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Monday, October 27, 2008

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Smart ass gals
provide an array of choices for any woman out there looking for comfort for her bottom. Do you like boy cut? The “gal” shorts? They have ‘em for you and I can attest to the comfort level. Cute, classy and comfortable … and just sexy enough for a mom or anyone who wants to wear them, actually. Would you like to know a few facts about them?
• This fun and flirty lingerie is extremely light weight – it’s wafer thin!
• Sexy, sheer fabric disappears under clothing.
• Combines a ultra-soft mesh fabric with contrasting stretch lace
• Two unique Smart Ass patterns – pink hearts and black scroll on white.
• Available styles; thong, bikini, gal short and camisole. 100% cotton World’s First Inspirational Gusset will make you smile every time you drop your drawers.
• Perfect for travel. Easy to wash, dries quickly.

Then there is the thong line … no more VPLs ladies (visible panty lines). Fits like a second skin, silky and again no VPL. It’s the perfect for low-rise jeans, smooth and so comfortable you really don’t know you have them on. What makes them so comfortable? Superb fit and sleek silhouette – the 90% nylon, 10% spandex.

As we all know it’s almost inevitable that when you bend over you give a glimpse of a little glimpse of your panties over the top of your jeans. You can tell everyone this way how you feel about yourself.
Are you a Yummy Mummy?
Domestic Diva?
Control Freak?
Party Girl?
• Or do you want to show ‘em Bottoms Up?
• Do you have a Bun in the Oven?

How did Smart Ass start you wonder, I did until I read all about it. I think the name is pretty sweet it’s memorable that’s for sure. Here is the back story.

Once, there were two very different little girls, Alix and Cindy, who worked for the same ad agency. Despite their differences, each agreed that the other was just fabulous - and they became fast friends. Years passed and the two became even more fabulous.
One day, Alix was hanging out in the park with another fabulous friend, when her friend bent over to pick up her son and flashed Alix her thong. They both laughed, and her friend said, "Don't you hate it when you lean over and all anyone can see is the back of your thong?" Suddenly Alix had a fantastic idea. If you're gonna flash your thong, why not flash it with style? She called her pal Cindy - and Smart Ass was born.
These gals want you to have your attitude and wear it around. I do and do it proudly.

They are sized s/m & m/l. I’m on the small side and the s/m weren’t big but they did have room if you were larger then my size 0/2. When they say stretch they to stretch to fit.

Try them out, now and if you want to win a free pair then you need to go to the website and comment on your favorite pair and tell me why you like ‘em.

More giveaways at the Bloggy Giveaways Quarterly Carnival!

Contest end Friday, October 31 at MIDNIGHT MST.
Winners will be announced by November 3rd.

DUE TO A MITK EMERGENCY (my daughter is in the hospital with pneumonia) the deadline is extended until around the 3rd, I'll update as soon as I can we are in the hospital.

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