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Monday, June 2, 2008

Run me in Circles, but I’ll be standing with my Friends!


Circle of Friends is a dynamic company that not only works to help kids with allergies but to teach them as they use their products. In keeping with their educational mission, each product features a famous doctor (on Little Docs products) from around the world and a brief biography on him or her. On all the other products, they have characters and a little bit bio for you, too! It teaches kids about foreign countries and much more.

As I’ve mentioned in the past, my kids have skin issues and allergies. Circle of Friends has a variety of products for all your needs starting with Little Docs - Elizabeth's Soothing Shampoo and Body Wash and Little Docs - Li's Cooling Spray Lotion. Let me mention that I had two issues from which Little Docs saved me. One, I had a rash on my stomach that went unexplained and the body wash soothed it. Two, I was at field day for my kids and as much sunscreen as I applied I still burned. I applied Little Docs - Li's Cooling Spray Lotion and it helped not only soothe it, but it helped it heal too. The red was out by the next afternoon. I cannot attest that it’s common but I was lucky enough to have it happen to me.

I digress to my kids and their luck with Little Docs - Elizabeth's Soothing Shampoo and Body Wash. The best part of the product was the pump and I’m sure that I’ll mention this about … oh thirty times so be prepared. I love it. My kids can really get in there and shower by themselves so much easier and just wash up with a pump of soap here and there.

The soap itself was a very gentle product that cleared up and helped keep away eczema spots that usually are a mainstay on the littlest member of my family. It’s seemingly unscented with just a hint of a natural botanical extracts. It contains extracts of aloe vera, calendula, chamomile, evening primrose oil (essential fatty acid), lavender, Echinacea and vitamins A and E. I personally like the light scent that lingers on the skin after shower. None of the ingredients were irritating to their allergies makes me once again believe organic is the best!

After shower, we venture into the Little Docs - Li's Cooling Spray Lotion. Not always after shower, I admit, if we are itchy, dry, or even just trying to prevent an outbreak. It does soothe like no other. If you have an itchy spot, spray and relax. Trust me on this one. You will thank me later!

Abebi's Safari Detangler smells like pineapple and works better than most detanglers on the market. The others I’ve tried and tested either leave a heavy feeling after in the hair or you have to use about four times more than the directions suggest. I’ve only used one other that is comparable but it’s much more expensive salon product and it doesn’t smell as pretty either! Abebi's Safari Detangler worked great on really fine hair that knots up, and on the hair that’s so thick it looks tangled as soon as you are done brushing it. The fine hair was made silky soft. And the thick hair? Well, this product made it manageable. It moved and did not just “hang there” and was so soft, loved it. Click over there and order it now!

Sophia's Ciao Bella Bubble Bath is a bubble bath that comes out in a pump? Yes! I love it, how easy for parents and kids! When running the bath, just add one or as many pumps as you want. I also noticed that it didn’t cause a UTI in any of my girls that tried it out and that can happen with several of the over the counter ones and the additives these days. I’m careful for my sake. Why not for the sake of my children?

It was a fun one to play with for the kids and to review. Did I mention it smelled delicious, too? I can imagine how easy this would be for a little one; I saw how much a toddler loved it!

Ana Banana Shampoo also has a pump bottle, making it great for the kids. Mine are at the age that they take their own showers (within earshot) and follow directions. Circle of friends made it so much easier. I just put them in there with the directions of shampoo gets XX pumps (depending on which girls it was) and they did a great job. The banana smell was authentic and not a phony smelling banana scent like several of the products out there.

Thank you Circle of Friends. It’s about time!

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