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Thursday, October 9, 2008


Not one of those overwhelming scents for your car anymore, Scentportable made it easy on the nose. When you put a portable in scent in a car it can be overwhelming but not Scentportable, I clipped in on my passenger side visor and closed the car up for the weekend if the scent would overwhelm the car.
It didn’t happen.

It was a light scent of Vanilla Coconut lingering over the minivan but it didn’t choke me like others have in the past. My minivan was refreshed and didn’t smell like a cleaner.

The Scentportable is palm sized, you can place is anywhere I happened to pick my car. Try the closet, one a drape, in the bathroom or in your cubicle. The one I reviewed didn’t require a plug, battery or a flame, but they also make one you can plug in. This one you can rest on virtually any surface. It has 4-6 weeks of continuous fragrance and it comes in four scents. Pineapple mango,cinnamon and clove buds, fresh linen, vanilla coconut; an assortment for all noses.

My children one of whom seems to be allergic to it if the other isn’t had no reactions. I had no reaction and I have to a lot of perfumes. The scent is as light as I stated earlier I think that is what helped.

I would suggest these for lockers, hampers (after dryer maybe?) gym bag, closets, anywhere you feel you need a light scent in a small space. In my personal opinion it can’t cover a larger space, but it’s great in a contained area. It’s attractive to look at so it can be visible if needed but if you decided to hide it, that won’t hinder you either.

Don’t forget to take a look at the plug in ones, too. Just stop by your local Bath and Body Works, or shop online 24 hours a day.

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