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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Sudsy fun

Whether you are raising children that require your assistance at bath time, trying to convince your growing children that the time has come to turn to showers and fend for themselves, or rearing children that want nothing to do with you and shower on their own, there is tremendous value to be found in comfort. Knowing that shampoos and soaps you provide your family will get them clean and fresh without fear of discomfort or pain is the key to insuring bath time goes as smoothly as possible for all involved.
The folks at Little Twig want to help you in those efforts, and like many of the companies we review at Mom in the Know, they want to help the world as they do it.
Hailing from California, Little Twig offers a full line of children’s bath care developed with the assistance of pediatricians and real-life parents, producing safe and natural options for your bath-time needs. Employing organic, botanical ingredients in simple-yet-gentle recipes, Little Twig has developed a comprehensive line of body washes, shampoos, bubble bath lotions, diaper creams, baby powders, and bodymilks and oils that will allow your family to enjoy each and every bath and shower they take.
Little Twig sent us a pleasurable sampling of nearly every product they offer, and all proved to be favorites not just for our children but also for your’s truly. The body wash smells great, it left our skin feeling smooth and regenerated, and they were also highly efficient in creating a full-body lather with just a small helping. The bodymilks, available in several scents, were as fine a compliment to any bathing experience as we have experienced, leaving our skins moisturized without the oily feel many of the lotions in today’s market tend to produce. Our daughters were especially happy with the body oil that left a pleasant scent while also providing much-needed moisture for the skin.
While the bath products are certainly the highlight of the show, the outstanding list of peripheral effects created by each purchase of Little Twig products stands as an impressive showcase as well. Little Twig is a family business and their interest in serving the community is not limited to their own neighborhood. Each year Little Twig selects a charitable organization benefiting various issues for children and donates time, marketing, and a portion of all profits to that organization. This year the Everychild Foundation, created by a group of women looking to make a difference in the lives of children who suffer from disease, neglect, poverty and disability, received those gifts and are also featured in advertising on the site, encouraging all customers to contribute to the cause and make our world better.
Little Twig also employs and contributes to an extensive recycling program created to involve families in the continued effort to reduce waste. There is an entire section of the Little Twig website dedicated this cause and to continued education in recycling, bolstering our love for this company as another outstanding pillar of support for the future generations we are raising.
Mom in the Know heavily suggests you visit today and make sure you give the site a thorough review, for it is expansive and educational. The Little Twig online community includes a full menu of their products and offerings (you can order online or utilize the Store Locator to find a dealer near you), complete with details and order information, but you will also find wonderful links to those charitable organizations to which they contribute, a fully-interactive forum where you can interact with fellow customers and parents on a wide variety of issues, and a section of news and headlines on all of the worldly issues we face as families today. It is a wonderful experience offering much more than an opportunity to shop, and for this Little Twig gets a tremendous vote of support from Mom in the Know.
Visit today. You’ll be happy you did.

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