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Friday, April 10, 2009

A look into "The Mom" of The Mom in the Know

(moving files from one computer to another)

As I settle into the office that I rearranged; you know the one my desktop crashed, my laptop decided it had "low virtual memory" on the process of all of it? Oh yea, my oldest also was ill with a kidney stone? Yes, that office that was slow coming. I thought a glimpse in to me was long overdue. Short and sweet, it will be, picture heavy, too.

(This is the chair I write from)
I'm just a woman who writes about stuff I like and don't. I try to take care of a family; as crazy as they are. Two daughters that seem to think they know it all right now, have the ages seven and nine always been like this? If so I formally apologize to my late grandmother, my grandfather and mother. I should probably to my aunts and uncles that were around to then, ouch!

(said 9-year old sick with kidney stone, wouldn't even eat a donut)

(7 mom, I'm almost 8-year old, being her usual "THERE'S A CAMERA" self)

I'm also mom to two furry, four legged pooches that are the sweetest things ever. One bulldog who owns us, Trixie and one black Lab who isn't really sure what the story is, Dairy. Kids named his, I had no part. There is a MR. around here somewhere who contributes, too. He's a tad on edge, he lives with this insanity.

(only picture we really have of trixie looking ... well awake ...

(only picture we have of Dairy looking ... well calm ... yes, he is alive.)

(Mr. TMITK with 9-year old, a Daddy daughter moment.)

I digress, I love to cook, bake, organize (okay, you can't look in my office rightthisminute and tell), read, look for new products, talk and hang out with friends. I drink Iced Tea, no lemon, no sugar by the gallons, and I drink water, too.
Well, that's a little about me, The Mom in the Know. You can also call me Heather or momo. Most of my friends do.
If you want something featured, contact me. If you just want to read, do.

(I spend a LOT of time here, as you can see by my filthy towels, whoops)

(My kids spend a lot of time here, more then I'd like)

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Well, aside from a mom and a wife, I'm a person who wants the best for all of us. I have two daughters, two dogs, and a husband – all of whom I wanted to be at home for – so I put my talents to use, looking out for my family. Shopping (well, kinda you send me the products!). Surfing the Internet. Meeting new people. Recommending products to friends, after I fall in love with them. And figuring out how to make products better.


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