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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Yes another giveaway!!

All you have to do is comment ... contest ends 5/10/9 11:59PM MST share with your friends and you may comment once a day.

TARTE D'AMANDE Soufflé Riche Pour Le Corps
ALMOND PIE Rich Soufflé Lotion for the Body

Treat yourself to Tart D'Amande Soufflé Riche Pour Le Corps day or night for luxurious moisture protection that's never heavy or greasy, just divine. Almond Pie exudes a warm fragrance, rich with coveted and healthy ingredients to treat your whole body. Vitamins and tropical nut oils provide the ultimate in hydrated and sensuously silky skin. While rich with fatty acids and decadent aroma, there are no calories to be gained here. Guiltlessly dive into a big scoop of absolute deliciousness, and those lucky enough to be near you will savor the pleasure too. Apply liberally to the body and massage until absorbed. Perfect to wear anywhere! 0% Guilt. 100% Pleasure. Be Delicious.
6.76 fl. oz. $48.00

POWER Ingredients
Below are the hard-working ingredients that make this product so powerful and beneficial for you.









PRIZE 2- $50.00 gift certificate to Bruno Jamais Restaurant

Bruno Jamais Restaurant Club brings the French Riviera to the upper east side. Where else can one dine in style until 3am with delectable cuisine such as chocolate soufflé and Foie Gras? The service and décor are equally impressive. The restaurant received the "Best Interior Design" award by Hospitality Design Magazine. The restaurant Bruno Jamais Restaurant Club may be located in a brownstone on the Upper East Side of New York; however the ambience is pure Paris where Executive Chef Hok Chin's cuisine is as artistic as the stylish décor.

Having dinner at Bruno Jamais Restaurant Club is truly a luxury experience. The restaurant club named for its very charming French owner Bruno Jamais, is a little gem, a lovely little secret, where you feel like you have left the streets of New York far behind as you walk up the steps of the brownstone. Once inside, Jacques LeMagueresse welcomes you with his sexy French accent, and leads you to the restaurant through the automatic door of the well-stocked wine cellar with the door closing with a whoosh behind you, capturing the essence of a James Bond movie as you enter the bar.

On a warm summer night allow debonair owner Bruno Jamais to make you feel at home and beat the doldrums of winter. Celebrity patrons have included: Billy Baldwin, Joan Rivers, Cindy Adams, Chazz Palminteri and even former President Bill Clinton. *Reservations are suggested and chic attire is requested.

Bruno Jamais Restaurant Club
24 East 81st Street
New York, NY 10028

Monday, April 27, 2009

Monthly Giveaway for two you!

All you have to do is leave a comment (if you did it the previous way, they count, too). If you Follow me on twitter, let me know and I'll give you a bonus entry.
You may comment once a day until contest ends. Share with your friends!

Contest ends 5/3/9 11:59PM MST

. Please email me with questions by using the link on the right or hitting me up on twitter.

AminoGenesis Introduces Wrinkle Arrest
New Anti-Aging Day Cream with SPF 18 Wins American Academy of Dermatology Seal of Recognition
AminoGenesis, known best for their advanced amino acid skincare products, is introducing their newest creation, Wrinkle Arrest, which has earned the AAD SEAL OF RECOGNITION® from the American Academy of Dermatology for its sun-protection benefit.

Wrinkle Arrest is a new moisturizing day cream with SPF 18 and broad spectrum sun protection. Wrinkle Arrest contains the groundbreaking AminoGenesis DermaScyne formula which helps reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, discoloration and other signs of aging. These precursors help support proteins like collagen and elastin as well as many other key proteins found in the skin. Price: $59

According to AminoGenesis founder Ron Cummings, “We applaud the American Academy of Dermatology (AAD) and its commitment to leading the charge to reduce the incidence of and mortality from skin cancer. Protecting the skin from the ultraviolet A (UVA) and ultraviolet B (UVB) rays of the sun not only helps reduce your risk of skin cancer, but also helps prevent premature aging, including wrinkles.”

