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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Balanced Water

The world is made of water. The vast majority of our environment and surroundings is comprised of or derived from water. It is the most vital of substances on the planet, an element that serves as the fuel of life for us all. As that world around us evolves, the water appears to be evolving with it. Energy drinks once loaded with sugars, preservatives, and various chemicals and additives have fallen as the beverages of choice return to basics, relying on the gifts of the world’s nature elixir and offering the enhanced benefits that can only be gained by featuring water as the primary ingredient of choice.
The trend is evident on the shelves as consumers are no longer lacking in options for beverages. The number of folks using carbonated offerings as their beverage of choice is dropping while sports drinks are starting to discover the power of natural ingredients. More of the bottles on the shelf are carrying words like “enriched” and “organic,” touting a new vision of healthy living that can be enhanced by the consumption of drinks engineered to increase your quality of life. The bulk of those companies are now peddling the most basic of nutrients but are doing what they can to turn that life staple into a more rewarding experience.
The members of the Mom in the Know family have tried a multitude of these drinks. Raising two young children to respect their bodies and minds is of top priority, but presenting a beverage that can do that while also offering desirable taste and satisfaction can be difficult. While the fine folks in the food and beverage industry are working hard to bring “health” and “flavor” to a healthy co-existence, the task is not easy. Add the elusive tastes of our young ones and the trials endured in keeping them happy in a world of too many choices and you have the perfect formula for frustration and indecision.
Fortunately, the folks at the Balance Water Company have us in mind.
Based in Australia, the world’s largest island, Balance Water is based on simple-yet-powerful ideals, seeking a balanced world steeped in environmental and social responsibility. While water is our greatest resource, the world has not given us license to act irresponsibly. Balance Water provides the well-being benefits of the world’s most precious nutrient with operations and motivations founded in communal goals.
At the center of Balance Water products are handpicked Australian Flower Essences, a natural additive used in small, highly concentrated doses. These essences have been used for centuries by local island inhabitants to reduce stress and enhance focus. Australians believe the positive effects of their flower essences are cumulative, meaning their power increases over time and with continued use, and now they are offering those benefits to the world.
They use eco-friendly practices, highlighted by an effort to produce and package their product around the world. To optimize the realization of global goals, Balance Water realized the dangers of shipping could only hamper their cause. The carbon footprint created by packing and delivering their products could be as detrimental for our environment as anything they do, thus Balance Water has devised a system of local “outlets” charged with the production and delivery of their products. The Australian Flower Essences are the only ingredient in these products that is shipped around the world, providing local operations for a global effort and minimizing the ecological damage such operations could create.
Balance Water has been in business for some time and has offered water-loving consumers some of the best beverages money can buy for many years. However, their most recent endeavor is devised to make the mothers of the world happy by offering a line of water beverages specifically engineered for the young body.
Balance for Children provides the young members of our world with an outstanding alternative to the typical, sugar-based, over-caffeinated options they find on the shelves for consideration. Like all Balance Water products, there are no flavors, no colors, no preservatives, no manufactured chemicals or additives, and no refined or natural sugars. It is water enhanced by the same Australian Flower Essences that have kept those island inhabitants healthy for centuries.
More specifically, Balance for Children features a unique mixture of four different Australian Flower Essences, including Bush Fuchsia, Crowea, Black-Eyed Susan, and Paw-Pay. Those essences promote increased focus for young minds while also enhancing calming emotions to restore emotional and physical balance for our youth. As you know, the children of our world contribute (and use) more energy than we can calculate. Balance for Children will keep their tanks hydrated and fueled while introducing natural ingredients proven to enhance their abilities to maintain focus and balance.
Our children spent several days drinking Balance for Children and the experience was refreshing. The highs and lows of the typical sugar-filled day were leveled. Our girls found reading and studies became easier and, as you might expect, more rewarding. There were no complaints of taste or texture (after all, they are used to water) yet the benefits of those Australian Flower Essences were impossible to ignore. There were noticeable increases in focus and, much to my own amazement, fewer trips to the fridge. It was clear the water was not only refreshing, but it helped our girls feel more energized while keeping them more hydrated with increased abilities to focus on task.
As a result, we have made Balance for Children a daily ritual in our household. While we continue to use the efficient and cost-effective filter for much of the water consumed in our house, we have also insured a regular dose of Balance for Children is included on the menu. As the Australians have learned, the effects improve with continued use and our children are enjoying those benefits with each and every cup of Balance for Children they get.
The folks at Balance Water have built a corporation we can support and commend, emphasizing the importance of community and wellness for all while maintaining their visions and goals. Now they have tailored their menu to include benefits for our young ones, and that has us feeling as balanced as ever.
To find a Balance Water vendor near you, visit their website at and hit their “Where to Buy” page. Enjoy and stay balanced.

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