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Monday, April 14, 2008

Kicking it out New Skool

Kicking it out … New Skool


Did you grow up with the hippy hop in your step? A boom box on your shoulder? Did you have cardboard in your locker or backpack? Oh okay, me either. Well those people who did and liked jams like, “Jam on it”, "I Know You Got Soul", “The Message”, “My Adidas”, “White Lines (don’t do it)”. People who knew ever line to Beat Street or even Breakin' 2: Electric Boogaloo will love the site for all ages.


Shop New Skool is the creation of Nate1, who lives and works in San Francisco with his wife and two kids. He is often listening to and making beats, painting canvases, and designing the latest New Skool line all at once! Influenced by his hip-hop roots he saw a need for kids and parents to all dress in a way to express the love of a culture missed by many of us.


The clothes so comfy, it’s as if Nate1 tried every hoodie in the free world on and then touched the ones he picked with the hands of an angel. I could sleep in these for the rest of my life and be completely happy. The design isn’t screen-printed. It is embroidered. Again, a unique quality that’s rare and found in few items these days at least where I look. I have my many hoodies I wear and trust me I am picky. New Skools are soft, comfortable, form fitting when you buy your true size and well constructed. Hubby also wears his in brown and wears it proud. It gets a lot of abuse at work but has stood up to all of it. It’s been washed almost nightly and has shown no fading. That’s a big Mom’s up from me, no wear and tear. Can I tell you how much I appreciate that? Ummm yeah less shopping for me down the line, he doesn’t do it don’t let him fool ya.


Shirts? Onesies? Yep got ‘em! Rasta phones, I heart hip hop, Original Headphones T, and Bodysuit Row of Cans are a few of my favorites. I did the MITK tests on a few in different sizes and colors; they all passed with flying colors. MITK testing includes several washing and drying sessions, kids wearing them, me wearing them, on and off several times, a few spills, to see how fabric holds up. All were fine. Nate1 took a lot of pride in picking his manufacturers and it shows. All of the shirts are printed, not embroidered like the hoodies. Still held up during the testing and looked great.


New Skool also features lines of accessories, and art.

Photo 158

I’m keen to the scene … you?

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