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Thursday, April 17, 2008

Pardon Moi

In my many hours of looking for products to tell you all about, I found something that was not only clever but could save someone’s life too.

tshirts for catalog 030

Why or how can something I reviewed do that?

allergy notepad

Pardon Moi has a vast line of products for everyone. Items that caught my eye were for allergy sufferers. The line is open to quite a bit of health related issues from diabetes, to autism, dietary restrictions, custom allergy shirt, in addition to the nuts, eggs, dairy and much more. When sending a child off to a party, do they all want to tell you they can’t have that ice cream? Probably not, so here is your solution. Throw one of these easy shirts on them as a reminder for the overwhelmed parent and you’re done.

sticky notes

Are you single and looking to mingle? Pardon Moi can help with that, too. In a distinctive way to do it, standing out from the crowd you can. Once you get past that awkward first date using your Shaken, not stirred cards, you need a checklist. Make sure that all the pieces fall into place. Right? Well, use the Dating Bliss notepad. Seriously, it’s all right to say what you want and how you want in this day and age. Men and women alike are still single, divorced and separated looking to get back on the market. You have standards though, right? You don't want to waste time though, right? Pardon Moi saves you just that and you don’t have to look pretentious just cautious. Not only are they available in business cards in a nifty little carrying case, they come in napkins too. Now you have to throw a party, invite your single friends, have them invite their single friends and so on. Let Pardon Moi do the talking for you … good or bad. Let’s hope it’s all good!

cocktail napkins

Clever and fun, all and one say it one way or another.

marital bliss

~ * ~ * ~ * ~

king of hearts edition

~ * ~ * ~ * ~

parenting edition

~ * ~ * ~ * ~

allergy edition

~ * ~ * ~ * ~

aprons and tees 016

Pardon Moi

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