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Monday, December 8, 2008

For a Snarky Mama

Ever wanted so say what you think, but you bite your tongue just to be polite. You can stop now and let your shirt say it for you. Thank you Eileen and Elise of Planet Mom for reinventing the apparel market for moms like me. Yes, I have a lot to say some days and I usually say it. I shouldn’t always do that though, I’ve been reminded I’m the one who is supposed to set the example. Oh yeah.
I have the “Trophy Wife”, the “Botox Free” a gift to a friend, and “Nanny Deprived” that I reviewed. Everywhere I go; the comments flow. I have knee surgery recently and my surgeon love the “Trophy wife” shirt so much that is what he took to calling me. I take the shirt all in jest mind you, but it’s so funny you must have a tad bit of humor to buy it anyway.
T-SHIRT SPECS Planet Mom shirts are made by American Apparel and are 100% heavy weight cotton, with 100% stretch to them. Their lines are embroidered with mesh interfacing on the inside of the shirt to insure comfort and stability.
You can also make a custom order request by contacting Planet Mom Tees; personalize a shirt for a friend in need. I thought about making a shirt for a friend who always gets hassled about having “too many kids” (she has six). None of their business I say.
They do run small, if you like that fit perfect if not then buy a size larger.
Also a great selection for men. Take a gander and see if he deserves something or if it’s all for you.
Nothing for the kids yet, I guess as moms Eileen and Elise know they usually take care of that on their own.
Look, peruse, buy. “tis the holiday season and I’m sure you have a lit of people who these are perfect for!

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