as many times as you would like.

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