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Friday, August 8, 2008

Bonding with Molly for every occasion

There is something to be said for being original.

The ability to see an object and make it your own, to make it an original, is a gift so few of us enjoy.

For Molly Bond, it is a way of life.

A native of the countryside of South Carolina, Molly is an artist practicing in the world of visual communications. In other words, she has an eye for beauty and, more importantly, a mind to capture that beauty and translate it to others who fail to enjoy the pleasure of the experience with her. She uses the camera to grab these moments and record the majesty of the moment, but that’s not all Molly Bond has to offer.

For those of us who appreciate such gifts, Bond has put her skills to work and has found a way to bring those moments to your home. Molly specializes in photography, but she has found an additional talent to present those photographs in a unique fashion that will allow any and all to take those scenes with them and enjoy them anywhere they go.

In addition to her talents as a photographer, Molly has become an expert in the art of making high-quality soaps. All soaps are hand milled in Molly’s home, resulting in an old-fashioned style of soap bar that carries an aromatic-yet-subtle scent and offers the user a creamy, moisturizing feel that is sure to please.

However, it is the art that draws the eye to those soaps. Featuring the discerning images Molly finds intriguing through her life travels, these images are laid into the top of the soap bar, secured through the process of manufacturing the soap. They are protected by a thin layer of sealant and sent to the customer in secured packaging to insure their safe arrival to the customer. The result is a high-quality soap that is both visually stimulating and soothing to the skin.

The images Molly targets are equally impressive. Often drawn to wildlife and country scenes, Molly has a knack for finding picture opportunities and drawing the best from those moments, capturing images that are sure to draw a smile from the observer. Landscapes, beaches, sunsets, flowers, wildlife, trees… any and all of the creatures and habitats you’ll find in everyday life but are often too busy to enjoy. Molly puts those images on soap, serving as a simple reminder in your bathroom or kitchen of a life full of beauty and joy.

Having tested the product, we are happy to report that the feel of soap is as rewarding as promised, and more importantly, the images withstand water and abuse you would associate with normal use. Over time and use, the images will separate from the soap, but this is inevitable. These pictures hold up very well and are sure to please the user for months after purchase.

For a more traditional medium, Molly also offers her photography on customized note cards, perfect for use as gift cards, thank you notes, invitations, or simple home decorations. These are printed on high-quality stock paper and can be customized to fit your needs.

To check out Molly’s work and submit an order, you can visit either or Everything you will need to know is there, including all of the pictures Molly has put forth for your consideration. Enjoy.

Would you like a specialty 3 pack of soap or a gift pack of cards? GO to and email me at momintheknow at gmail dot com your favorite Molly Bond item or items and enter to win! Winners will be announced by August 31st, 2008.

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