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Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving

MITK is celebrating with her family today, and will resume posts next week. Have a happy holiday.
Monday, November 24, 2008

nature-y Goodness!

The power of the shower… it’s a wonderful thing. We take showers to get our day started right, we take showers to wind down at the end of the day, and we take showers in the middle of the day to simply wipe the slate clean and start over. Nothing refreshes like a quiet, relaxing trip to the bathroom to cleanse the ills of life away.
For those that value those bathing experiences like us, the search to identify and enhance the experience with the proper products can be excruciating. There is no shortage of companies pushing various soaps, lotions, skin and hair care products, and other bathroom accessories meant to make the experience both enjoyable and cleansing, but the list of those capable of taking such an opportunity and pushing it to new heights of satisfaction is limited.
Finding soap to dry my skin, to damage my hair, to leave me feeling empty and unfilled from an otherwise bountiful time spent in the tub… that’s easy. Locating products that make the experience seem that much more enjoyable can be difficult.
Now that we have found One with Nature Soaps, the task is not so daunting. In fact, it has proven to be oh so rewarding.
One With Nature is dedicated to developing and manufacturing top-of-the-line skin care products aimed at fulfilling the customer’s every desire in the bathroom while also seeking a harmonious kinship with nature. Like many of the products we feature on Mom In the Know, One With Nature supports environmental consciousness by creating products that are void of artificial ingredients such as colors, fragrances, or animal-based components. All of the materials used are derived from plants and naturally-occurring minerals found in unique environments rich in life and health. Essential oils and natural sources are employed to transform those materials into highly-beneficial, luxurious soaps that will help you discover a whole new bathing experience.
The team at One With Nature sent us a full array of products to sample and review, including items from the new Dead Sea line that brings the companies’ gift for soap production together with an outstanding environmental effort aimed at maintain the integrity and strength of this historical body of water.
First on the plate was the Vanilla Oatmeal Soap, an excellent addition for those who have already discovered the benefits of oatmeal as a bath enhancer. Our children struggle with dry skin and our youngest is hit hard, fighting bouts of excema. The Vanilla Oatmeal Soap works as an exfoliant while the oatmeal replenishes the skin with needed nutrients. If you suffer with sensitive skin, this soap is an ideal option for your shower.
Next came the Granny Smith Soap, a perfect example to showcase just how simple yet rewarding the One With Nature approach can be. This bar is humongous, over twice as large as the traditional bars you find on the grocer’s shelf. However, the size is only part of the benefit. These soaps are made with 10% vegetable glycerin (traditional soaps are made from artificial glycerin), a process that produces a bar soap that offer moisture to the skin, allowing the cleansing process to heal while providing outstanding hygiene.
Our family then tore into the Bing Cherry Soap, much like the Granny Smith with an alluring fragrance kids are sure to love. These soaps are started with a vegetable base and contain no artificial colors or fragrances. The Bing Cherry is as sweet and alluring as the name suggests, and your skin is left with a rich, moist texture you will learn to crave.
The next product on the menu, the Olive Oil Soap. Olive Oil is rich in moisturizing powers and provides an excellent feel few (if any) soaps will match. The result is a moisturizing soap that leaves the skin soft, not oily, matched with the refreshing sent of olive oil.
That brought us to the crown jewel of the collection, the Dead Sea Salt Soap as well as the Dead Sea Mud Soap. As noted on the One With Nature page dedicated to the Dead Sea, this body of water has long been associated with therapeutic gifts. Located near the earth’s lowest point of elevation, the Dead Sea contains more solid content than any other body of water. The salts and muds found in this water are bloated with sodium, magnesium, potassium, calcium, and bromine. All are associated with stimulated blood circulation and are believed to accelerate the natural exfoliation process. This gives the skin a balanced pH chemistry while the minerals revitalize skin cells while providing deep-cleansing attributes that will draw toxins away from the body.
And the soap smells fantastic. You leave the shower feeling as healthy as ever without that filmy residue or any sense of dry and damaged skin. The soap does reinvigorate and gives the use a definitive lift that can carry he/she through the day.
More importantly, the introduction of this new line has given One With Nature an opportunity to team with FoEME, the Friends of Earth Middle East, an organization dedicated to preserving and supporting the continued health and life of the Dead Sea. These are environment issues that affect us all and will definitively affect our children and the generations yet to come. One With Nature’s effort should be applauded and serves as example for many in the business sector to follow.
The full line was nothing short of outstanding and is likely to allure many of our friends and family that come to us seeking insight on the experience One With Nature provided. The products are as rewarding as any you will find on the market and the move to protect the environment that makes it all possible exudes a proactive attitude the entire world should emulate.
Visit today and open your home to the gifts they can provide.
Thursday, November 20, 2008

Pop one open

Contributed by Bryan Douglass
I am addicted to soft drinks.

I was a member of that family when you were growing up… that family that kept a fridge in the garage specifically for the beer and soda to be held on retainer for those moments when a friend or family member simply couldn’t go without. I was raised on Coke versus Pepsi, then the switch to the new formula (not very good, but it made money), then we all endured that clear cola phase (what a nightmare), and I consumed it all.

