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Monday, March 31, 2008

Noodle & Boo

I honestly wake up some days and smell myself. Okay, I know now I sound a bit off my rocker. I do though. I test so many products that I get to use in the shower and or bath that I have to see how the scent lingers so I am only a bit off my rocker. I am now mildly addicted to the scent of the Sugar Mama Honey Scrub and the Soothing Body Wash by Noodle and Boo I don’t know if I will ever be the same.

Sugar Mama Honey Scrub I already told you that I love the smell but what I didn't mention is how gentle it was. I indulged my daughter who is six even after her begging and pleading. It was so gentle yet got rid of all that icky dry skin that she was experiencing in this arid climate. She smelled so fresh and clean and her skin was baby soft it was a great cuddle night for us. Well, it always it but that was an added bonus

essential care kit 2

Essential care kit includes super soft lotion, extra gentle shampoo, and soothing body wash. They all took me back to the days of newborns and lullabies. Again, as I have mentioned more then once dry skin is a major issue here in Colorado and especially with my youngest that has eczema. I do enjoy doing this; I find products that are available to so many children and families. This is one of them. Sensitive skin and for the green families it’s perfect or if you just want to smell superb. Green? Sensitive skin, yes, there seems to be a theme for me. Natural ingredients, non-toxic, phthalate free, and it is biodegradable in recyclable packaging. Okay, enough about the packaging and all that wholesome goodness.

What about the products?

The lotion was smooth and soaked right into all skin types. My husband, both girls and myself all tried it out and approved it. My husband’s skin that is usually rough and “manly” as he calls it was smooth, smelled fresh, and clean. The girls were smooth as they day they were born and me? Well, I loved the feeling my hands had again. Typing, cooking, and daily chores take their toll. There was no greasy residue after that was a bonus.

the balm

Shower time for my kids brought in the shampoo and body wash. Clean, clean and clean! That is the best way to put it, the shampoo is great for babies, fine short hair, and men but my daughter with long hair that needs conditioner and gets tangles did fine but just wasn’t lucky enough to have the scent linger as we had to condition after. The shampoo is phenomenal. My child just has really long hair that takes a lot to maintain. One sign of a good shampoo is it doesn’t work up a huge lather from additives but washes out easily. Check and check.

Noodle and Boo Body wash is made of natural ingredients, non-toxic, phthalate free like all of their other products. Sensitive skin loves Noodle and Boo I do declare!


Ultimate cleansing cloths are a handy tool to keep in the car, a purse, diaper bag or bathroom. I had mine travel with me, Noodle and Boo made it easier by the packaging. The lid created a better seal than I’ve ever seen before and the cloths didn’t dry out as I’ve had in the past. One of the many things I used them for was hands on the playground, what a great and easy solution. I usually used the antibacterial gels that you can carry in your purse but these smell better and the kids like them a lot more. If you don’t believe me … Denise Richards "just ordered cases of the cleansing cloths." I intend to order plenty myself. I like them a lot more than the normal store brands and recommend them highly. 4 “moms” up

Many celebrities love Noodle and Boo just read the press page.

Want to know more about Noodle and Boo? Just go to the website and browse or as always ask me! I’ll tell you what I think.

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