Ron notes that the consumer has no real way of knowing how effective various sunscreen products are at protecting the skin. The SPF (sun protection factor) of a product only refers to the UVB spectrum of ultraviolet light. UVA also damages the skin. At this time, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) do not have specific guidance for the industry regarding the UVA protection of sunscreens. For this reason, the claim of broad-spectrum protection (meaning protection against both UVA and UVB rays) actually may be very misleading to the consumer.

In a further effort to emphasize the importance of proper sun protection and to help reduce the incidence of skin cancer, the American Academy of Dermatology introduced the AAD SEAL OF RECOGNITION. The AAD SEAL OF RECOGNITION is designed to help consumers choose products that will provide the sun protection recommended by dermatologists, including broad-spectrum sunscreens with a Sun Protection Factor (SPF) of 15 or higher.

For a product to receive the AAD SEAL OF RECOGNITION, it must meet the following criteria:
Sun Protection Factor (SPF) of 15 or higher
Evidence of broad-spectrum protection (protects against UVA and UVB rays) as evidenced by the critical wavelength method and in vivo testing using the Persistent Pigment Darkening method
Evidence of product stability Absence of photo toxicity
Complies with United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Sunscreen Monograph

Before granting the use of the AAD SEAL OF RECOGNITION to a product, the Academy’s Melanoma/Skin Cancer Committee of dermatologists reviews each application and the corresponding documentation to ensure the product meets the program criteria. Products applying for the AAD SEAL OF RECOGNITION must submit extensive formulation and scientific testing data. Once approved, the product will display the following statement: “The American Academy of Dermatology recognizes this product for its sun-protection benefit.”
healthDropz: Beverage Booster
healthDropz is available in three blends (Energy, Focus and Green Tea Antioxidants), each providing a precise, highly concentrated mix of vitamins, herbs or select natural ingredients. Simply add six healthDropz to 8 oz water of water or any beverage. No mixing necessary. A 90 serving bottle of healthDropz (0.9 fl oz) retails for $8.99. The bottle is small and convenient to carry, about the size of a lipstick.

healthDropz Energy: The Kick Without the Can
According to Lane, “today’s energy drinks are creating a generation of caffeine and sugar addicts.” Unlike other specialty beverages, healthDropz Energy is not a caffeine laden formula. Instead, the secret in these drops is small amounts of caffeine, the amino acid taurine and lots of B vitamins, especially B12. B vitamins are used by our bodies to create glucose into energy. The lack in vitamin B12 can cause people to be sluggish, which is why healthDropz Energy rates over 6,000% percent of the recommended Daily Value of B12 per serving. Because healthDropz Energy is sugar-free, there is no potential for a sugar crash.

healthDropz Focus: A Difference in Minutes
Today’s bottled Focus drinks add small amounts of a 1-2 special ingredients. healthDropz Focus is a fast-acting blend combining vitamin B6 with four scientifically tested, brain support nutrients, rhodiola rosea, DMAE, huperzine A (an extract from Chinese club moss) and citcoline. In as little as 10 minutes healthDropz Focus users have noted benefits. “We knew healthDropz Focus was a powerful natural formula, but we did not anticipate so many people reporting its benefits so quickly,” says Lane. healthDropz Focus may be a good option to supplements as well. Unlike the Omega-3 brain supplements which have a fishy after-taste, healthDropz Focus adds no flavor to a glass of water.

healthDropz Green Tea: A Drop Full of Antioxidants
Everyone is talking about the miraculous powers of green tea antioxidants. The active antioxidants of green tea are called polyphenols, the most powerful of which is ECGC (epigallocatechin gallate). Unfortunately, avid tea drinkers are constantly brewing pot after pot of green tea for the desired six cups a day. healthDropz Green Tea is an easy solution; providing a full cup of green tea polyphenols in just six drops. Importantly, about half of these polphenols are ECGC. Cut six cups into three, by adding six healthDropz to each cup of green tea. Or add green tea benefits to any drink, without adding flavor. healthDropz Green Tea has none of the added sugar or sweeteners of bottled green tea nor the strong bitter after-taste of green tea extracts.
Sunday, April 26, 2009

Mom's and testers needed.

