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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

WIN the prizes below!

Please note and tell your friends to visit and note! Contest ends March 4th 11:59PM MST. Winners will be drawn randomly by kids in the know, please select which procuct or products you would prefer. You may enter more then once and you may also pick more then one item! This will be my last post of the week so you won't forget to enter! My apologies, I can't get the links to work. I'm working on it please cut and paste the link until then. You are welcome to click the links at any time, but it's not required to entered.

One more way to enter?? Follow me on twitter and let me know. (again if the link isn't working, sorry I'm trying to get this fixed.) Just let me know who you are "following" me and I'll enter you for another entry!

Fairhaven Health Dreambelly Stretch Mark Cream: Contains ingredients recognized for their ability to revitalize skin during pregnancy and tone skin after childbirth. Ingredients include aloe vera gel, natural butters, moisturizing oils, grapeseed extract as well as rosehip seed oil and antioxidant-rich vitamin E. DreamBelly helps prevent stretch marks by keeping skin supple and elastic and may aid the body in regenerating strained tissues and help fade existing marks. Price: $19.95

My apologies, I can't get the links to work. I'm working on it please cut and paste the link until then. You are welcome to click the links at any time, but it's not required to entered.

AminoGenesis’ Tripeptinon™ capsules are designed to lift, firm and strengthen facial connective tissues giving skin the most youthful appearance possible. Tripeptinon™ combines three powerful anti-aging, anti-wrinkle and anti-sagging technologies along with the base formula of 17 amino acids to address surface issues as well as underlying issues such as supporting and connective tissue. Price: $79

My apologies, I can't get the links to work. I'm working on it please cut and paste the link until then. You are welcome to click the links at any time, but it's not required to entered.

TOKI: The Collagen You Drink
TOKI reintroduces a youthful look and feel to skin with an extraordinary ingredient base that includes the moisture-rich retention of Hyaluronic acid in a mucopolysaccharide complex. The mucopolysaccharide complex replenishes skin from within, and combines with Collagen Peptide and Vitamin C to restore a more youthful quality. When modified with HAI™ Amino Acid Extract from Hijiki seaweed for enhanced absorption, the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles may be dramatically reduced. Your skin tone, moisture level and resiliency are revived. In as little as 45 days, skin texture starts to become smoother and tighter and the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles may be diminished. Price: $175 for a 30 day supply. To order,

My apologies, I can't get the links to work. I'm working on it please cut and paste the link until then. You are welcome to click the links at any time, but it's not required to entered.
Monday, February 23, 2009

Greening Cold and Flu Season: How to Shop Smart, Save Forests and Send a Message

SAN FRANCISCO – With cold and flu season in full swing, Greenpeace is releasing its Recycled Tissue and Toilet Paper Guide, a credit card-sized shopping guide that helps consumers find the greenest household paper products. In the guide, Greenpeace gives a thumbs up to brands Green Forest, Natural Value and Seventh Generation, while recommending that shoppers avoid products like Kleenex, Cottonelle Charmin, and Angel Soft.

Greenpeace recommends products that meet three important environmental benchmarks: they are made from 100 percent overall recycled content, a minimum of which is 50 percent post-consumer recycled content; and are not bleached with chlorine or toxic chlorine compounds. The guide rates facial tissues, paper towels, toilet paper, and paper napkins.

“Tissue products that are made from recycled content help to reduce our impact on ancient forests, protecting forest ecosystems and wildlife,” said Greenpeace Forest Campaigner Lindsey Allen. “By using our guide and voting with their dollars, shoppers can help save Endangered Forests.”

Green Forest is an example of a responsible company making tissue products. All Green Forest products are made from 100 percent recycled paper, are whitened without chlorine, and are produced from a minimum of 90 percent post-consumer recycled paper.

“Our company’s primary goal is to make truly environmentally friendly products that also work well for the consumer, while being profitable,” said Allen Stedman, President of Planet Inc., manufacturers of Green Forest paper. “We want to make a difference in the marketplace, and we’re delighted that Greenpeace has recognized our efforts.”