I was raised on soft drinks. Some folks do coffee, some turn to alternative substances (trampling our great American legal system in the process), others drown their sorrows in hot dogs or ice cream or shopping or gambling.
I grab an ice-cold can of carbonated goodness, and thanks to Mom In the Know, I now grab an ice-cold can of Hansen’s Natural Soda.

If you serve as an obedient slave to an addiction like mine, the word “natural” rarely fits in your realm of perspective. There is nothing “natural” about soda, at least not the soda I grew up consuming. The only ingredient I remember reading on those cans that fits such definition might have been water (and to be honest, I have no idea if water was really listed there… I’m making an educated guess).

And I would be lying if I said that addiction and all of the ingredients that came with it has served me well as I grow older. A horrific dietary schedule, a laundry list of bad choices, and a complete and total lack of exercise (especially during those college years) have left me with weight to lose, endurance to rediscover, and a need to reevaluate my choices at the refrigerator.
Hansen’s beverages have become my compromise.

Unlike the sodas I’ve been raised to trust, Hansen’s is built on a reputation of wholesome ingredients rather than the preservatives and chemicals typically found in such beverages. Discovered in the 1930’s, Hubert Hansen and his three sons started their business by offering fresh, non-pasteurized juices. That same tradition is alive in the Hansen can you pick up today. In the 1970’s Tim Hansen turned the business towards sodas, and now they stand as the industry leader in natural alternative beverages, and soda is just the tip of the Hansen fountain.

The folks at Hansen were kind enough to send several samples of their canned sodas and I found them all to be nothing short of refreshing, tasty, and satisfying. I came to enjoy them so much that I turned to the shelves at my local grocer to discover a wide array of Hansen products, including fruit juice Smoothies, energy drinks, sparkling lemonades and orangeades (my favorite), multi-vitamin juice drinks, junior juice drinks, iced teas, various juice drinks and blends, and an endless line of beverages sure to fill any and all of the thirst cravings you may have.

These days I limit my consumption to just two or three sodas per week, but the Orangeades and energy drinks keep me happy and moving. We have turned our kids from the sodas and sugar-filled juice boxes to the Hansen’s youth juices (all made out of 100% juice) and smoothies. Even the wife, who has tends to avoid sweets, has discovered a fondness for the iced teas, making Hansen a family staple.
We suggest you try it for yourself. Hansen’s beverages have changed the way we live and we are sure they will do the same for you.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Healthy and tasty snacks for all.

Contributed by Dad in the Know.

I remember when my parents first decided it was time to start eating healthy. If the truth were told, they were probably wise enough to make such advances earlier in my youth, but this particular suggestion stands as a distinct memory.
The day my mom put rice cakes in front of me for breakfast… it was as if she was trying to feed me dried death. They were void of taste, the texture was offensive, and they made healthy eating seem more like capital punishment.
Thanks to the folks at Real Foods, the rice cake has been evolved into a treat I can enjoy.
The product is the Corn Thin, a pleasurable crispy cake of sun-ripened corn, popped under high temperatures and delivered in a tasty, thin cake that is easy to use in a variety of ways. Corn Thins are 97% fat free and are made with all-natural ingredients, free of artificial colors and preservatives. They are also gluten free (an excellent fact to consider, especially for parents like us with children that suffer negative effects from gluten), GMO free, and contain 10% dietary fiber.
The health benefits are undeniable, but my mom used to say the same thing about rice cakes… and I’d rather eat sand than rice cakes. I can’t say the same for Corn Thins, for they are not only delectable, but they are offered in a wide variety of flavors and have become the secret ingredient in various recipes and snack plates we use every day.
The Original Corn Thin is surprisingly refreshing. Unlike rice, the Corn Thin maintains the flavor of the grain from whence they came, providing a taste reminiscent of gourmet popcorn. However, Real Foods didn’t stop there. They also offer Corn Thins in flavors such as Sour Cream and Chives, Cheese, Feta and Sundried Tomato, Soy and Linseed, Cracked Pepper and Lemon, Multigrain, Rye and Caraway, and (my favorite) Sesame. All are absolutely delicious and provide a quality, health snack I can enjoy at time of the day, and the wide variety of flavors have allowed us to create new snack ideas when we entertain.
I tend to eat them as is, without additional ingredients or spreads. However, the family has learned to treat Corn Thins as an alternative to potato chips, and as such they find them to be highly pleasurable with dips, spreads, and other additives such as vegetables and fruits. I am always a sucker for peanut butter (excellent on the Sesame thins), but we have found the Corn Thins are study enough to carry just about any ingredient you might want to consider.
To help in your efforts to discover the optimal use of Corn Thins for you and your family, you can visit the Real Foods website and find all of the information you will need. There is a plethora of information on the Corn Thins and other products offered by the Real Foods family, but you will also find an outstanding recipe section to help you get started.
With outstanding health benefits matched with flavor you will crave, Corn Thins should be on your snack menu, and you are likely to find additional spots in your lunch and dinner plans for Corn Thins once you learn just how pleasurable they can be.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Sudsy fun

