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Monday, May 11, 2009

eat and enjoy!

<Dream dinners is giving away this experience to one of you! Go to their site and pick your favorite dinner, comment and leave it. I'll pick a winner May 18th! You get to go to a location near you and prepare 6 dinners of your choice.

(This particular review has been provided by Bryan Douglass, husband and faithful servant of Mom In the Know. Keep that in mind as you read the review below. Enjoy.)

There are times when it is good to be spoiled.
I’m spoiled rotten by the Mom in the Know, a purveyor and producer of outstanding food. I have the gut to show for it (I try to wear it well) and am more than happy to help the cause when eating is the task at hand.
Imagine my joy when she walked in with five momentous trays that represented dinner for the week!

A representative from Dream Dinners had contacted her with an invite to come try “a few things” off their menu, and she had turned that into a feast of epic proportions. Dream Dinners provides a personal, home-touched slant to food service by creating delicious dinners made to your liking that can service a family, a party, or a freezer. It’s taking the work out of cooking for those that do not wish to dismiss a good, wholesome meal with it.

We visited the menu online to prepare for the trip and had no trouble finding an assortment of options that would make the entire household content. There is an amazingly-long menu filled with options that tempt the taste buds without compromising on the quality of the ingredients, or your health (grilled and vegetarian options can be found throughout). These are home-cooked meals with premium components prepared and ready for the oven, making an elegant meal as easy as ever.

We had some of our favorites at home: Pulled Pork BBQ sandwiches with french rolls, firehouse three cheese pasta with meatballs, beef skewers with peanut dipping sauce, chicken enchiladas and Italian stuffed shells. Each were prepared to our specific requests fresh as we enjoyed beverages at the store (quaint and sophisticated), allowing us to avoid allergy concerns (that would be onions and peppers) without hassle or worry. Each came with easy-to-use instructions for baking (as well as hints to produce particular “effects” on the food, such as a crispy top layer versus a more traditional bake) in portions that would easily feed a family of four with food to spare (they can modify your serving size based on the estimated number of guests… the website has a nifty floating calculator to help you with the process when ordering online, an outstanding feature of the site).

Every meal was delicious, easy to clean, and produced leftovers enjoyed for lunch the next day. It was an outstanding experience and the Mom in the Know is happy to support their cause in helping your family enjoy the same. However, we also give kudos to Dream Dinners for their commitment to family and health, noting a special section on their website dedicated to articles on health, lifestyle, safety, nutrition, and other family topics you may find of interest, making a worthy stop for any mother (or father for that matter) spending time on the web. Dream Dinners has also created the Living the Dream Foundation, helping to raise thousands of dollars for various organizations in support of individual families going through life’s more difficult challenges (supporting, for instance, The Foundation for Prader-Willi Research – – dedicated to curing genetic disorders).

This is a wonderful company supporting an approach to business we all should appreciate. It’s a great place to buy a meal (or 20!), they put their resources back into the community, and you family and friends get to enjoy a wonderful dining experience in the process. Keep Dream Dinners in mind for your needs… you will be happy you did.
Dream dinners is giving away this experience to one of you! Go to their site and pick your favorite dinner, comment and leave it. I'll pick a winner May 18th! You get to go to a location near you and prepare 6 dinners of your choice.

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