Have you ever wanted to test a product you saw on The Mom on the Know? We are always looking for testers!
Please contact us by submitting an email as to why you would make a good product tester.
The Mom in the Know team.
Thursday, April 23, 2009

A Biggest Loser checks in ...

I’ve rarely gotten to speak to someone who touches my heart as much as Michelle Aguilar. It wasn’t her story as much as her attitude on wellness. In this nip-and-tuck society, she took the bull by the horns and attacked her issues, losing 110lbs (one of me!) all while working in front of America’s camera. In a sports bra and spandex, I can’t even run to the store in sweats without feeling like the world is watching.

Sure, a lot of us have weight issues. It’s a fast food nation. We have portions larger than our heads and it’s practically impossible not to gain at least five pounds a year. How do we fix that? How do we change that for our children? In the same vein, how do we avoid eating disorders for the next generation we are raising when all we see are girls under one hundred pounds gracing the covers of every magazine in line at the checkout?

Michelle has taken an approach that I’ve embraced wholeheartedly and I did so after having two daughters.

Michelle says before you even begin to look for a workout program you need to be ready. It’s something you need to be prepared for mentally, and it’s a process you don’t want to jump into with both feet… small steps or you’ll burn out. Walk for an hour a day with the dog, your child(ren), a friend. It’s about embracing a new lifestyle, not just exercise. You need to realize that right off the bat. If you aren’t in the right state of mind, you are setting yourself up for disappointment, as is true in so many aspects of life. Embrace a new way of wellness and a new life.

Craving a snack? Well, start the day off right like Michelle does with a bowl of cereal and you may lessen those cravings. Breakfast IS the most important meal of the day. If you still have a craving, even after breakfast, Michelle tends to east small-but-fueling snacks like almonds and cashews. Protein and fueling foods tend to last a lot longer than empty foods like sugars. Michelle doesn’t even keep sugar in the house. She has to leave the house to get it, and then it’s putting all the energy and effort it takes to get out and get it. After all that, even wanting it is a different story! That’s one way to combat sugar cravings! Don’t be afraid of ashamed if you do submit… once you do you’ll usually find that a bite satisfies you. Best part? It’s Okay!

Now, the question many of you may be wondering about … the scale, that annoying white whale, the elephant in the room for so many of us. Once you reach the goal you are shooting for, use it as a tool to maintain weight, not to control your life. You need to respect yourself and the scale. It does not define you. It’s a tool to help maintain again not control you.

No one is alone in weight maintenance and wellness. Look around and ask a friend to get healthy with you. It’s a support system, someone who understands, someone to talk to while you are walking, stressing and to combat cravings with. If you are going at it alone… best of luck!
Monday, April 20, 2009

Tote it and go!

Amies Circle was something I happen to run across and I can’t even remember how. I was fortunate enough to be able to review this unique product that is designed for kids, but adults can enjoy just as much. Characters for the personality of the child adorn the tote, wallets, stationary products, backpacks, coin purses, laptop sleeve, & wristlet.

My daughters preferred the tote and I enjoyed the coin purse I admit, I like the little pocket inside that was the perfect size for business cards. I did let them have it back and on the trips to the store it was used, many times. My oldest who is all tomboy liked the tote, it’s green, one of her favorite colors and has a dog on it, so it’s not “too” girly for her.

My youngest, she’s the critic, here is where you’ll get the opinion you’ve need, for the little one you want to buy for. It’s just enough room for all the things you need, lip gloss, pens, paper, littlest pet shops and all the stuff you carry around. The strap is a good length for a “girl that isn’t a teenager” as she put it, but honestly, it hit me right about the chest, and I’m 5’3. For people of the taller persuasion, I don’t know how it will hang on you!