One company that Greenpeace says can do much better is Kimberly-Clark, the largest tissue product company in the world with net sales in 2007 of over $18 billion dollars. Yet despite their large market share, Kimberly-Clark has not used their influence to show the industry how to be greener.

Greenpeace gave an ”Avoid” rating to Kleenex, Scott, Cottonelle, and Viva, Kimberly-Clark’s household paper product brands.

The full Greenpeace Recycled Tissue and Toilet Paper guide can be found at

Recommended: Fluff Out, Seventh Generation, Natural Value, 365

They can do better: Earth First

Avoid: Kleenex, Scotties, Puffs, Target tissues, Wal-Mart tissues

About Greenpeace
Greenpeace is the leading independent campaigning organization that uses peaceful direct action and creative communication to expose global environmental problems and to promote solutions that are essential to a green and peaceful future.
Thursday, February 19, 2009

Dress for success

When President Obama took office I didn’t realize that it would affect my daughter’s wardrobe. Hiho Batik handmade clothing is favored by the Obama girls and has been seen in the pages of People, Star and US magazines. My children have seen the styles all over the television and in my People magazine; they were excited when I was contacted to review Hiho Batik.

My expectations are quite high for clothing for several reasons; I’m not going to tell my loyal base here to buy anything in this economy (okay, at anytime) that isn’t superb. I’m quite frugal and I want all the bang I can get for my buck; I’ll spend more for a quality product and I’ll expect the best for in return.

Hiho Batik’s products are all handmade, that adds to the character. I should say it IS the character. Each one is 100% hand-made and each piece is individually waxed and dyed as original piece of art.

The fabric is 100% cotton, the ones I received were dyed and I washed them separate the first time so they didn’t run. I suggest this due to the nature of the dyes, you can’t be too safe. I found the fabric itself to be of quality and held up well in the washer and dryer. With active kids testing products, the true test is how well the garments hold up. Answer? Amazing!

The styles are unique, so are the designs. You can even have a party at the store and create your own!

When you order, the design may vary a bit as all are handmade.


