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Monday, December 29, 2008


(this was supposed to post last monday, aploigies!)

Mom in the know will return with new posts on January 5th 2009. Have many happy holiday's with you and yours!
Hand a happy 2009.
The Mom in the Know!

Better late then never!!

(this was supposed to post last monday, aploigies!)

Mom in the know will return with new posts on January 5th 2009. Have many happy holiday's with you and yours!
Hand a happy 2009.
The Mom in the Know!
Thursday, December 18, 2008

What's in your air?


Online Database Uses Government Data to Track How
Toxic Chemicals Affect Air at Nearly 128,000 Schools

McLean, Va. (December 8, 2008) —USA TODAY, the nation’s top-selling newspaper, launches an investigative series today called “The Smokestack Effect: Toxic Air and America’s Schools.” The special project looks at issues such as why children are vulnerable to toxic chemicals and, using the government’s own data and modeling software, points to schools which appear to be in toxic hot spots. The series, which took eight months to produce and will run through the month, can be found at

An interactive database of nearly 128,000 schools featured online at shows how emissions of toxic chemicals may affect the air at schools across the country. It also shows how schools rank in their exposure to cancer-causing and other toxic chemicals. The database is modeled on information reported to the government by 20,000 industrial plants. The series also offers information on how Americans can learn more about the air outside their schools and do something about it.

In Part I of the “The Smokestack Effect,” which appears today in the newspaper and online, USA TODAY compares what the model shows to what the State of Ohio found after it monitored the air outside Meredith Hitchens Elementary School in Addyston, a Cincinnati suburb. In 2005, Hitchens was closed after the Ohio EPA found levels of carcinogens 50 times higher than what the state considers acceptable. The chemicals were emitted from a plastics plant across the street from the school. USA TODAY found that the air outside 435 schools nationwide may be even worse than the air was outside Hitchens when it closed. Those schools, identified by the government's own data and model, extended from East Coast to West, in 170 cities across 34 states.
USA TODAY also worked with the University of Maryland and Johns Hopkins’ Bloomberg School of Public Health to take "snapshots" of the air at almost 95 schools in 30 states. The series will continue on Tuesday with a look at what USA TODAY discovered and what experts say needs to be done to help parents and school districts know for certain what's in the air outside schools.

USA TODAY is the nation's top-selling newspaper. It is published via satellite at 34 locations in the USA and at four sites abroad. With a total average daily circulation of 2.3 million, USA TODAY is available worldwide. USA TODAY is published by Gannett Co., Inc. (NYSE: GCI). The USA TODAY brand also includes:, an award-winning news and information Web site that is updated 24 hours per day; USA TODAY Sports Weekly, a magazine for enthusiasts of college and professional football and baseball; USA TODAY Mobile, offering up-to-the minute news and information on a variety of mobile platforms and devices; and USA TODAY LIVE, the television arm of the USA TODAY brand that brings the spirit and quality of the newspaper to television.

Check out your own local schools.
Monday, December 15, 2008

Rewards for your cookies

The holidays are officially here and that can only mean one thing – the height of baking season! This year, give your readers (and you!) a chance to win a new Samsung electric range by entering their cookies in the Samsung / Holiday Cookie Contest! Runners up will also receive a digital DVD camcorder.

Get the kids together to help with baking… or even arrange a cookie swap with your neighbors this holiday season. It will make the holidays a little less stressful, since you’ll only have to buy ingredients for one cookie but can have a variety for guests to enjoy. Also, cookies make great, personal gifts when we are all looking to save a few dollars.

Full details are below:
• Contest start date: Monday, December 8th
• How to enter: Submit photos of cookies online at between December 8 - 31
• Contest categories: Four categories include cut-outs, drop cookies, cookie bars and spritz.
• Finals: The best looking photos from each four category will be notified January 6th and advance to the final category
• Winner announcement: A winner will be selected by online voters from the four finalists on January 21st and receive a Samsung FTQ386LWUX Electric Range. The range also includes innovative features such as SteamQuick, which wipes the oven clean in just 20 minutes and an extra large 5.9 cu. ft. of oven space. The three runner up contestants will receive a Samsung DVD camcorder.
Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Organic Holidays, thank you Pangea Organics.

Born out of the desire to do right by the planet, this year Pangea Organics has a great gift idea to let you in on the fun, too! After two years in development, Pangea just released a series of holiday gift boxes that actually grow Spruce Trees. Yes, that's right. Just like their plantable packaging that grows organic, edible sweet basil, the box itself grows a tree. Just soak the box for a day, and plant it in the earth. If everyone plants their holiday gift box and bar soap box this year, collectively, we will have planted 122,000 trees which is equivalent to not driving 30 million miles in one year! Multiply that out by 75 years, the average lifespan of a Spruce, and that's 2 billion, 250 millions that we're collectively offsetting!

In celebration of the holidays, Pangea has invited me to extend this beautiful holiday offer to purchase Pangea products for you, your friends and your family at wholesale pricing -- yup, 50% OFF -- for the holidays. Give green, give sustainable, give the gift of the future...and save a little gas too. Pangea will even pick up the cost of shipping on orders over $75.

The only way to take advantage of this special offer is by emailing with MOM IN THE KNOW in the subject line. You will then be sent a special order form that you will need to fill out and submit via email by December 15th. Just so you know...this offer is available via email only, and not available anywhere else, including

Enjoy and thanks for being part of the solution.

Warm wishes,
Mom in the Know

PS: Feel free to pass this offer along to friends and family.
Monday, December 8, 2008

For a Snarky Mama

Ever wanted so say what you think, but you bite your tongue just to be polite. You can stop now and let your shirt say it for you. Thank you Eileen and Elise of Planet Mom for reinventing the apparel market for moms like me. Yes, I have a lot to say some days and I usually say it. I shouldn’t always do that though, I’ve been reminded I’m the one who is supposed to set the example. Oh yeah.
I have the “Trophy Wife”, the “Botox Free” a gift to a friend, and “Nanny Deprived” that I reviewed. Everywhere I go; the comments flow. I have knee surgery recently and my surgeon love the “Trophy wife” shirt so much that is what he took to calling me. I take the shirt all in jest mind you, but it’s so funny you must have a tad bit of humor to buy it anyway.
T-SHIRT SPECS Planet Mom shirts are made by American Apparel and are 100% heavy weight cotton, with 100% stretch to them. Their lines are embroidered with mesh interfacing on the inside of the shirt to insure comfort and stability.
You can also make a custom order request by contacting Planet Mom Tees; personalize a shirt for a friend in need. I thought about making a shirt for a friend who always gets hassled about having “too many kids” (she has six). None of their business I say.
They do run small, if you like that fit perfect if not then buy a size larger.
Also a great selection for men. Take a gander and see if he deserves something or if it’s all for you.
Nothing for the kids yet, I guess as moms Eileen and Elise know they usually take care of that on their own.
Look, peruse, buy. “tis the holiday season and I’m sure you have a lit of people who these are perfect for!
Monday, December 1, 2008

Bag it!

In the day of use your own bags at the stores I was happy to find Bella Totes. I love handmade, this is so much more attractive then the store brand ones and on top of that STURDY!

I admit this review may be a bit shorter then others, but I can’t say a lot about something so sweet and simple.

So attractive and wonderful to use, my daughter even used it for school. It carries books, folders and those random items your child may bring home just as easily as a few canned goods.

These ones fold up so small you can keep them in your purse; you won’t be running back to your car for a forgotten bag in the rain!

Contact Bella Tote for a great holiday or teacher gift today.

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