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Thursday, April 3, 2008

Button up for organization and a little bit of sanity if you like

Do you have files, papers floating around with all of that important information? Maybe even on your computer? Folders here and there just filled to the brim? Is it all in a place that's safe and easily accessible? The “what if” weighs on your mind, right?

The wonderful minds at Buttoned Up had the same thoughts and made life that much easier on you. It’s all in one separated binder by sections that are pertinent to the topic. The Life binder is a must have for any family. It comes with a CD for you to fill out all your information or you can do it by hand with the pages included. The topics are:

The Life.doc® Binder has eight sections including:

· In Sickness & Health

· Dollars & Sense

· Insurance

· Legal

· Emergency Plan

· Family Basics

· Caregiver information (babysitters, elder care, house sitters)

· Home Sweet Home

Plenty that fall into those categories if I’m not mistaken and every separator have a space for your own papers to be stored.

What does Buttoned Up have to offer? Well, I can offer you a little tour. All pads have 75 pages.

Collision.kit - Included for a collision are a camera, pre-printed cards for important information, pen, clipboard for easier writing, and an envelope for your current insurance and registration.

Valuables.doc - Similar to the life.doc but it’s a place to keep register of your valuables.

Pocket.doc - Critical, emergency information to keep with you on the go. It’s the size of a credit card so keep it in your wallet for simplicity.

Babysitter.pad – A simple 75-page pad of can and cannot, bedtimes, forbidden foods, schedules, contacts, and how to reach you in the event of an emergency. It also has spaces for have they done their homework, special rules, and favorite bedtime rituals.

Shopping.pad- If you are anything like me you have a list for several stores, well no more. The Shopping pad provides you with a way to keep track of the items you need to pick up from various stores: grocery store, pharmacy, discount store or somewhere else. I love it.

KidPack.pad- A checklist for kids, making them accountable for their own actions and belongings my dream! As a parent I’m constantly asking, or maybe hounding them about if they have everything they area supposed to have. This was one thing I didn’t get to test, but one thing I will be ordering.

BabyPack.pad - A checklist for the diaper bag? Where were you 8 years ago? Probably the same place my brain was, off in a better place resting peacefully. I know that I will be telling my friends about this and anyone who knows someone who is pregnant. What a wonderful idea. Do I have enough diapers? Does Mom have hand sanitizer? Do we have the right clothes if the weather changes? Snacks for all of us? Well let’s look at the list. Thank you Buttoned up for helping us make it that easier.

CatchUp.pad – This is one that I thought was just clever and cute. It’s a “catch up” pad. My husband and I both work a lot, like we all do. Aside from having the normal kid time, school stuff, house things, and the normal job he works he also is a full time writer and then I do the blog for all of you. I tend to as I think a lot of us to forget that we need a daily affirmation of thank you, love and appreciation. This makes it so easy for us. It has an “I really wanted to give you … a giant hug … a smooch … I really wanted to tell you … I love you …I miss you. “ It also has spaces for little things for the kids, essentials we need to pick up at the store, listen to the voice mail or whatever you may want to mention.

Directions.pad - Now you don’t need to access the internet every single time you need a map. Address, intersection, at the top space to draw your map with the little directional in the corner, at the bottom room to write it all out. Now if my husband would ask me to look at them.

Errand.pad - Priority, delegate, done. Three words have never sounded so simple. You write what it is on the line next to it and check the correlating word. Priority, delegate, done. Easy as one, two, three.

Homework.pad – This one will soon become my lifeline and/or lifesaver. I have a second grader and a first grader, my kids and I don’t know if I would say in the know. I’d say in the "I get distracted mode". A .pad like this is perfect for the little ones in my family and I’m guessing in many others since it was created. As long as we don’t forget or lose it, I think my kids in the try not to get distracted mode will make it.

Idea.Pad - Do you have a million ideas running through your head and nowhere to put them? Are you a designer in the making? Are you even made already? Have a thousand pieces of paper floating around but no real organized thoughts? Here’s a great pad for you. The top you draw on and the bottom you write out the idea. If I were more creative, I’d have one!

NotToDo.pad – I like the concept of this for the simple reason, you can allow yourself to NOT do something and delegate it or not do it at all.

TravelPrep.pad- Part of the reason I don’t travel is because I know I’ll forget something. Now I can’t and won’t! What’s my next excuse …?

WouldYou.pad- There are times when you don’t want to send that email, make that call or pick up that thing. Now all you have to do is fill out this simple request and sign it with the kisses or flowers at the bottom, the person it’s made out to feels as loved as you feel relieved. I know mine will be used promptly.

Pet.doc - Pet.doc™ will be available April 2008. Is your pet part of your family like so many millions of people out there? Well, I keep records on our two furry four-legged family members. This has six sections include family history, medical basics, medical history, insurance, training and pet care. It also holds all the vital information concerning pet sitters, food, and even their favorite toys, which makes it a little easier to vacation without worry that is if you would actually leave them behind! It also fits neatly in your Life.doc. Never has being a pet owner been so easy.

Moving.kit - A clear, concise kit that includes everything and I mean everything for moving. Just look inside and its there. It counts down from two months to moving day, change of address forms (and you can download more on the site), delegation lists, information about moving companies and how to choose the best one for you. It almost makes me sad that I’m not moving.

Dates.2Remember- Not only does this include eight cards, it has 2 days per page for every day of the year. I need two of these one for the house and one for the car. You?

DoandDelegate.list(taken from the website) If you're feeling like there's no way you can possibly get it all done, chances are you're probably right! Keep track of everything that needs to be done on the clean and simple canvas we've provided. Then step off the task treadmill and effectively enlist the help of others with the carbon copy delegation notes provided. - (taken from the website) The Do&™ notebook is the perfect place for keeping track of the who, what, where, and when. Why? Because work is too hectic to keep it all in your head. Manage the daily grind, big picture projects and tasks you've assigned to others in one notebook.

File.starter - Twelve ways in one to start your filing system right.

Fitness.doc- If I worked out, I bet this would be perfect! In all honestly, no, I don’t but the friends that I have that do said this was a great little idea!

Receipt.catcher - I think it’s perfect for birthdays and holidays I need to track what I spend per child and I tend to go overboard.

Taxfiler - I should have had this a year ago! I’m off to order it now though …

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