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Monday, February 9, 2009

Chew it slowly! A pet review

(This particular review has been provided by Bryan Douglass, husband and faithful servant of Mom In the Know. Keep that in mind as you read the review below. Enjoy.)
We start with a qualifying statement: we own an English bulldog.
If you haven’t absorbed the encompassing joy and love of time spent with an English bulldog, you should do so immediately. Find a friend with a bulldog and make arrangements to spend a full day… in closed space… no visits outside for fresh air… with this person and their canine. Come to our house and spend the day (we have two young daughters, a Wii and DirecTV, so peripheral distractions won’t be a problem).
You have no idea.

Allow me to explain. I have often said owning this bulldog is akin to letting your 90-year-old grandmother convalesce at your home. She is beyond repair, she does and says what she wants, and she is who she is, without apology or guilt. No holds barred. Take it as it is, ‘cause life has brought her to a place where the power, motivation, or desire to refrain from full pursuit of comfort is gone.

Among the pleasurable experiences that come with this bundle of love is the experience of dinner. She eats as much as you’ll give her, she rarely takes time to fully chew her food, and as a result, expansive sessions of belching and gas (often laced with the always-appealing bouts of vomit). She guzzles water as if fresh off the desert plains of the Sahara, and that only adds to the problem. We have learned to accept her as is, but we have often wondered if there is anything, anything at all, we can do to alleviate the undeniable discomfort and to encourage better eating and drinking habits.

Our prayers were answered by the folks at the Long Tail Pet company.
Long Tail Pet’s history starts with Nancy Kerrigan (not THAT Nancy Kerrigan… we are talking Nancy Kerrigan, dog lover and moonlighting inventor, not Nancy “Why did you hit me in the knee with a lead pipe?” Kerrigan). Nancy was in love with Maggie, a wonderful beast of great exuberance and energy. Maggie, like many of the dogs across the planet, suffered from an inability to avoid her instincts over the food bowl, a condition Nancy referred to as “inhalation eating.” Maggie didn’t chew, she just sucked the food down and called it a day. Hoping to entice change, Nancy set forth to find a solution, a cure for the problem. There were products claiming they would help, but nothing worked (and more often than not, those “solutions” introduced more problems than answers).

So Nancy took the next step and sought the advice of veterinarians and pet experts. Their suggestions led Nancy to a vision of a new invention to combat the issue, and with designers onboard to help bring the vision to realization, the Long Tail Pet DogPause Bowl came to life.

The idea is simple: encourage your dog to take it easy, to slow their pace of digestion, and to conserve rather than attack. The solution, amazingly enough, was even more simple: install a “crossbar” diversion in the dog’s bowl, creating four separate compartments, each holding a smaller portion of food or water while creating a barrier that will encourage your dog to slow their pace while eating and drinking.

Nancy’s motivation to encourage a healthy eating pace was suddenly coming to life, but she also created a system of portion control for Maggie. She didn’t have to eat all of the food as quickly as possible. The bowl creates four smaller portions, easily managed with just enough effort required to slow the pace. This new bowl was tested and the results earned rave reviews not only from Nancy and Maggie, but also from local vets and dog behaviorists. The bowls encourage dogs to eat wise, but they also trick owners into healthy habits of their own. Controlled portions can help reduce overeating, overfeeding, and resulting obesity. These bowls add a tool in the belts of those dog lovers fighting to address those issues, and the decrease in gas and bloating, the ability to lower incidence of sickness and vomiting, and the overall benefit of the bowl create a situation any dog owner should covet.

Those folks heard about our beloved bulldog and sent along new DogPause food and water bowls. We couldn’t be happier. Our dog still battles her own habits and gluttony, but these bowls help her slow the pace of consumption. There is less mess (before, during, and after the meal), we have a new-found budget of benefit for dog food, and Trixie (our bulldog) is more than happy to portion her meals herself. She understands a full bowl isn’t a demand, it’s an offering. Having those divisions prepares a visual choice that she can make, and that has allowed her to accept a new, healthy approach to dining.

If you own dogs and you want to introduce sanity to the lives of everyone (and everything) involved, you need to check out the DogPause Bowl today. They are reasonably priced and the folks at Long Tail Pet have provided a full menu of features and helpful offerings at their website. Any and everything you need to help you shop, research, and make a decision is there, and you can get the job done for less than $20. You’ll also find a full list of supporters and other prominent organizations, publications, and television and radio shows that have found their love of these bowls is as strong as ours.

Hit ‘em up today and get your dog on track for a healthier lifestyle.

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