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Monday, March 24, 2008

The Hat Lady

The Hat Lady

I love knit hats for my kiddos, as you know from past reviews. Unique one of a kind items are my favorites, so when I found TheHatLady on Etsy it was a pretty exciting for me. They are magnificent in all weather; it does get chilly even on the summer and or to throw on a wet head not to catch a chill. What makes these special? Well, have you ever wanted a crocheted tiara for your little princess? TheHatLady makes them. All quality handmade hats, the yarn used is remarkable it’s beyond anything I’ve seen in a store and the handmade pledge means more to Caroline Brockner the creative genius then a lot of people I’ve met.


It was washed and held up wonderfully. I wash it all to make sure; when you have kids, you have to.


It held up to a fight between sisters and getting pulled off one's head. Yes, I just admitted my children are, well real kids and they fight and argue they aren’t perfect!


It fit my head, which was pretty cool because I love the hat. How can you not it has an old-fashioned flair with a modern twist. I love the modern and chic brown hat with flowers one hat that can fit so many personalities you honestly don’t get that in many places.

dom as shrek

Caroline, TheHatLady will make it if you don’t see it or at least try, as she says, “chances are I can make it for you if you ask!”


It may be the end of winter for some of you, but don’t write of knit hats for all seasons. You can stock up for next year, too. Look at her site and see that she also makes a blanket here and there. Remember, just ask!

She also makes adult hats!


TheHatLady on Etsy!


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