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Monday, September 29, 2008

Woah Whomi

Whomi has done it again. If you are an organizational freak like me, or makes notes everywhere Whomi has made it even easier. I have an iPhone and I still have notes just in case. I can’t send a note for my kids of to dos on a phone or in an email so luckily Whomi has helped me by not only creating a solution but a color coded one.

The Everyday Pad
is exactly like is sounds, organize your families to dos, reminders for your kids school things and homework, notes for family members by day, 60 lined and perforated sheets of heavy-stock paper, Six separate color-coded pads Saturday and Sunday are shared. The one glitch I have with all three I reviewed, the lines were close together and I write large. If you don’t mind having the writing all over the place you are just fine! You can also just write smaller, it’s not hard.

Home Work Play Pad has 75 sheets of lined and perforated paper for your delegations needs. It’s a great idea for assigning multiple tasks to be done in multiple locations. Have to stop somewhere on the way home from work? Want to stop off for a snack after the movies? Kids have chores to do at home? All here in your Home Work Play Pad and it is just that easy.

Me You You Too Pad
has 75 sheets of high quality perforated paper. This one I used for my kids to give to one another. They can also delegate to me what they think I need to do around the house or even get at the store. We have a white board to write a grocery list on but this made it a lot of fun for them. It was a great size for them only the three to hand out and not go overboard. Usually. I also had to make them understand there were restrictions on the handing out of tasks and no, you can’t make your sister clean your room for you. We are learning. It’s a great tool to help us along though.


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