Whether you are raising children that require your assistance at bath time, trying to convince your growing children that the time has come to turn to showers and fend for themselves, or rearing children that want nothing to do with you and shower on their own, there is tremendous value to be found in comfort. Knowing that shampoos and soaps you provide your family will get them clean and fresh without fear of discomfort or pain is the key to insuring bath time goes as smoothly as possible for all involved.
The folks at Little Twig want to help you in those efforts, and like many of the companies we review at Mom in the Know, they want to help the world as they do it.
Hailing from California, Little Twig offers a full line of children’s bath care developed with the assistance of pediatricians and real-life parents, producing safe and natural options for your bath-time needs. Employing organic, botanical ingredients in simple-yet-gentle recipes, Little Twig has developed a comprehensive line of body washes, shampoos, bubble bath lotions, diaper creams, baby powders, and bodymilks and oils that will allow your family to enjoy each and every bath and shower they take.
Little Twig sent us a pleasurable sampling of nearly every product they offer, and all proved to be favorites not just for our children but also for your’s truly. The body wash smells great, it left our skin feeling smooth and regenerated, and they were also highly efficient in creating a full-body lather with just a small helping. The bodymilks, available in several scents, were as fine a compliment to any bathing experience as we have experienced, leaving our skins moisturized without the oily feel many of the lotions in today’s market tend to produce. Our daughters were especially happy with the body oil that left a pleasant scent while also providing much-needed moisture for the skin.
While the bath products are certainly the highlight of the show, the outstanding list of peripheral effects created by each purchase of Little Twig products stands as an impressive showcase as well. Little Twig is a family business and their interest in serving the community is not limited to their own neighborhood. Each year Little Twig selects a charitable organization benefiting various issues for children and donates time, marketing, and a portion of all profits to that organization. This year the Everychild Foundation, created by a group of women looking to make a difference in the lives of children who suffer from disease, neglect, poverty and disability, received those gifts and are also featured in advertising on the site, encouraging all customers to contribute to the cause and make our world better.
Little Twig also employs and contributes to an extensive recycling program created to involve families in the continued effort to reduce waste. There is an entire section of the Little Twig website dedicated this cause and to continued education in recycling, bolstering our love for this company as another outstanding pillar of support for the future generations we are raising.
Mom in the Know heavily suggests you visit today and make sure you give the site a thorough review, for it is expansive and educational. The Little Twig online community includes a full menu of their products and offerings (you can order online or utilize the Store Locator to find a dealer near you), complete with details and order information, but you will also find wonderful links to those charitable organizations to which they contribute, a fully-interactive forum where you can interact with fellow customers and parents on a wide variety of issues, and a section of news and headlines on all of the worldly issues we face as families today. It is a wonderful experience offering much more than an opportunity to shop, and for this Little Twig gets a tremendous vote of support from Mom in the Know.
Visit today. You’ll be happy you did.
Monday, November 10, 2008

Rub and a little scrub on a mommy's belly.

Rose and jojoba body rub- Bulgarian rose absolute in a base of jojoba and olive oils is a genie in a bottle. Gentle enough for even the most sensitive skin it’s great for the whole family. Perfect for babies after a warm bath and after shaving for you.
I personally tried it for both shaving and massages. It did leave an oily residue more then I prefer on both the shaving a massages. The rose is a nice scent, but if you are allergy prone remember and be wary of that. I love jojoba for skin care and I enjoyed a bit of indulgence there. I honestly am not a oil person because of the residue. But if I have to use and oil this is one I’ll use.

Body jelly is a vegetable alternative to petroleum jelly. Use it for anything you would use petroleum jelly for. I used it for a lot of boo-boos in this house. Even My dog’s paws, ears, and random things on us here and there. I can’t really elaborate much its body jelly! Worked great! I’ll take it over petroleum jelly anytime.

Sexy belly - Improve your skin’s elasticity on those sexy body parts; belly, breast and hips with SEXY BELLY. This vitamin-rich treatment is loaded with shea butter, cocoa butter and jojoba oil; to help with cell regeneration, capillary circulation and reduce the appearance of stretch marks, while conditioning the skin. Great for “Mommies-to-Be” and sensitive skin!
It sounded almost too good to be true. Can you really fix all that stuff? Isn’t that why people have plastic surgery?
So I tried and tested for several weeks, as did a friend who was actually pregnant. I’ll be honest It didn’t make me smooth and stretch mark free as is I didn’t sacrifice my body for two children at one time. Did it make it softer? Yes. Are my stretch marks, okay I call them mom mommy marks, I did achieve them, still there, yes. Are they lighter I honestly can’t tell yet. After 7+ years now it all looks the same. The smell is mild and the feel is pleasant.
Monday, November 3, 2008

contest and update

MITK had a personal emergency, my daughter was in the hospital with pneumonia and still has it actually. My reviews are posting automatically I'm not working currently, everything is on hold until she is better. I'll contact the winners then. I'm sorry for any inconvenience.

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