From the website:

Founded by hip graphic designer and mom Jubily Boy, AMIES' mission is to offer
fun, age-appropriate products that capture the youth, innocence and imagination
of children.
Inspired by the friendship they share with their pets, Jubily designed AMIES'
introductory, flagship collection around the most beloved pet in the world,
Just like their real-life counterparts, AMIES dog characters are sweet, silly
and one-of-a-kind, with happy, friendly dispositions and unique personalities
that inspire their young owners to love themselves for who they are and enjoy
doing what they do best--being children.

Jubily has done, in my opinion an amazing job of finding that happy medium for kids and especially kids that are indeed dog lovers, I know mine are (our beloved ones you can see here on the site).
Visit AMIES today!
Thursday, April 16, 2009

Healthy and tasty, too.

Eating healthy isn’t in everyone wheelhouse these days. I embraced it a long time ago for my family but you can’t always find “treats” and “snacks” for that way of life. I was lucky enough to do that. I can’t attest that it’s healthy as I’d like, but it is dairy free, tree nut free, peanut free & egg free. They are also whole grain and for children with allergies HomeFree treat are amazing.

We tested and tried the Mini Chocolate Chip cookies and the Soft Oatmeal cookies. The Soft Oatmeal were amazingly well, soft! They are pure delight on the senses, tantalizing to taste, truly! Something without all the additives “can’t be that good” is such a delectable treat, right? Wrong. The soft, melt in your mouth delight of the oatmeal cookies, remind me of the homemade taste that I seemingly have little time to make these days, yet my children crave. Also, I know I can’t make them this healthy or with the same quality products and feel as confident in my product.

The Mini Chocolate Chip cookies where my youngest daughter’s favorite, she took the box to school for her snack all week. A light and crisp bite into the cookie, a flavor that was unique to them and them alone, good enough to be hijacked my 7-year old. She gives them rave reviews and is a chocolate lover; they also were wildly approved by the rest of the family.

What else can I tell you about HomeFree products? Jill Robbins the founder of HomeFree bakery is a mom and a clinical psychologist who created this brand so that kids with food allergies would enjoy treats along with others. Pretty neat, huh?
On the HomeFree site, there is also a cookbook and starter kits, in addition to many other helpful goodies to get you started. You can also buy HomeFree products there.

Do yourself a favor, find a store near you or order some today.
Monday, April 13, 2009


(For this particular review, we enjoyed one-on-one interview time with the business proprietor, Mrs. Mo Lukens. We’ve included some poignant quotes from Mo throughout the interview. Enjoy.)
“It’s all about the families, creating heirlooms to be passed down from one generation to the next.”
There are times when I feel it is necessary to request certain accounts and reviews from my wife, the illustrious Mom in the Know, as those experiences have touched me in some way. She is presented with numerous offers of intrigue, and from time to time, I feel compelled to turn from the world of sports I normally cover to lend my story to the site… and more often than not, it’s a special occasion when I beg for the opportunity, something special that has come along and provided a source of inspiration.

Over recent weeks, I have grown an affinity for pictures. Growing up, I was never a picture guy. Hated ‘em. Didn’t take ‘em, didn’t want to be in ‘em, and didn’t have very many that served any pertinent role in my life. However, as I move on in life, I find myself taking more time to enjoy good pictures. Whether they be from friends on Facebook, from a co-worker’s cell phone, sitting on a billboard along the commute to work, or found in a book or magazine, I am finding the art and beauty of the photograph has started to take hold.

Of course, it may be my failure to stop aging that brings me to this day, but more than anything, I believe it may be the joys of my family that has brought importance to pictures. I have found the life as a husband and father is so much more fulfilling than any other experience I have ever had, and I have come to realize that (a) these moments are fleeting (and I’ve already let too many go by), and (b) there isn’t an emotion or problem that can’t be made better by spending a few minutes with pictures of my family. It reminds that there is a purpose, that there is something greater, that I am capable of loving and being loved and am blessed to be enjoying my life with the three most beautiful creatures I will ever have in my life.

