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Thursday, May 15, 2008


(MITK NOTE: No photos were provided by the client, per MITK if they aren’t provided I have nothing to post. Sorry for any inconvenience.)

How many times have you heard this word from your children? I've lost count. I have two daughters and as any parent of more than one child knows, if you buy one, you must buy two. When they were small, I could buy two different colors of the same item and they were happy. Now, they have personality and attitude and let me tell ya, nothing gets by them. If one gets pink, the other insists it's her favorite color as well. I've spent twenty minutes trying to find a scuff mark that identified my oldest daughter's lunch box from her sister’s identical one.

This my friends is why I jumped for joy when my Lovable Labels arrived. No more arguing, no more magnifying glasses! These adorable labels were a perfect solution to their sibling sorting. As individual as my girls, these adorable stickers personalized with each of their names were a perfect way for them to express themselves as well as separating every matching notebook and hairbrush!

Stickers aren't the only thing Lovable Labels have to offer. As a parent of a child with chronic illnesses, it is a constant worry when they are out of your sight. I always make sure that whoever is in charge knows of any issues that may arise, however, I'm a mom and I worry. That's why Lovable Labels wristbands are the perfect answer. These trendy nylon wristbands have a small pocket on the inside that holds any and all medical information necessary to ease your worried mind. The best part is they are so cute, the kids love to wear them.

In a nutshell, I'm feelin’ the love for these Lovable Labels.

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