Monday, February 16, 2009

Cloud B Twilight Ladybug and Sleep Sheep

(This particular review has been provided by Bryan Douglass, husband and faithful servant of Mom In the Know. Keep that in mind as you read the review below. Enjoy.)
When my better half, also known as the Mom in the Know, gets a product sent specifically for our own children, I take great interest in the performance of those submissions. She has become a regular stop for the UPS and FedEx trucks of the neighborhood, and from time to time, we have occasion to receive test items that strike the fancy of our own daughters, and as such they carry the potential to become a regular part of our lives. I find it fascinating, because every so often, those products become memories.
Such has been the case for the package that arrived compliments of Cloud B.
Cloud B is a company that dedicates their time and efforts into providing comfort and rest for the children of our world. Two mothers felt the need for a line of products that could help not only their own children, but all of the world’s little ones into a good night’s sleep. They hatched a plan to develop a full line of sleepwear, sleeping aides, and various products that would encourage a healthy sense of comfort in bed and allow them to enjoy the satisfactions of sound rest. To complete the cause, an Advisory Board of medical specialists and professionals were hired to oversee these products and to assist in the enhancement of design to maximize the effective performance of these products, and thus was born Cloud B.
For us, the opportunity to encourage rest for us all was an idea we were all too happy to consider. Our children are no longer infants, but for much of their lives, it has been difficult to maintain sleep schedules. The girls often rise out of sleep at odd hours and will experience difficulty in returning. Times are at their worst when illness sets in, and little did we know the arrival of the Cloud B Sleep Sheep would be so timely.
You may remember a small frame of time when the Mom in the Know was out of pocket, forced to spend time away from work due to the misfortunes of infection. Our youngest was diagnosed with pneumonia and was admitted the Children’s Hospital. As any parent knows, these are events as trying as any. Even when surrounded by the best medical care available, housed in an immaculate facility dedicated to the specific physical and emotional needs of our children, the thought of worst-case scenarios and sleepless nights suffered through unrelenting spells of coughing and struggles to breath can be excruciating. Your child will be looking to you for comfort and support, and for us, the Sleep Sheep, a.k.a. Becky (named by our daughter, in honor of one of our closest friends), was there to support the cause.
The Sleep Sheep is a plush stuffed animal whose body houses a tiny sound box. The box produces a variety of white noises, sounds associated with comforting nature scenes laced with beats that remind young children of the experience of the womb (replicating the sounds of a human heart). The toy is so soft, our youngest daughter found the sheep to her liking right away. It became her hospital companion and security item to assist through an experience we would all endure together. She wouldn’t let her out of her sight, and the two became inseparable partners while our girl’s lungs fought to overcome infection.
I would feel safe in suggesting the Cloud B Sleep Sheep played a tremendous role in her recovery. The sounds would help her find much-needed rest throughout those days, and that also gave my wife and I time to rest as well. It was a trying experience, but the Sheep made it a wee bit easier to bear, and for that we are eternally grateful.
Becky still gets the star treatment today. Our daughter doesn’t tout as many furry friends as she used to, but Becky the Sheep has become a regular. They share a bond, and the white noise has become a bedtime necessity.
For our oldest, the fine folks at Cloud B also sent the Twilight Bee. Also available in a turtle model, the Twilight Collection are unique toys that project different colors of light through luminary patterns that project from the shells of the animals onto the ceiling of the room. At night, these toys serve as a source of calm, soft light that will help comfort the bedroom and will also provide a peripheral focus that will lure children to sleep. Our oldest daughter loves it, not a big fan of the dark and, as a lover of science and astronomy, it fits the personal feel and theme of her room.
Those are just two products among many available from Cloud B to help your children find a better night of sleep, and based on the experiences we have enjoyed, we must suggest you give them a shot if your child is in need of a new nighttime friend and you are in need of a few hours of shuteye yourself. After all, sleeping kids can produce sleeping parents, and that’s a situation we can all appreciate.
Check out Cloud B today. The website is phenomenal, easy to use and functional. You will find a wealth of information not only their line of products but also on their business and the minds that go into these wonderful sleep aides. If your child could use a helping hand in the bedroom, visit Cloud B and see what they can do assist.
Thursday, February 12, 2009

Snap, shoot, click!

A few ideas for pictures at hime in hard times.

1. Don't just read your manual - Sit down with your camera too, and as you go through the manual, experiment with the tips and settings it's referring to. You may end up with a lot of pictures of your feet as you page through it, but in the end you'll have a much greater knowledge of not only where and what all the settings on your camera are but what they do.

2. Use a tripod. A tripod is essential for capturing a "steady" and level shot. Especially with low lighting.

3. You never know how many photos you'll take when you turn your camera on, or if you forgot to download the memory card the night before, so be sure to have enough memory to ensure that you won't miss those important moments. Memory cards are getting more and more inexpensive. Have at least a 512MB or 1Gig card. This will allow you to take a large amount of photos and even a video or two if your camera is capable of it.

4. Make backups, make backups, make backups. Oh yeah, and make backups. Having a digital file is like having a print from 35mm film. If you lose your 4x6 print, its ok, you have the negatives so you can go have another print made. NOT so with digital -- if you delete a picture, or even worse, if your computer hard drive fails then that image is GONE. Try to make a habit of regularly copying your digital files onto another device, like an external hard drive. Computer memory is incredibly cheap, so there's no excuse to not have 1 or 2 backup copies of all your digital pictures and videos. It's always better to be safe than sorry.

5. If you're using an interchangeable lens camera (a digital SLR) and need to change lenses, be sure to do so in as much of a dust-free environment as you can. If you're outdoors, try to shield the camera with your jacket or shirt, or within a camera bag. Repeated lens-changes can let dust into your camera, which will show up on pictures as circular dark areas that stay in the same spot through each picture, and can get dust in your viewfinder, which doesn't affect image quality, but is usually just annoying. Camera cleanings usually aren't quick, or free.

