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Monday, October 6, 2008

We love our furry friends, too!

As the owner of a big, old furry black lab we have a hard time finding the perfect tools to brush him. He’s a shedding machine. On the other end I have a little round bulldog that had the opposite hair but she loves to be brushed because it’s like a good scratching for her. Now the FurBuster has solved all of that for me. Please note that I did not test on a cat which these can be used on.

The brush it’s self has an ergonomic handle which made that much nicer for me. I’m used to using an old one that would kill my wrist as I brushed along. I tested the small and medium sizes small on the bulldog and medium on the lab. The blades were equally interchangeable and had ease of use.

The Medium Brush- BLACK LAB he’s a furry beast! I brushed and brushed. I filled up two grocery bags of hair and I’m sure I could have probably filled up more but I honestly had to stop due to my shoulder starting to hurt. NOT from the brush, from repetive motion. Also, I was tired. We’ll do that again in about a week. He loved it, enjoyed getting rid of enough hair to cover another dog, and slept like a baby from all the ‘petting”.

Small Brush- Bulldog loved every minute of it. Nice scratchins where she likes ‘em, got her hair off of her. With her smaller wiry hair, some of the other brushes she wasn’t fond of. This one got to her dry spots and got the job done.

Attached below is the press release for more information directly from the company, enjoy!

Professional-Grade De-shedding Tool Incorporates Three Interchangeable Blades on
One Universal Handle for Simple, Convenient, Economical Grooming

NORTH HILLS, Calif. – Bamboo®, the pet care division of Munchkin Inc., announces the launch of the FurBuster™, an innovative three-in-one de-shedding tool designed for professional groomers and pet owners alike. Created with three different sizes of interchangeable/replaceable blades and an ergonomic handle, the FurBuster addresses the grooming needs of dogs and cats of all sizes.

“The Bamboo philosophy is to take an average product and produce an innovative design that makes it multi-functional,” said Steven B. Dunn, CEO and chairman, Munchkin Inc. “With the creation of FurBuster, Bamboo has developed an easy-to-use de-shedding tool that’s also one of the most cost-efficient on the market. By incorporating interchangeable blades into the FurBuster design, you can now purchase individual blade sizes rather than buying an entirely new tool for different sizes of pets or if your blade becomes dull. ”

The design of FurBuster makes de-shedding a simple task. With an angled head that reduces wrist strain and an ergonomic handle with a comfort grip, FurBuster allows users to easily, quickly and safely remove loose hair and undercoat from pets. The three blade sizes allow consumers to groom both cats and dogs, large and small. The simple “press and release” system makes replacing dull blades, or changing blade sizes, a breeze. The heavy-duty, stainless steel blades are available in 2, 2.75- and 4-inch sizes and easily snap into the tool.

The FurBuster Professional De-shedding Tools will start at less than $25, and the Replacement blades will start at less than $15. Both are available nationwide at Target, Walmart and other pet specialty stores.

Headquartered in North Hills, Calif., Bamboo® is the pet care division of Munchkin Inc., a market-leading designer, manufacturer and distributor of baby accessories. Launched in 2004, Bamboo, upholds the Munchkin philosophy by developing clever, innovative pet products that excite, delight and make life easier, safer and more enjoyable for families. Bamboo understands that pets are an integral part of today’s family and deserve the same kind of high-quality, safe and innovative products that are created for children. After all, pets are kids too! In 2007 Bamboo acquired Fat Cat Inc., a leading designer of whimsical dog and cat toys – all created to make people & pets laugh. For more information, visit and

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