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Monday, April 28, 2008

(Editorial Note: I may not be the Mom In the Know, but I felt compelled to write this particular review. The story below will explain why, and I hope you enjoy.)

Many have said, “A picture is worth a thousand words.” Many more believe it to be true. We believe a picture can be worth so much more, and if you are lucky enough to see the pictorial art of Rachel Kemble, you will understand just how powerful a picture can be.

~ * ~ *~ * ~

Several weeks ago, my wife called me at work and was very excited, for a call from a local photographer had come in concerning a desire to do business with Like many parents, we find great joy in pictures of our family, but the often high cost of getting professional photos can be a hard pill to swallow. From time to time, we would piece together a few bills and find a local photographer to take pictures that fit our budget. Whether it was the selection of setting or limiting the number of pictures we purchased, there was always sacrifice to insure we got pictures we would love but that would come at a reasonable cost.

Rare was the occasion when I left the experience fulfilled. I always battled the overwhelming feeling that I was cheating my family and myself, that I was letting the treasures of these years slip by without the pictures that would remind me of just how wonderful this time has been. Granted, technology today can help. Digital cameras work wonderfully and allow anyone to take quality pictures without being a pro, but there is a noticeable difference in those photos and pictures taken by a professional with an artistic gift.

~ * ~ *~ * ~

And that is when Rachel stepped into our lives.

Rachel Kemble had connected with my wife as a local photographer specializing in the subject of youth. Birth, infants, toddlers, children, and families have all served as targets for Rachel’s work and she felt would be a perfect partner to showcase her work and talents. Not long after their initial meeting, Rachel and my wife met and hit it off famously. Rachel was a wonderful and vibrant woman, excited about the opportunity to work together and even more excited to meet and photograph our children. They had decided to meet and take the kids to an outdoor shoot where our girls, rambunctious, energetic, and curious, could be children and could be free to roam and show their true colors… for that’s what Rachel does best.

Unfortunately, as a working man, I was unable to attend and simply let my wife run her business. However, just as the memory of the pending arrival of the pictures had started to recess into my mind, I got an email from my wife with a link. Rachel had posted the pictures on a secured area of her site and we were given access to review.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~

I waited to get home so that my wife and I could review the pictures together, and it still remains difficult to put those emotions into words. Rachel and my wife had taken the girls to a local property that once served as a dairy farm. The old building was there, the grass in the area was rich with colorful flowers, and there were a few old pieces of farm equipment on the property. The overall feel might be best described as rustic, and the girls were set free to play. They jumped in puddles, explored the old equipment and the flowers, and enjoyed a wonderful time in the summer sun… and somehow, Rachel managed to capture it all in stunning pictures that reflected their joy, both in the surroundings and with each other.

I’ve seen many pictures of my children, but I’ve never seen pictures like this. It’s difficult to describe, but if it were possible to capture the sheer love and happiness of youth, mix it with the reflection of my wife and I, and put it in a picture of the two most beautiful creatures you could ever imagine might exist… that’s what I felt I was watching at the website presented the pictures.

It was difficult to hold the tears. The memories of fleeting youth, the uncensored adoration for our children and the magnificence of the blessing they have been in our lives, the all too intoxicating happiness of the moment, all captured on film in pictures that defy description, was overwhelming.

I visited the site over and over again, for days after the initial email I would go and spend time with each and every picture Rachel took, and all I can say is this: She is an unbelievably talented photographer, and she has given me a gift for which I could never pay enough.

This last Christmas, I realized my wife and I had not officially purchased any of the pictures. I believed my wife and Rachel had agreed to meet at some point and work out the details of purchases and the review for TheMomIntheKnow, but with the holiday just around the corner, I didn’t want to wait. I contacted Rachel via email just two weeks before Christmas, and her response was both fast and friendly. Rachel took my order and rushed the processing of a handful of matted pictures to me. Thanks to Rachel, I got some of the most beautiful photos of my children I have ever been lucky enough to own, I had time to get proper frames, and was able to present them to my wife on Christmas morning.

Rachel Kemble runs a wonderful website that demonstrates some of her latest work and allows customers to review her portfolio, contact Rachel with questions, review the process for reserving time with Rachel and her camera, and order photos and other products Rachel provides (including jewelry, books, postcards, DVDs, various artistic mediums, and other product). You can read all about Rachel, her experience, and her offerings. Rachel is also available for freelance work and can handle any job you might have that requires the touch of a gifted artist. Everything you could want is there and much more, easy to navigate and use, and Rachel is outstanding in returning messages and getting your needs filled in quick order.

Make sure you check out Rachel’s “Artist” link, where she updates us on the events of her life. Not only is Rachel an artist, but she is an advocate and contributor to worthy charities and cause. Rachel recently raised over $2,500 for the St. Baldricks Organization, the world’s largest volunteer-driven fundraising event for childhood cancer research. Rachel is one of a growing number of participants who have shaven their heads in the name of the cause, asking friends and associates to donate money for this superb effort against one of the most concerning ailments that plague our youth.

(BTW, Rachel updates her site with regularity, but as I type this, an outstanding example of the work she did for us can be found in the Gallery link, under growing up… that’s our oldest in the first picture, jumping around in the muddle puddle… just a brilliant picture.)

More than anything, Rachel is an artist and has a gift to share with the world. For those of us lucky enough to have children, she is nothing short of a miracle.

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