“The fathers, especially those with newborns, are beautiful. You can see the gravity of the love that has hit them.”
As such, when the Mom in the Know was granted an opportunity to meet and work with one of the more renowned family photographers in our area, Mo’s Family Portraits, it was an exciting moment for us, but especially for me.

While I fail to find flaw in pics of my wife and daughters, the fear that I will ruin family photos is never ending. I simply don’t photograph well. I’m covered in ink (tattoos have been a long-standing addiction), I have a forehead like a movie screen, and I can’t pull off the smile that conveys comfort and happiness.

As luck would have it, Mo’s Portraits is known throughout our area as the place to go when you want your family pictures done right. Not only is Mo known for her work with local families, but the studio has earned respect as one of the best providers of commercial photography in the area. The studio, located in the heart of Golden, Colorado (a quaint lil’ suburb on the far west side of Denver, serving as the welcome mat for the Rocky Mountains), has done work with local political figures, businesses, sports and entertainment celebrities, and those are pictures we see throughout the newspapers, publications, advertisements, and web pages of our community. Clientele like this shows just how much respect this studio has earned, and having the opportunity to meet and have our family photographed by that same studio… it was very exciting to say the least (and she does all kinds of work on top of these services, including babies, children, senior pictures for the high school kids, and promotional needs).

“You can see it first when time comes for high school senior pictures. The girls are excited, making plans and preparing for the big day. The boys are mortified and seem to think a lack of planning will relieve their fears. Somehow, we always make it work for both.”

So Mo gave us a call and set us all up. We would meet her at her studio, located in a historic home in Golden (an ideal setting for such events, a picturesque residence set on top of a small hill overlooking historic Golden and the adjoining foothills), and we were instructed to wear matching grey t-shirts with jeans (I fully believe this was done for my comfort, as this is my outfit of choice on six of the seven days of the week). She also wanted to speak to us about “a cool new service she’s been providing to customers that’s getting rave reviews.”

We arrived and Mo immediately put our girls, normally ramped off a potent mixture of childhood energy and enthusiasm, at ease, providing them with a slight distraction while we discussed the session and the goal of the day: We will get some fabulous pictures of you and your family, and we will give you the most amazing family portrait you could hope for… and it won’t even hurt!
Before I knew it, we were done. Mo had thrown us in a room and allowed us to mingle together, and after a few minutes (during which she was shooting), we went through a few posed shots and some family fun. The kids were allowed to play and even inspired a few poses for us all, and Mo took shots throughout. It passed so quickly, I didn’t realize we were done, and the entire family had a blast, and that might be more amazing than anything.
“Five-year-old girls are loveable little goofballs of energy, and they are SO much fun to photograph.”
As I waited for the kids to gather their things, I was enjoying the comforts of Mo’s family room and noticed a large portrait of an older couple, sitting together in the sun, embraced on a large, smooth rock in the midst of a stream. Suddenly, it hit me: That’s a painting. It looked so real, I hadn’t noticed the strokes and the texture of the picture. Mo had snuck in, walked up behind me, and said, “So you like, ‘cause that’s what I’d like to do for you.” It’s called Artistic Impression, a method of creating a painting to replicate a photo.
She sat us down and we went through all of the photos, making eliminations for various reasons. The wife didn’t like this, the kids liked that, and to help, Mo added her artistic input, steering us towards observations and choices that would give us a picture that reflected us as a family and that would translate for us all. Somehow, she had managed to take one picture that was the perfect caption of us as a unit. The kids and piled on top of me as I laid on the floor, and Mo had the wife move in casually behind to bind us all together… all three of them laughing and full of love, and for me, a simple look of happiness.

I would be lying if I said that I wasn’t moved, and before I could recover my emotions, I was crying. So often you forget just how lucky you are and how much love you have been given, and somehow, Mo reminded me of it all in one picture… and I couldn’t contain myself. I had to walk out. It was the one, and Mo marked it, and she sent us on our way.

