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Thursday, September 25, 2008

A bib for all occasions

Bumkins revolutionized the bib for parents and babies alike. Now there is a waterproof bib, with a Velcro closure, that has a catch all pocket. It resists most stains and odors, the durable and comfortable fabric is PVC & phthalates free. The colors last up to 200+ washes without fading. I did wash it several times and hung it dry with no complaints. Did any of that catch your attention? I sure hope so. Read on my faithful readers, read on.

The MITK test was seeing if a child could pull it off. After much trying, two hands, fussing at the neck by the closure eventually. Just pulling at it the closure was quite durable and I was pleasantly surprised that it held up through the kid test.
Waterproof & Stain resistant- spilled water, baby food, apple sauce, cottage cheese, chicken, beef, cereal, milk. All were resistant and when I also did juices (cranberry and grape) the bib withstood the juices and foods. Yes, I did rinse the bib within minutes and washed it within a day but it held up well. It’s a lighter color one I tested but it’s a functional fabric that seems to wipe clean of everything I tried.

Washing- per the instructions I hung to dry pocket inside out. Held up to several washings in my washing machine and I used an assortment of detergents as I do whenever I test any fabric. None of them faded it or ate at it. Good all around. Hanging dry as suggested and due to the fabric I don’t suggest putting it in the dryer.

If you can't find one local, order one today.

Do you want to win a bib from Bumkins? Go to their site and tell me where they were made. Then comment not only with where they were made but your favorite design, too.
I'll contact the winner Monday September 29th, 2008. The bib will be sent directly from Bumkins! Please the site, duplicate answers will be deleted (copying the person above you!) NO CHEATING!

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