6. It doesn't take a lot of equipment to make a good photograph. Some of the most iconic images of our time were taken with a single camera and lens, but it was the photographer that knew their craft. Can you imagine Henri Cartier-Bresson, Walker Evans, or Ansel Adams with zoom lenses, flashes, and Photoshop?
By Jason Roehner

I'd love to sent up an interview with Jason Roehner of High Res Media to discuss further tips about lighting, camera angles and answer your photography questions.
Monday, February 9, 2009

Chew it slowly! A pet review

(This particular review has been provided by Bryan Douglass, husband and faithful servant of Mom In the Know. Keep that in mind as you read the review below. Enjoy.)
We start with a qualifying statement: we own an English bulldog.
If you haven’t absorbed the encompassing joy and love of time spent with an English bulldog, you should do so immediately. Find a friend with a bulldog and make arrangements to spend a full day… in closed space… no visits outside for fresh air… with this person and their canine. Come to our house and spend the day (we have two young daughters, a Wii and DirecTV, so peripheral distractions won’t be a problem).
You have no idea.

Allow me to explain. I have often said owning this bulldog is akin to letting your 90-year-old grandmother convalesce at your home. She is beyond repair, she does and says what she wants, and she is who she is, without apology or guilt. No holds barred. Take it as it is, ‘cause life has brought her to a place where the power, motivation, or desire to refrain from full pursuit of comfort is gone.

Among the pleasurable experiences that come with this bundle of love is the experience of dinner. She eats as much as you’ll give her, she rarely takes time to fully chew her food, and as a result, expansive sessions of belching and gas (often laced with the always-appealing bouts of vomit). She guzzles water as if fresh off the desert plains of the Sahara, and that only adds to the problem. We have learned to accept her as is, but we have often wondered if there is anything, anything at all, we can do to alleviate the undeniable discomfort and to encourage better eating and drinking habits.

Our prayers were answered by the folks at the Long Tail Pet company.
Long Tail Pet’s history starts with Nancy Kerrigan (not THAT Nancy Kerrigan… we are talking Nancy Kerrigan, dog lover and moonlighting inventor, not Nancy “Why did you hit me in the knee with a lead pipe?” Kerrigan). Nancy was in love with Maggie, a wonderful beast of great exuberance and energy. Maggie, like many of the dogs across the planet, suffered from an inability to avoid her instincts over the food bowl, a condition Nancy referred to as “inhalation eating.” Maggie didn’t chew, she just sucked the food down and called it a day. Hoping to entice change, Nancy set forth to find a solution, a cure for the problem. There were products claiming they would help, but nothing worked (and more often than not, those “solutions” introduced more problems than answers).

So Nancy took the next step and sought the advice of veterinarians and pet experts. Their suggestions led Nancy to a vision of a new invention to combat the issue, and with designers onboard to help bring the vision to realization, the Long Tail Pet DogPause Bowl came to life.

The idea is simple: encourage your dog to take it easy, to slow their pace of digestion, and to conserve rather than attack. The solution, amazingly enough, was even more simple: install a “crossbar” diversion in the dog’s bowl, creating four separate compartments, each holding a smaller portion of food or water while creating a barrier that will encourage your dog to slow their pace while eating and drinking.

Nancy’s motivation to encourage a healthy eating pace was suddenly coming to life, but she also created a system of portion control for Maggie. She didn’t have to eat all of the food as quickly as possible. The bowl creates four smaller portions, easily managed with just enough effort required to slow the pace. This new bowl was tested and the results earned rave reviews not only from Nancy and Maggie, but also from local vets and dog behaviorists. The bowls encourage dogs to eat wise, but they also trick owners into healthy habits of their own. Controlled portions can help reduce overeating, overfeeding, and resulting obesity. These bowls add a tool in the belts of those dog lovers fighting to address those issues, and the decrease in gas and bloating, the ability to lower incidence of sickness and vomiting, and the overall benefit of the bowl create a situation any dog owner should covet.

