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Saturday, May 23, 2009

A small break ...

As the school year winds down and as we celebrate Memorial Day, The Mom in the Know will resume posting Monday June 1, 2009. Just a crazy week with the Kids in the Know getting out of school and activities consuming our time. Please take this time to thank a solider, active or retired or even put flowers on the grave of a solider we have lost. Be safe this weekend and remember the car next to you may not be!
Thursday, May 21, 2009

Digital Media Camp

Do your kids spend countless hours on My Space and Face Book? Are you looking for a fun summer camp for your kids that provides new skills in the world of digital media and lays a foundation for their future? Well, this summer, Digital Media Academy (DMA) will teach teens and young adults how to channel that passion for social networking into future careers.

The world of digital media is one that continues to grow. DMA has available courses for both pre-teens and teens that lay the foundation in many areas. Teens become inspired to learn, by using their passion for the Internet and for sports and music and film, and creating their own animation, graphics, websites and learning how to use the most current technology and programs.

Digital Media Adventures caters to ages 7-12, with day and residential camps in robotics, game design, web design, filmmaking and cartoon and comic creation, taught by professionals and teachers with a passion and talent for inspiring young minds.

Teen courses for ages 13-18 are offered at beginning to advanced levels with an optional residential pre-college experience. Additionally, not to be left out parents can take this opportunity to spend more time with their child, because DMA offers professional level courses in film, web design, digital photography, filmmaking, animation, music production and more. Teens who attend DMA can explore possible career paths, prepare for college and gain practical work skills all while enjoying an incredible summer camp with other creative teens.

The Stanford-accredited consolidated (4-5 day) courses can be taken individually or combined for multi-week certifications at prestigious college and university campuses including University of Chicago, Stanford University (San Francisco), UCLA (Los Angeles), Harvard University (Boston), George Washington University (Washington, D.C.), Brown University (Providence, RI), and the University of Texas at Austin, to name a few. Go to for more information, and to enter to win FREE courses and discounts! Make this year’s summer camp more than just a memory – let it help your child’s future.
Monday, May 18, 2009

Another guest in this case an expert ...

I didn't feel this was up my alley to write this, I usually sleep okay ... so here you go! My reviews will commence later this week. Though I admit it was a nice break.
(This particular review has been provided by Bryan Douglass, husband and faithful servant of Mom In the Know. Enjoy.)
No pictures were provided by the client I'm sorry for any inconvenience.

Here’s the deal… I don’t sleep. On a good night, I get five, maybe even six or seven, hours of sleep, but those nights are rare. It’s much more common for those nights to be filled with restless tossing and turning, and the results are nightmares that don’t go away when my eyes open.

The Mom in the Know and I have tried a wide variety of sleep aids to help get me on track. The problems are numerous – stomach and digestive issues are resolved (for the most part) by medication and diet, snoring has been eased by changing sleeping positions as well as nasal strips, and the list grows from there. Still, the nights of horror persist and it tortures every waking moment of my day.

I have heard of clinics that will assist in diagnosing your issues and problems and, in many cases, could point you in the direction of relief. With so many folks suffering from sleep disorders the call for these clinics has grown and more and more of us are filling those clinics in search of a cure… and now, we have help that doesn’t require a trip to the clinic.

The SLEEPTRACKER, designed and produced by Innovative Sleep Solutions, is an intricate computer housed in a wrist watch. This computer will monitor your nightly movements, employing a small accelerometer to measure certain types of lateral motion that correlate to lighter stages of sleep. The watch monitors signals from the body that indicate whether a person is asleep or awake. From this data, the watch can produce a “picture” of your sleeping patterns that will help determine a window for optimal awakening in the morning, targeting a time in the pattern when your body is set to wake.

In essence, our bodies work in cycles, and no two bodies are alike, and no two cycles are alike. As a result, it can be extremely beneficial for us to take advantage of the peak rest hours in those cycles, and it is also beneficial to know the best times to wake. The SLEEPTRACKER can do this, and studies have shown that it performs as well as the visits to the clinic.

A recent evaluation study reveals that SLEEPTRACKER, the world’s only sleep-monitoring watch, is nearly as effective in gathering specific sleep data as advanced sleep laboratory equipment. When comparing SLEEPTRACKER to lab tests, the watch successfully detects moments of restlessness during sleep 91 percent of the time.

The designs are sleek, comparing to your typical store-brand sports watch. More importantly, it works. I have used the watch for nearly three months and am happy to report that I am feeling as rested as ever. The longer you use the watch, the more affirming the process becomes. I never feel as if I’m waking with expectations of the alarm. It’s refreshing, and I’m hooked.

The SLEEPTRACKER website is just as valuable, offering a functional environment loaded with information that includes a blog, testimonials, and options for purchase. If you want a better night’s sleep, check out SLEEPTRACKER today.
Monday, May 11, 2009

eat and enjoy!

<Dream dinners is giving away this experience to one of you! Go to their site and pick your favorite dinner, comment and leave it. I'll pick a winner May 18th! You get to go to a location near you and prepare 6 dinners of your choice.

(This particular review has been provided by Bryan Douglass, husband and faithful servant of Mom In the Know. Keep that in mind as you read the review below. Enjoy.)

