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Monday, March 3, 2008

Let Whomi take a piece out of your days


I’ve been offered several organizers while I’ve been doing this. I have already reviewed two that I was quite satisfied with one I keep in my office, one in the car. My wall and purse were lacking. I know, can you say OCD? I like to be able to access a calendar from all places. No, I don’t want a virtual one. I want paper and pen/pencil. I want the old-fashioned way. I know I could sync calendars, load into my phone, but then I have to access either the computer or phone. Not just turn a page. I babble I know, but excuse that for now please as I get my bearings.


whoMi caught my eye because it had a few products I found accessible to an individual on the go. One of the products that I can’t go with out is the color-coded What To Do Pad. The What To Do Pad is a portable, spiral bound notebook with three separate color-coded pads available in two versions: either shop/call/do (marigold, cherry, and sky blue) or buy/contact/do (ecru, pale green, and sky blue). Just make your list, tear and go. You can even hand it off to the significant other, a child, or a friend and delegate the tasks. Don’t know when you want it done? There’s always What To Do When perfect for a full schedule that you aren’t quite ready to tackle.


The Whomi on the Wall Family Calendar was another hit for me. It’s color-coded (I always love the color-coded so I know who is where just by looking at the - you guessed it - the color! It’s an extra large one, which lends for more space and events. If you are like me, then you have, PTA, School events, parties for the kids, after school activities, last minute things, dinners, you name it, and in a regular calendar, space is a commodity, not in a whoMi.

what to do whomi

Clarity Agenda does all this and you can hide it in your purse!
  • Weekly Planner tracks multiple family members all in the same view
  • Color-coded lines for each family member
  • 30% of customers use color-coded lines to track:
  • volunteer work
  • extra-curricular projects
  • elderly parent care
  • special projects
  • fitness schedules
  • notes
  • View your entire week in one easy snapshot
  • Portability enables scheduling on the spot
  • Beautiful and unique shape, layout and graphic design
  • Vinyl cover for durability
I use it for almost the entire list above. Okay, I don’t workout. As for the rest, it all comes in quite handy. I have a metallic hidden agenda with which I can dress up my Clarity Agenda or go it alone. A friend also tested an agenda and was blown away at the ease, comfort, and simplicity of the agenda. It was easy to carry and keep in a purse or briefcase. Not bulky or unattractive. All of the patterns were attractive to us, and the covers were funky.


I would say it’s yet another niche that an agenda fills but a unique one at that. One, I really like. I like things a little funkier!

Contact to order online or find a retailer near you.

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