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Monday, November 24, 2008

nature-y Goodness!

The power of the shower… it’s a wonderful thing. We take showers to get our day started right, we take showers to wind down at the end of the day, and we take showers in the middle of the day to simply wipe the slate clean and start over. Nothing refreshes like a quiet, relaxing trip to the bathroom to cleanse the ills of life away.
For those that value those bathing experiences like us, the search to identify and enhance the experience with the proper products can be excruciating. There is no shortage of companies pushing various soaps, lotions, skin and hair care products, and other bathroom accessories meant to make the experience both enjoyable and cleansing, but the list of those capable of taking such an opportunity and pushing it to new heights of satisfaction is limited.
Finding soap to dry my skin, to damage my hair, to leave me feeling empty and unfilled from an otherwise bountiful time spent in the tub… that’s easy. Locating products that make the experience seem that much more enjoyable can be difficult.
Now that we have found One with Nature Soaps, the task is not so daunting. In fact, it has proven to be oh so rewarding.
One With Nature is dedicated to developing and manufacturing top-of-the-line skin care products aimed at fulfilling the customer’s every desire in the bathroom while also seeking a harmonious kinship with nature. Like many of the products we feature on Mom In the Know, One With Nature supports environmental consciousness by creating products that are void of artificial ingredients such as colors, fragrances, or animal-based components. All of the materials used are derived from plants and naturally-occurring minerals found in unique environments rich in life and health. Essential oils and natural sources are employed to transform those materials into highly-beneficial, luxurious soaps that will help you discover a whole new bathing experience.
The team at One With Nature sent us a full array of products to sample and review, including items from the new Dead Sea line that brings the companies’ gift for soap production together with an outstanding environmental effort aimed at maintain the integrity and strength of this historical body of water.
First on the plate was the Vanilla Oatmeal Soap, an excellent addition for those who have already discovered the benefits of oatmeal as a bath enhancer. Our children struggle with dry skin and our youngest is hit hard, fighting bouts of excema. The Vanilla Oatmeal Soap works as an exfoliant while the oatmeal replenishes the skin with needed nutrients. If you suffer with sensitive skin, this soap is an ideal option for your shower.
Next came the Granny Smith Soap, a perfect example to showcase just how simple yet rewarding the One With Nature approach can be. This bar is humongous, over twice as large as the traditional bars you find on the grocer’s shelf. However, the size is only part of the benefit. These soaps are made with 10% vegetable glycerin (traditional soaps are made from artificial glycerin), a process that produces a bar soap that offer moisture to the skin, allowing the cleansing process to heal while providing outstanding hygiene.
Our family then tore into the Bing Cherry Soap, much like the Granny Smith with an alluring fragrance kids are sure to love. These soaps are started with a vegetable base and contain no artificial colors or fragrances. The Bing Cherry is as sweet and alluring as the name suggests, and your skin is left with a rich, moist texture you will learn to crave.
The next product on the menu, the Olive Oil Soap. Olive Oil is rich in moisturizing powers and provides an excellent feel few (if any) soaps will match. The result is a moisturizing soap that leaves the skin soft, not oily, matched with the refreshing sent of olive oil.
That brought us to the crown jewel of the collection, the Dead Sea Salt Soap as well as the Dead Sea Mud Soap. As noted on the One With Nature page dedicated to the Dead Sea, this body of water has long been associated with therapeutic gifts. Located near the earth’s lowest point of elevation, the Dead Sea contains more solid content than any other body of water. The salts and muds found in this water are bloated with sodium, magnesium, potassium, calcium, and bromine. All are associated with stimulated blood circulation and are believed to accelerate the natural exfoliation process. This gives the skin a balanced pH chemistry while the minerals revitalize skin cells while providing deep-cleansing attributes that will draw toxins away from the body.
And the soap smells fantastic. You leave the shower feeling as healthy as ever without that filmy residue or any sense of dry and damaged skin. The soap does reinvigorate and gives the use a definitive lift that can carry he/she through the day.
More importantly, the introduction of this new line has given One With Nature an opportunity to team with FoEME, the Friends of Earth Middle East, an organization dedicated to preserving and supporting the continued health and life of the Dead Sea. These are environment issues that affect us all and will definitively affect our children and the generations yet to come. One With Nature’s effort should be applauded and serves as example for many in the business sector to follow.
The full line was nothing short of outstanding and is likely to allure many of our friends and family that come to us seeking insight on the experience One With Nature provided. The products are as rewarding as any you will find on the market and the move to protect the environment that makes it all possible exudes a proactive attitude the entire world should emulate.
Visit today and open your home to the gifts they can provide.

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