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Monday, March 10, 2008

Nothing is more important than your stuff

There is nothing more important than your stuff. No matter your age, your destination, your goal for the day, your place in time, or your hopes and dreams for the day, you have to bring the right stuff with you. Get caught without the right stuff and suddenly life becomes much more cumbersome and frustrating.


For parents, the drive to insure the right stuff is on hand at all times is as important as any the world’s most demanding job will offer. If you are the proud parents of newborn infants, you carry extra clothes, diapers, formula and/or milk, and various tools of the trade that must be on hand at a moments notice. If you children are a bit older, you carry books, clothes, coats, snacks, medications, or any one of a million other assets your child considers crucial for daily living. At the same time, you hope to achieve organization, you hope to find room for our own belongings, and if at all possible, it would be nice to be fashionable along the way.

This is where Loom hits the scene

Loom, a wonderful company centered in Mill Valley, California, has developed a line of highly-functional bags aimed at meeting all of those needs and more. Founded in 2003 by Johanna Leestma LaFleur, Loom comes from a storied past with a multitude of influences used to create the design. Johanna spent the early part of her life in the Lincoln Park neighborhood of the City with Big Shoulders, also known as Chicago, Illinois. Her childhood years brought international experiences as she lived in Senegal, Sweden, Thailand, and Hong Kong during those formative years. Growing up, Johanna always found interest in fabric and style, and her experiences living amongst a wide variety of cultures and people allowed her to understand the value of those textiles and the vast land of potential those fabrics could offer.


As she matured, Johanna continued to take interest in fashion and found a calling in her own creation known as the Loom. Loom bags are the product of a many cultural influences that center around one central theme: A functional life on the go careful measured with the importance of style and comfort. The result is a wonderful line of bags that will please the eye and insure your life moves with you.


The folks at Loom offer a wide variety of styles, all in colors that are sure to meet you on the road for the fashionably conscience. The Marsupial is a great diaper bag designed for ease in use while staying durable in construction, made of ballistic nylon and loaded with well-organized compartments that will allow you to keep all of those baby instruments in check and easy to find. The Bandicoot is a convertible backpack that includes a separate but attachable purse-style bag, combining the functionality of the Marsupial with the fashion of the Joey. The Joey is a modern version of the sleek clutch purse, made of water and stain resistant nylon with nickel buckles.


All of these bags are great, but the gift I was lucky enough to garner tops them all. The Loom GO Tote is labeled as the “essential urban hauler,” and nothing could be more true. Significantly larger than the other Loom bags, the GO Tote is loaded with room and all of the space and organization you’ll find necessary to make a trip away from home as enjoyable and casual as possible. The bag is extremely sturdy, double stitched with padded handles. External pockets give me all of the space I need to keep my own belongings on hand yet separate, making it easy to get to those items in times of need, including lined areas for delicate items (think digital camera or iPod) and an attached key clip. The bag is water resistant, made out of 840 denier nylon, and is, for lack of a better word, humongous (16” wide, 7” deep, 12.5” tall).

As a mother of two kids growing into larger sizes, this bag has proven to be a gift that keeps giving. I can pack plenty of clothes and the necessary personal items for overnight trips and still have room to spare. I can load up my work files, keep them organized, and find room for my daughter’s karate outfit and a book to help me kill the waiting moments at the dojo. It is a wonderful asset and I have been more than pleased with the experience.


The GO Tote also comes in a multitude of colors. I carry the red and brown version, providing an easy match for many of my outfits. Other choices include eggshell blue and avocado, pink and khaki, orange and moss, and pacific blue and brown. The bag can also be purchased in different fabrics, namely in canvas (a more rugged option for consideration), and in a slightly larger size known as the Weekend edition.


They are products that will leave you wondering how you got along without them, and as such, Loom earns a hearty vote of gratitude and thanks from Mom In The Know.


Visit today and see how to make your life a little easier.

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