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Monday, May 12, 2008

Teaposy – Tea for the Tasteful

Does every little girl dream of a Tea party? Do some little boys? Do all of us?

It no longer matters who does because Teaposy has us covered. A sight to see - this site is one of a kind.

When I was little, I didn’t get into playing “tea party” like my friends did. When I ran across Teaposy, I felt a little nostalgic for all that I missed. By the way, all I drink now is tea - iced, hot, medium, room temperature - whatever but its tea. Occasionally water, and coffee but tea is my drink. So I thought why not see what all that fuss was about?

As soon as my package arrived, we made plans for our tea party. My first though my daughters have had them before but never to this degree.

As we prepared the table and got the water ready, anticipation tickled my nerves. I was excited to see the tea flower bloom; this was one of Teaposy’s unique selling points. We put cups out, the teapot that is hand-blown glass and no two are exactly alike. They are made from 20% recycled glass and can withstand temperatures between 300 and -4 degrees Fahrenheit.

Once the water was ready, we poured it in the teapot and then added the Teaposy Butterfly. Not only was the butterfly in full bloom within minutes, it was tasty and mild enough for my kids to enjoy. It has several uses to it, too! The Butterfly teaposy can brew up to 50oz of tea and be displayed in cold water for up to a week, adding beauty to your home.

This is perfect for any little girl’s tea party and a grown-up ones, too!

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