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Monday, February 2, 2009

Complete Idiots Guide to Backyard Adventures

Kids love adventures, it can be as easy as sleeping in a fort or taking a hike around the neighborhood. We have two dogs who love to go on walks, we are lucky enough to live in Colorado where we’ve had sixty plus degree weather in January.

Cabin fever still strikes.

I was enlightened to one of many Idiot’s guides recently and this is one I’ll tell you about now.

The Complete Idiot’s guide to Backyard Adventures has several, simple, easy and ideas for every budget. What does your family like to do? Are you into insects? Stars? Want to fly a kite? It’s all covered in just the first thirty pages. My daughter loves rocks, and there are new and creative ideas on how we can go on “hunts” and “walks” for rocks.

One thing I enjoy immensely about this book is it’s also written so a child can read it and understand the terms.

Trading places is an idea that I want to try out, it’s a suggestion to trade places with mom or dad. I already have the wheels turning here for that. They are old enough to clean now, cook well sandwiches for all!

The Complete Idiot’s Guide is also filled with a lot of fun facts here and there. I found out I was one of 4.8 million people that work from home. That surprised me.

Aren’t the outdoorsy type, but maybe love crafts? You can make paper, pottery, ideas for exploring art. I love getting my kids paintings, shows so much expression. I get some of the most amazing drawings, too. One thing I do is watch the sale ads for sales on paper at office supply stores, buy a pack and let them go nuts. I do make them use both sides, better for the environment. Another thing? You can wrap a gift in something like that, use them as a thank you or a greeting card.

Next fun fact? Tape may take paint off the walls, so before putting the paint on the wall fun it across a towel. The cloth takes away some of the stickiness.

Don’t take the name of the book personal, its simple ideas we may not think of. I know I can try to hard and put too much pressure on that perfect family day. Try it out and let me know what you think!

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