“In this line of work, you find opportunities to see people through highs and lows. Every job is an emotional moment for the people involved. Weddings, births, families, a person’s first professional session for an exciting new career or opportunity: you see all realms of emotions, and that’s powerful.”
A couple of weeks later, the Mom in the Know gave me a call to let me know she was on her way to meet Mo. She was preparing to do an exhibition at the local Barnes & Noble (we went to support the cause, and I wanted to check out more of her work). I was to meet them after work, and upon arrival, I found that our Artistic Impression was the centerpiece of the collection. It was brilliant, beyond anything I had imagined.
The kids were gleaming with joy and Heather was as proud as could be. Payton, our oldest, had a small piece of hair dangled in front of her face (she got all my good jeans, including her fine hair). Adison, our youngest, was cheesing it without teeth and with a crinkled nose. I’m laying there, the bottom of the pile, and it may be one of the best expressions ever caught of me. My colorful artwork on my forearms is perfectly replicated. A slight tan on my face accompanied by a forehead made white due to an undying dedication to baseball caps (though Mo toned it down so I don’t ruin the pic!). The folds in the shirt, the shadows, and tones and smiles and the emotions. They all shine through in a way that is both artistic and rich.
When I think of my family, at this time of our lives, this is what I will envision. This is what I will remember. Mo captured it perfectly, and it is one of the few pictures I will reflect on until my days end. It is a perfect gathering of us all, and it is a picture that I hope to hold to remember who we have been, who we are, and who we will always be… a family.
“There are promotions and advertising and such, but for a photographer, nothing beats a good referral. If you take pride in your work and put your devotion into providing quality photographs, they speak for themselves. Those moments and the families that appreciate them are the reason I do this, and they are the reason I get to keep doing it… and that’s the joy of my work.”

We owe this to Mo, and we encourage you to give your family (and yourself) the same gift. Visit Mo’s Portrait Studios online today to check out her portfolio, artistic offerings, credentials, and services. She always has promotional offers running as well to help you plan for the event and save a few bucks (not that Mo is going to hurt you anyway… she’s very reasonable and will give you more than your money’s worth). You will also find Mo is more than willing to discuss your particular situation. During these hard economic times, it can be difficult to consider the services you may need for photography. Mo is flexible and happy to discuss your particular situation to make arrangements beneficial for all.
I promise… you will not be disappointed.
Friday, April 10, 2009

A look into "The Mom" of The Mom in the Know

(moving files from one computer to another)

As I settle into the office that I rearranged; you know the one my desktop crashed, my laptop decided it had "low virtual memory" on the process of all of it? Oh yea, my oldest also was ill with a kidney stone? Yes, that office that was slow coming. I thought a glimpse in to me was long overdue. Short and sweet, it will be, picture heavy, too.

(This is the chair I write from)
I'm just a woman who writes about stuff I like and don't. I try to take care of a family; as crazy as they are. Two daughters that seem to think they know it all right now, have the ages seven and nine always been like this? If so I formally apologize to my late grandmother, my grandfather and mother. I should probably to my aunts and uncles that were around to then, ouch!

(said 9-year old sick with kidney stone, wouldn't even eat a donut)

(7 mom, I'm almost 8-year old, being her usual "THERE'S A CAMERA" self)

I'm also mom to two furry, four legged pooches that are the sweetest things ever. One bulldog who owns us, Trixie and one black Lab who isn't really sure what the story is, Dairy. Kids named his, I had no part. There is a MR. around here somewhere who contributes, too. He's a tad on edge, he lives with this insanity.

(only picture we really have of trixie looking ... well awake ...

(only picture we have of Dairy looking ... well calm ... yes, he is alive.)

(Mr. TMITK with 9-year old, a Daddy daughter moment.)

I digress, I love to cook, bake, organize (okay, you can't look in my office rightthisminute and tell), read, look for new products, talk and hang out with friends. I drink Iced Tea, no lemon, no sugar by the gallons, and I drink water, too.
Well, that's a little about me, The Mom in the Know. You can also call me Heather or momo. Most of my friends do.
If you want something featured, contact me. If you just want to read, do.

