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Monday, February 16, 2009

Cloud B Twilight Ladybug and Sleep Sheep

(This particular review has been provided by Bryan Douglass, husband and faithful servant of Mom In the Know. Keep that in mind as you read the review below. Enjoy.)
When my better half, also known as the Mom in the Know, gets a product sent specifically for our own children, I take great interest in the performance of those submissions. She has become a regular stop for the UPS and FedEx trucks of the neighborhood, and from time to time, we have occasion to receive test items that strike the fancy of our own daughters, and as such they carry the potential to become a regular part of our lives. I find it fascinating, because every so often, those products become memories.
Such has been the case for the package that arrived compliments of Cloud B.
Cloud B is a company that dedicates their time and efforts into providing comfort and rest for the children of our world. Two mothers felt the need for a line of products that could help not only their own children, but all of the world’s little ones into a good night’s sleep. They hatched a plan to develop a full line of sleepwear, sleeping aides, and various products that would encourage a healthy sense of comfort in bed and allow them to enjoy the satisfactions of sound rest. To complete the cause, an Advisory Board of medical specialists and professionals were hired to oversee these products and to assist in the enhancement of design to maximize the effective performance of these products, and thus was born Cloud B.
For us, the opportunity to encourage rest for us all was an idea we were all too happy to consider. Our children are no longer infants, but for much of their lives, it has been difficult to maintain sleep schedules. The girls often rise out of sleep at odd hours and will experience difficulty in returning. Times are at their worst when illness sets in, and little did we know the arrival of the Cloud B Sleep Sheep would be so timely.
You may remember a small frame of time when the Mom in the Know was out of pocket, forced to spend time away from work due to the misfortunes of infection. Our youngest was diagnosed with pneumonia and was admitted the Children’s Hospital. As any parent knows, these are events as trying as any. Even when surrounded by the best medical care available, housed in an immaculate facility dedicated to the specific physical and emotional needs of our children, the thought of worst-case scenarios and sleepless nights suffered through unrelenting spells of coughing and struggles to breath can be excruciating. Your child will be looking to you for comfort and support, and for us, the Sleep Sheep, a.k.a. Becky (named by our daughter, in honor of one of our closest friends), was there to support the cause.
The Sleep Sheep is a plush stuffed animal whose body houses a tiny sound box. The box produces a variety of white noises, sounds associated with comforting nature scenes laced with beats that remind young children of the experience of the womb (replicating the sounds of a human heart). The toy is so soft, our youngest daughter found the sheep to her liking right away. It became her hospital companion and security item to assist through an experience we would all endure together. She wouldn’t let her out of her sight, and the two became inseparable partners while our girl’s lungs fought to overcome infection.
I would feel safe in suggesting the Cloud B Sleep Sheep played a tremendous role in her recovery. The sounds would help her find much-needed rest throughout those days, and that also gave my wife and I time to rest as well. It was a trying experience, but the Sheep made it a wee bit easier to bear, and for that we are eternally grateful.
Becky still gets the star treatment today. Our daughter doesn’t tout as many furry friends as she used to, but Becky the Sheep has become a regular. They share a bond, and the white noise has become a bedtime necessity.
For our oldest, the fine folks at Cloud B also sent the Twilight Bee. Also available in a turtle model, the Twilight Collection are unique toys that project different colors of light through luminary patterns that project from the shells of the animals onto the ceiling of the room. At night, these toys serve as a source of calm, soft light that will help comfort the bedroom and will also provide a peripheral focus that will lure children to sleep. Our oldest daughter loves it, not a big fan of the dark and, as a lover of science and astronomy, it fits the personal feel and theme of her room.
Those are just two products among many available from Cloud B to help your children find a better night of sleep, and based on the experiences we have enjoyed, we must suggest you give them a shot if your child is in need of a new nighttime friend and you are in need of a few hours of shuteye yourself. After all, sleeping kids can produce sleeping parents, and that’s a situation we can all appreciate.
Check out Cloud B today. The website is phenomenal, easy to use and functional. You will find a wealth of information not only their line of products but also on their business and the minds that go into these wonderful sleep aides. If your child could use a helping hand in the bedroom, visit Cloud B and see what they can do assist.

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