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Monday, March 17, 2008

all shapes and sizes

People come in all shapes and sizes. Big and small, thin and large, thick and thin, people are different and everyone has special needs as a result of their shape and size.


Few realize or give it much thought, but the same can be said for our babies. Some of us give birth to preemie infants that could fit in the palm of your hand. Others find life in a larger package. Like the adults that bring them to this earth, their needs are as different as the individuals themselves… but for children, the ability to meet those needs can prove much more difficult.

For instance, the grown men of the world now have full-blown franchised chains dedicated to putting them in fashionable suits designed to provide a professional look and a comfortable wear. If you are a large man, there is ease in finding clothes to meet your needs (at least at work).


For children, there appears to be no such effort. Stores offering clothes for infants and toddlers are not hard to find, but the sizes rarely stray from the norm and those seeking options for larger children are often forced to adjust by evolving through the sizes more quickly than the normal child. That limits style choices and options and can be frustrating for the mother (or father!) seeking wardrobe options for their child.

That’s where Happy Panda comes in.

The Happy Panda brand was started by Pamela Kramer, a mother of two who found the experiences described above were all too real. Her boys were wearing 2T clothes before their first birthday! Like many of us in the same boat, the frustration of finding options that worked and filled the drawers and closets with clothes that would last was growing. The clothes she had to buy didn’t come with the little things we take for granted. Diaper changes were cumbersome as her sons were still too young to potty train but the clothes that fit were not available with those quick-change features. The styles were aimed at toddlers, but the desire to hold on to youth through fashions that reflected their age was no longer an option. The kids kept growing, the depression grew with it.

So Pamela took action. She joined forces with friend Emily Sanderson and hatched an idea so simple yet so ignored in today’s market: Let’s design and make clothes for children with advanced physical size that still offer the amenities their age truly demands. Thus Happy Panda was born, a line of children’s fashion that allows the parent to shop by age, a much more friendly method of choice, rather than size. Happy Panda produces high quality baby wear aimed at keeping the large child happy and the parents of those children sane.


The catalogue includes T-shirts, Snappies (commonly known as “onesies” on the baby market), pants, sleepwear, and hats. There are also seasonal offerings tailored to meet your needs for all seasons. To top it off, Happy Panda offers a great menu of adorable dresses for the lil’ girls. All are made in the good ol’ US of A, all are made of environmentally-friendly fabrics and inks, and all are designed to provide the comfort and functionality you would hope to find from top-shelf baby fashions.

The folks at Happy Panda sent my family a full array of offerings. To be honest, my children are actually smaller, but it was not difficult to find a good friend whose boy was well within the Happy Panda target audience. I dropped the T-shirt and snappy on her lap and let them have at it for a couple of weeks… and she fell in love. Her boy loved the clothes for their comfort; she loved them for their ease and functionality. In my own home, we kept a couple of T-shirts as well as a couple of nice shirts sent along for my husband and me. As a testament to the quality of these fabrics, my husband has taken to wearing the tee under just about every outfit he dons each day. They are soft, they are oh so comfortable, and they fit as well as any shirt he’s ever worn.


If these wears can keep him happy (trust me, he’s as picky as they come), I can only imagine what they will do for the youngster in your family. It is a wonderful idea that the fine folks at Happy Panda are doing well, and they are just starting to scratch the surface. I am confident their idea will grow and the number of families they will help will grow with them.

If you are need of help for a child whose body is just trying to keep up with the size of the love in their hearts, Happy Panda is the place for you!

Wanna win? Okay, so I have an older snappie my fault it's from the holidays. (I was out with my surgery and the posts were out of order)

To win a Happy Panda snappie answer the following question and do two things.

email your answer to

then leave a comment that says I emailed my answer to you look for it!

Do not comment with the answer here we don't want people looking for it here, we want them going to their site!

What does Happy Panda charge for gift wrapping?

Don't forget to stop there!

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