There are times when it is good to be spoiled.
I’m spoiled rotten by the Mom in the Know, a purveyor and producer of outstanding food. I have the gut to show for it (I try to wear it well) and am more than happy to help the cause when eating is the task at hand.
Imagine my joy when she walked in with five momentous trays that represented dinner for the week!

A representative from Dream Dinners had contacted her with an invite to come try “a few things” off their menu, and she had turned that into a feast of epic proportions. Dream Dinners provides a personal, home-touched slant to food service by creating delicious dinners made to your liking that can service a family, a party, or a freezer. It’s taking the work out of cooking for those that do not wish to dismiss a good, wholesome meal with it.

We visited the menu online to prepare for the trip and had no trouble finding an assortment of options that would make the entire household content. There is an amazingly-long menu filled with options that tempt the taste buds without compromising on the quality of the ingredients, or your health (grilled and vegetarian options can be found throughout). These are home-cooked meals with premium components prepared and ready for the oven, making an elegant meal as easy as ever.

We had some of our favorites at home: Pulled Pork BBQ sandwiches with french rolls, firehouse three cheese pasta with meatballs, beef skewers with peanut dipping sauce, chicken enchiladas and Italian stuffed shells. Each were prepared to our specific requests fresh as we enjoyed beverages at the store (quaint and sophisticated), allowing us to avoid allergy concerns (that would be onions and peppers) without hassle or worry. Each came with easy-to-use instructions for baking (as well as hints to produce particular “effects” on the food, such as a crispy top layer versus a more traditional bake) in portions that would easily feed a family of four with food to spare (they can modify your serving size based on the estimated number of guests… the website has a nifty floating calculator to help you with the process when ordering online, an outstanding feature of the site).

Every meal was delicious, easy to clean, and produced leftovers enjoyed for lunch the next day. It was an outstanding experience and the Mom in the Know is happy to support their cause in helping your family enjoy the same. However, we also give kudos to Dream Dinners for their commitment to family and health, noting a special section on their website dedicated to articles on health, lifestyle, safety, nutrition, and other family topics you may find of interest, making a worthy stop for any mother (or father for that matter) spending time on the web. Dream Dinners has also created the Living the Dream Foundation, helping to raise thousands of dollars for various organizations in support of individual families going through life’s more difficult challenges (supporting, for instance, The Foundation for Prader-Willi Research – – dedicated to curing genetic disorders).

This is a wonderful company supporting an approach to business we all should appreciate. It’s a great place to buy a meal (or 20!), they put their resources back into the community, and you family and friends get to enjoy a wonderful dining experience in the process. Keep Dream Dinners in mind for your needs… you will be happy you did.
Dream dinners is giving away this experience to one of you! Go to their site and pick your favorite dinner, comment and leave it. I'll pick a winner May 18th! You get to go to a location near you and prepare 6 dinners of your choice.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Reading with Lois

Reading and literacy is a passion of mine, a true passion. Use these links and share with the little readers in your house. I hope they are valuable to you, too.

Lois with Guests from Children’s Dept:

Lois on Newbery Medal Winners:

Lois with Tail Wagging Tutors:

Lois on Inquiring Young Minds:

Lois on her favorite educational books:

Lois on Books for Twilight Lovers:

Lois on Board Books for New Babies:

Lois on Choosing Books for Different Reading Levels:

Lois Intro Episode:

You can view all of Lois’ videos here
Monday, May 4, 2009

Silent Snooz

Silent Snooz is a handy little device to help those snoring get a peaceful night sleep and those around them, too. The unscented, eucalyptus, and lavender nasal dilators are fashioned to do just that and no doubt about it, they do. Too good to be true, well maybe but you’d have to try them to see.
They call for 30-day use, but last much longer. Tucked away in their little carrying case they are easy to store and travel well. The first night of use, you know the Silent Snooz is there, but it’s not a hindrance. Once you use it again, you don’t even realize it’s there, that’s how comfortable there are.
Does it work?
Well, a good night’s sleep for all involved would say yes, yes it does. Spouses, children and users agree that rest was had by all for the first time in a long time. A sound sleep even! Why? Well, maybe it was the Nobel Prize winning technology that makes it easy-to-use, FDA lists it, and it quiets snorers instantly.

They are latex free, as the aromatherapy (fragrance free is available) sets in it calms one; suggested use states application 15 minutes prior to bedtime and for duration of night. The Silent Snooz gradually confirm to an ideal position on your septum to produce the greatest degree of relief. Not all noses are alike these form to you.
They also do work on a child, one tried it, liked it and it worked. She was a small 9-year old (not my 9-year old she’d fight me on it) and it worked like it did on the adult tester and she enjoyed it. Her parents reveled in a fantastic night’s sleep for the entire house, too. So did her siblings. Snoring sees no age.
If snoring is a blight like it was for this family, put a snooze on it and forget it.
Availability: Associated Wholesalers, Avon Catalog, Drugfair, Kerr Drugs, Ingles Supermarkets, Hannaford Brothers, Harmon, Magic Mark Stores, Rite Aid, Walgreens and select drugstores nationwide.

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