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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Guest Review by a MITH tester

My Breast friend nursing pillow. A nursing pillow is a must for all moms of a new baby, whether breastfeeding or not. Arms get tired, especially on those long, sleepless nights. The My Breast friend pillow has a very unique design. I like the large front cushion, giving lots of room for baby, the velor fabric is super soft, and the pocket is a plus (though I haven’t had a use for it yet). I get that the wrap around design is to give extra lumbar support, but it seems like too much for me. I don’t find that to be very comfortable. Also, it takes a little planning to get strapped in. With the Boppy, I can hold the baby and fit the pillow around me for feeding time. With my Breast friend, I need both hands. I also prefer the u shaped pillow because it’s more versatile and can be used for tummy time, helping baby sit up, etc- Gayle MITK reviewer

This is the opinion of one reviewer and not shared by all of the MITK.

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