Those folks heard about our beloved bulldog and sent along new DogPause food and water bowls. We couldn’t be happier. Our dog still battles her own habits and gluttony, but these bowls help her slow the pace of consumption. There is less mess (before, during, and after the meal), we have a new-found budget of benefit for dog food, and Trixie (our bulldog) is more than happy to portion her meals herself. She understands a full bowl isn’t a demand, it’s an offering. Having those divisions prepares a visual choice that she can make, and that has allowed her to accept a new, healthy approach to dining.

If you own dogs and you want to introduce sanity to the lives of everyone (and everything) involved, you need to check out the DogPause Bowl today. They are reasonably priced and the folks at Long Tail Pet have provided a full menu of features and helpful offerings at their website. Any and everything you need to help you shop, research, and make a decision is there, and you can get the job done for less than $20. You’ll also find a full list of supporters and other prominent organizations, publications, and television and radio shows that have found their love of these bowls is as strong as ours.

Hit ‘em up today and get your dog on track for a healthier lifestyle.
Thursday, February 5, 2009

Keep it in place

I make dinner for my family most night, but we do get stuck on conversations. They only like to give up so much about their days, and it seems like almost everyday it’s “School was okay we did this and that, jeez MOM!” Mr. MITK and I both try and engage them in conversations about anything and it might be the age, but it’s usually rebuffed.

Lately they do want to discuss Martin Luther King, Jr., Barack Obama, several US presidents of the past and Harriet Tubman. It’s all about historical figures. Pretty cool to me, but in the same vein I’d like to know a bit more about what they think about life and topic I throw at them. Not just history, though I love hearing it.

Mat Chats it’s a pretty fun take on an idea what you look at and smack your head and say “Why didn’t I think of that?”
A place mat with questions on it for you and your family to enjoy and answer together dinner fun!
A myriad of topics for family and situation, some examples follow.

• Attitude
• Friendship
• Fun/Work
• Gratitude
• Health
• Attitude
• Mindfulness
• Vision

The mats were a great conversation starter which spiraled into many other conversations. It’s always interesting and informative to learn what your kids know at and thing. I can still enjoy it, they aren’t scaring me yet!
I hope you get one to try and have a great family dinner … together!
Monday, February 2, 2009

Complete Idiots Guide to Backyard Adventures

Kids love adventures, it can be as easy as sleeping in a fort or taking a hike around the neighborhood. We have two dogs who love to go on walks, we are lucky enough to live in Colorado where we’ve had sixty plus degree weather in January.

Cabin fever still strikes.

I was enlightened to one of many Idiot’s guides recently and this is one I’ll tell you about now.

The Complete Idiot’s guide to Backyard Adventures has several, simple, easy and ideas for every budget. What does your family like to do? Are you into insects? Stars? Want to fly a kite? It’s all covered in just the first thirty pages. My daughter loves rocks, and there are new and creative ideas on how we can go on “hunts” and “walks” for rocks.

One thing I enjoy immensely about this book is it’s also written so a child can read it and understand the terms.

Trading places is an idea that I want to try out, it’s a suggestion to trade places with mom or dad. I already have the wheels turning here for that. They are old enough to clean now, cook well sandwiches for all!

The Complete Idiot’s Guide is also filled with a lot of fun facts here and there. I found out I was one of 4.8 million people that work from home. That surprised me.

Aren’t the outdoorsy type, but maybe love crafts? You can make paper, pottery, ideas for exploring art. I love getting my kids paintings, shows so much expression. I get some of the most amazing drawings, too. One thing I do is watch the sale ads for sales on paper at office supply stores, buy a pack and let them go nuts. I do make them use both sides, better for the environment. Another thing? You can wrap a gift in something like that, use them as a thank you or a greeting card.

Next fun fact? Tape may take paint off the walls, so before putting the paint on the wall fun it across a towel. The cloth takes away some of the stickiness.

Don’t take the name of the book personal, its simple ideas we may not think of. I know I can try to hard and put too much pressure on that perfect family day. Try it out and let me know what you think!

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