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Friday, July 25, 2008

Don't let me burn ... Sun Busters!

Sun Busters bathing suit

Active kids and water don’t always mix. No matter how much sun block you apply it doesn’t always fight the sunburns. I’ve learned these lessons the hard way. We had one sunburn this summer after a day at the water park and no matter how much sun block I applied it seemed that I missed a spot here and there on my littlest one. I may have on my older one but she was wearing the Sun Busters bathing suit..

Now first let me tell you how adorable it is not only to look at but on. This is the one she wore and wore and wore at the pool, water park and had a blast in. let me tell you she work the heck out of it. Water slides, in and out of water. Under water, swimming, running, eating, playing, she did it all! Not once did it ride up, flip up or have “issues” that many bikini or tank type bathing suits do. I was quite ecstatic about that. It’s a worry as the mother of a daughter.

What do I like about Sun Busters?

• Blocks out 99% of all harmful UV rays.
• provides a sun protection factor of 50+ wet or dry
• is comfortable, strong and quick drying
• is resistant to chlorine
For more facts go here and educate yourself and your family. It’s not a subject to take lightly.
Many colors and designs, I think everyone will find something for their taste. Shorts, shoes, suits, hats all for summer fun in the sun.
Please venture over to see and enjoy.

It stopped our burn, can it stop yours?
Sun Busters

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