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Monday, May 4, 2009

Silent Snooz

Silent Snooz is a handy little device to help those snoring get a peaceful night sleep and those around them, too. The unscented, eucalyptus, and lavender nasal dilators are fashioned to do just that and no doubt about it, they do. Too good to be true, well maybe but you’d have to try them to see.
They call for 30-day use, but last much longer. Tucked away in their little carrying case they are easy to store and travel well. The first night of use, you know the Silent Snooz is there, but it’s not a hindrance. Once you use it again, you don’t even realize it’s there, that’s how comfortable there are.
Does it work?
Well, a good night’s sleep for all involved would say yes, yes it does. Spouses, children and users agree that rest was had by all for the first time in a long time. A sound sleep even! Why? Well, maybe it was the Nobel Prize winning technology that makes it easy-to-use, FDA lists it, and it quiets snorers instantly.

They are latex free, as the aromatherapy (fragrance free is available) sets in it calms one; suggested use states application 15 minutes prior to bedtime and for duration of night. The Silent Snooz gradually confirm to an ideal position on your septum to produce the greatest degree of relief. Not all noses are alike these form to you.
They also do work on a child, one tried it, liked it and it worked. She was a small 9-year old (not my 9-year old she’d fight me on it) and it worked like it did on the adult tester and she enjoyed it. Her parents reveled in a fantastic night’s sleep for the entire house, too. So did her siblings. Snoring sees no age.
If snoring is a blight like it was for this family, put a snooze on it and forget it.
Availability: Associated Wholesalers, Avon Catalog, Drugfair, Kerr Drugs, Ingles Supermarkets, Hannaford Brothers, Harmon, Magic Mark Stores, Rite Aid, Walgreens and select drugstores nationwide.

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