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Thursday, March 13, 2008

We’re not really in California, Baby!

This time of year we have sensitive, dry, chapped skin. At my house we always have allergies. When I was asked to review a name I had heard before California Baby I didn’t hesitate but I was pretty thrilled to test this line. Why? I know you are reading on to find out!

Calming BubbleBath

California Baby® Super Sensitive™ Bubble Bath, which is a savior to any little one who loves bubble baths but can’t have one due to skin or allergy issues. Both of my girls have one of the other, so we have to be wise. We can’t just go into the store and buy the pretty smelling overly scented bubble bath. They get a little bummed but then I found the Super Sensitive bath and they were pretty happy. Did I happen to mention it came with a wand? You can blow bubbles while you are in the tub. If I have to sit them in there to lower a fever or to get rid of the cruddies from an illness that helps the time pass. Trust me on that one. I have one that’s eight now and the bath with mom is right up there with a root canal for me.

On to the California Baby® Super Sensitive™ Shampoo & Bodywash, same thing as above with the no masking agents and no fragrance. The entire Super Sensitive™ offers that have to say that I really love it. The shampoo and body wash are phenomenal and make the skin oh so soft. Contains organic and sustainably grown ingredients nothing harsh to the scalp or skin to harm or irritate you, the baby or whoever uses it. It’s non-stripping of the natural oils to the hair and skin. I love the way my skin feels after it and the way the kids did, too. Now, if you are expecting the baby soft scents to overwhelm you it’s not coming from this product. It’s the Super Sensitive™ line and won’t contain fragrance. It’s not a bad thing at all it’s just natural! That’s a good thing.


Last but certainly not least, California Baby® Super Sensitive™ Hair Conditioner. Of course no masking agents or fragrance again, kudos California baby! My youngest daughter has long, fine hair and we struggle with the right conditioner, on the yang to that yin my oldest has short (the shorter the better, MOM!) fine and short. Both of them have the softest hair now. I say now because it was always soft but it was weighed down and didn’t have the wave and body hair should have. When you are a kiddo and you don’t chemically treat your hair (like me) it should be like theirs is now, soft and you can just run your fingers through it.


California Baby offers an array of products from the aforementioned to essential oils, pregnancy helpers, and spritzers to help your mood and more! Just visit the site today and discover what I have, there are more then your average products out there and California Baby isn’t just for babies!

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