(I spend a LOT of time here, as you can see by my filthy towels, whoops)

(My kids spend a lot of time here, more then I'd like)
Tuesday, April 7, 2009

A mouse for millions ... (video clips)

During the summer of ’08 our oldest was introduced to a wonderful book titled, “The Tale of Despereaux,” a sensational tale authored by Kate DiCamillo about a courageous mouse with unique physical features (namely ears that resemble pancakes) and a more unique view of the world. In a world where mice are raised to be timid and fearful, Despereaux the mouse was adventurous and brave. He rode against the current of his community, reading books, seeking valiant escapades, and living without fear. Through the journey of his life, he encounters other members of various animal societies that share his penchant for difference. Their lives cross in the kingdom of Dor as Despereaux seeks life as a knight, and the tale flows from there.

As luck would have it, the folks at Universal Studios recognized the success of this novel and put the project into motion. “The Tale of Despereaux” hit theaters just a few weeks after our children had devoured the book and a rare opportunity to connect those two worlds arrived. Unfortunately, as often happens in life, the event kept eluding our schedules and we never made it to the theater, but our fortunes turned as the folks at Universal Studios sent the Mom In the Know an advanced copy of the flick on DVD and our children’s prayers were answered.
In sitting to watch the movie with our little ones, I made the following notes based on observations by our oldest daughter. She has read the book multiple times and continues to return to the story for entertainment, so it stood to reason that no critic might be as insightful as her. The following observations come direct from her mouth.

“No one likes Despereaux just because he is different, but they should all try to be like Despereaux. He reads books and isn’t afraid to fight for good.”
She has expressed her admiration for Despereaux for these same traits before, but they are the focus of the motion picture version of the story, and we applaud Universal for leaning in that direction. It is one of the best messages this story conveys and it is a lesson many children (especially young girls) can and should absorb.

“It doesn’t happen exactly like this in the book, but Despereaux never gets scared. They want to make him leave and he’s not scared because he wants to go on an adventure. They say he is bad for wanting an adventure, but he’s not and he’s happy they are making him go.”
I have not read the book from cover to cover myself, but I have read portions with my daughter and noted a few difference (it’s to be expected). Beyond that, the message shines through. Despereaux made choices, he accepted the consequences of those choices, and he found a way to turn those consequences into positive experiences.

“Despereaux is the hero because he never quit, and he never changed what he was doing because he wasn’t scared. He was brave and he made the others feel brave when they were with him, and that’s why they beat the rats and brought happiness back to the princess and king.”
If you know the story it makes more sense, but the message is simple. If you believe in what you are doing, others will believe in you and you can work together to influence positive change for us all.
Based on her review, the movie may not represent the most accurate account of the novel, but this is not a surprise. Movies are rarely given the time needed to detail such a story with accuracy, and as our daughter noted, the bulk of the positive messages from the tale were captured.
It’s a gift to be different.
There is beauty in curiosity.
You will get from the world what you give.
Those are messages any parent can appreciate, and they are the reason you should put a copy of “The Tale of Despereaux” in their DVD player (and on their bookshelf).
Monday, April 6, 2009

Giveaway Monday

Winners to be announced in a bit ... until then ... launched this week, and it allows users to create and customize their own ringtones (think fun DIY). The giveaway includes artists such as Norah Jones, Coldplay, Faith Evans, etc. As part of the launch, the site is giving away 1 ringtone per new user while supplies last. I know "free ringtones" sounds like spam, but this is actually a cool site, and I think your listeners will like it and have fun using it to edit songs.

No strings, no complicated partnership - just literally something fun you can offer your readers so they love you guys even more.

wake up with ellen

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Who am I?

Well, aside from a mom and a wife, I'm a person who wants the best for all of us. I have two daughters, two dogs, and a husband – all of whom I wanted to be at home for – so I put my talents to use, looking out for my family. Shopping (well, kinda you send me the products!). Surfing the Internet. Meeting new people. Recommending products to friends, after I fall in love with them. And figuring out how to make products better.


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