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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

A note from The Mom in the Know

Welcome back to The Mom in the Know for 2009. It certainly brought a bunch of changes here for me (a lot of my friends call me momo just so you all know) and our family. I had one daughter, Adison start second grade and the oldest daughter, Payton start third grade. They both had the same teachers from the prior year so the transition was easier and it makes it easier in the MITK or MOMO depending on who knows me. Yeah, I’m trying to make it a tad more personal this year for my faithful readers, getting to know the softer side of me.
I plan to ask you all to start to contribute a bit this year, too! That’s coming so keep on reading.
My 2008 was alright had its ebbs and flows. Payton has Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis and she has some serious bouts this year. She is playing basketball to help build some strength
I hope to implement fundraising links this year on the site, submit me ideas of charities you support. I’d love to hear more about causes we can get together for. I do but the site on the back burner when the kids are ill. Even if I have posts in queue I put them in hold at times because I will want to be available in case the vendor, clients, or my readers need me. My family is first, I know you guys get that!
Adison was in the hospital then home care with her bout of pneumonia. That was another setback but she is better 99% of the time. Cold and coughs for the rest of the year are risky, but again it’s all part of life. Both of my girls are tough as nails and I can’t even imagine having their strength.
As many of you have seen the site went through drastic changes. I bought the domain name and space in January of 2008 and it didn’t roll out until August 2008. For that I apologize. I had been working with someone and been promised many dates, then promised all of you those same dates and I looked foolish. I had to end a long standing business relationship and within a week I had the site you see now. Much cleaner looking and functioning as I dreamed. Okay, well I still have ideas I send in all the time but I don’t know for sure what features I want still. No, we aren’t going to have a chat room anytime soon.
One resolution I do have for 2009 is for tweet it for readers and clients, to make it accessible and the tools you want. Tell me! Email and let me know. The email is always on the right tool bar.
Please contact me if you have sent something in for review and it has not posted. I have to check the status. I have several reviewers.
On that note we are always looking for new products and new clients, since the testing/review period does take a bit. Please contact me (email is on the side bar) if you are a vendor, PR firm or the actual designer. I would love to discuss your product.
Do you design business cards? I need them! I’d love to feature you if you could design them for me!
I hope Mom in the Know has a fantastic 2009 and share your ideas with me!

Happy 2009 to you and yours!

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