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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Healthy and tasty, too.

Eating healthy isn’t in everyone wheelhouse these days. I embraced it a long time ago for my family but you can’t always find “treats” and “snacks” for that way of life. I was lucky enough to do that. I can’t attest that it’s healthy as I’d like, but it is dairy free, tree nut free, peanut free & egg free. They are also whole grain and for children with allergies HomeFree treat are amazing.

We tested and tried the Mini Chocolate Chip cookies and the Soft Oatmeal cookies. The Soft Oatmeal were amazingly well, soft! They are pure delight on the senses, tantalizing to taste, truly! Something without all the additives “can’t be that good” is such a delectable treat, right? Wrong. The soft, melt in your mouth delight of the oatmeal cookies, remind me of the homemade taste that I seemingly have little time to make these days, yet my children crave. Also, I know I can’t make them this healthy or with the same quality products and feel as confident in my product.

The Mini Chocolate Chip cookies where my youngest daughter’s favorite, she took the box to school for her snack all week. A light and crisp bite into the cookie, a flavor that was unique to them and them alone, good enough to be hijacked my 7-year old. She gives them rave reviews and is a chocolate lover; they also were wildly approved by the rest of the family.

What else can I tell you about HomeFree products? Jill Robbins the founder of HomeFree bakery is a mom and a clinical psychologist who created this brand so that kids with food allergies would enjoy treats along with others. Pretty neat, huh?
On the HomeFree site, there is also a cookbook and starter kits, in addition to many other helpful goodies to get you started. You can also buy HomeFree products there.

Do yourself a favor, find a store near you or order some today.

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