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Monday, April 20, 2009

Tote it and go!

Amies Circle was something I happen to run across and I can’t even remember how. I was fortunate enough to be able to review this unique product that is designed for kids, but adults can enjoy just as much. Characters for the personality of the child adorn the tote, wallets, stationary products, backpacks, coin purses, laptop sleeve, & wristlet.

My daughters preferred the tote and I enjoyed the coin purse I admit, I like the little pocket inside that was the perfect size for business cards. I did let them have it back and on the trips to the store it was used, many times. My oldest who is all tomboy liked the tote, it’s green, one of her favorite colors and has a dog on it, so it’s not “too” girly for her.

My youngest, she’s the critic, here is where you’ll get the opinion you’ve need, for the little one you want to buy for. It’s just enough room for all the things you need, lip gloss, pens, paper, littlest pet shops and all the stuff you carry around. The strap is a good length for a “girl that isn’t a teenager” as she put it, but honestly, it hit me right about the chest, and I’m 5’3. For people of the taller persuasion, I don’t know how it will hang on you!

From the website:

Founded by hip graphic designer and mom Jubily Boy, AMIES' mission is to offer
fun, age-appropriate products that capture the youth, innocence and imagination
of children.
Inspired by the friendship they share with their pets, Jubily designed AMIES'
introductory, flagship collection around the most beloved pet in the world,
Just like their real-life counterparts, AMIES dog characters are sweet, silly
and one-of-a-kind, with happy, friendly dispositions and unique personalities
that inspire their young owners to love themselves for who they are and enjoy
doing what they do best--being children.

Jubily has done, in my opinion an amazing job of finding that happy medium for kids and especially kids that are indeed dog lovers, I know mine are (our beloved ones you can see here on the site).
Visit AMIES today!

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